This website presents information on the Star Visitors ('ETs'), on their starcraft (UFOs), and on the advanced-human Star Kids and Star Seed Adults now a majority of Earth's population. This is the Dr. Richard Boylan official website.

This is the official Dr. Richard Boylan website. This website presents information on the Star Visitors ('ETs'), on their starcraft ('UFOs'), and on the advanced-human Star Kids and Star Seed adults who are now a majority of Earth's population.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., M.S. Ed., MSW, B.A. is a behavioral and social scientist, Psychology Professor emeritus, and anthropologist of star cultures. He works with next-generation Star Kids and adult Star Seed humans.
Dr. Boylan is Star Nations' Councillor [Ambassador] for Earth. His asssignment: advancing a good relationship between Earth and space peoples.

"The saga of Star Visitors' contacts with humankind is the greatest unpublished headline of the Millennium, and the most important missing fact in our history books."
-- Dr. Richard Boylan

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Extraterrestrials Give Urgent Warning: Upcoming Human-caused Global Nuclear War looming in 2019. We Can Help Stop That War From Starting.

You can watch a 3-minute video clip of a captive Tall Zeta Elder's interrogation at the NSA's S-4 / Papoose Dry Lake underground facility 13 miles south of Area 51, Nevada National Security Site, (formerly the Nevada Test Site). Click on the Play button [triangle] below to view the video.:

Soon Starship flotillas will appear over Five Major Cities for 14 hours, ending the UFO Cover-Up

2017: Star Nations Establishes a Diplomatic Mission on Earth and Requests Opening of Diplomatic Relations between the United Nations and Star Nations.

Seal of Star Nations Diplomatic Mission

A Race from a dying star has sought refuge on Earth, received permission, landed May 1, 2016, and created a small settlement in the U.S. Southwest.

Eve from Procyon-B star system shown about to be captured by Cabal mercenaries in northern Mexico (1982) after her spacecraft was shot down.

U.S. Army documents show the 'Roswell' UFO crash actually happened. A U.S. Army Intelligence Report has been leaked regarding two 1947 UFO recoveries including at Roswell, New Mexico July 4 and 6. [See at:] This Army report has fascinating details about the beings in those spacecraft, and what the military did about them and their ship.

2019: the Cabal's Last Stand: Star Seeds' Coming Victory in a Peaceful 'Velvet Revolution'

Dr. Boylan at official beginning of Nevada's Extraterrestrial Highway (NV 375),
along which he has had multiple encounters with playful UFOs

BOOKS by Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Here's How To Obtain these Books
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- The Human - Star Nations Connection: Key to History, Current Secrets, and our Near Future (available at )

- Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation (available to read on-line or download this book free). Go to (Hard copies of 'Star Kids' are out of print, sometimes availale at

- Project Epiphany ; Dr. Boylan's only fiction book. This informative action-filled book predicts the near future. It is factual but written as fiction. (available at

- Labored Journey To the Stars (out of print; sometimes copies available at;

- Close Extraterrestrial Encounters (out of print; sometimes copies available at

ARTICLES by Dr. Boylan are below: (click on title of article to call up its full text)


Star Nations: the Organization of Advanced Civilizations in our Galaxy

The Various Kinds of Star Visitors

[En Espanol~Spanish]: Los diferentes tipos de Visitantes de las Estrellas

The Role of the Star Visitors in Human Development
[En Espanol~Spanish]: Revision de las Naciones Estelares a la explicacion darwiniana del desarrollo humano

Drawings and Photos Depicting Various Kinds of Star Visitors (click here)

11 Universal Principles and 11 Spiritual Principles of the Cosmos. Star Nations conducts Star Trek-like outreach expeditions to potentially inhabited star systems and when they encounter intelligent life, they share these 11:11 Principles as the highest spiritual information they can share.

[Spanish language version of the 11:11 Principles]
[Portuguese language version of the 11:11 Principles]
[Italian language version of the11:11 Principles]

Star Visitors Spirituality

Star Visitors In Residence Among Us on Earth

How To Do Outreach To the Star Visitors

Select History of Human Shoot-downs of UFO Starcraft and Historic Close Encounters With Their Crews.

The Real Star Visitors Versus UFO Cover-up false propaganda about 'alien Boogeymen'.

MILABS: High-Tech Fake Alien Abductions actually done by Cabal (Shadow Government) Mercenaries

[Italiano] (Italian version of the above article)

April 14, 1964: Four Earth Governments Secretly Hold Formal Meeting With Star Nations

September 29, 2005: Historic Formal Hearing, Indictment, Conviction of the Cabal For Violations of Universal Laws

December 25, 2005: Star Nations Agree to Advocate for Peace, Global Unity, Governments' Formal Announcement of Star Visitors Presence

Announcement: 12 Environmental Scientists From Altimar Arrive on Earth in 2008

The 12 Altimarians Are Now Here To Begin Helping with Environmental Repairs!

January 4, 2006: Star Nations Declare: It's Time To Proceed to a Transformed Fifth World Human-Cosmic Society!

March 28, 2006: Star Nations Officially Announces its Rescission (eff. 9/29/05) of the 1964 Agreement with Council of Europe, USSR, PRC and U.S.

May 19, 2006: Star Nations Manifesto to Help Humans in Reforming Our Society, Eliminate Cabal Control

October 02, 2006: Star Nations Announce Increased Aerial Demonstrations of Their Presence Here

Critical Events From Feb., 2006 to May, 2007 as Star Seeds take the Fight to the Cabal

Three 13-miles-long Extraterrestrial Beacons, Stolen From Space by the Cabal and Positioned on Earth, Now Returned to Space

Additional information about the three Space Beacons

Hybrid Astronaut Stranded in Space Aboard Failing Satellite and Targeted To Be Shot Down, Rescued by Citizen Pressure

The 'Inner Earth' Peoples, Intelligent Non-Humans Indigenous to Earth.

International Symposium on Star Nations, Rome, Italy, November 15-16, 2008 - A Report

[ Interviews with Dr. Boylan about Star Visitors ]

Interview of Dr. Boylan on "Coast to Coast AM" Radio about Major Governments' Secret Meetings With Star Nations - PART 1 (of 3)
[MP3 file, (4MB), (open with your computer's media player)]

Dr. Boylan's Coast to Coast Radio Interview about Major Governments' Secret Meetings - PART 2 (of 3)

Dr. Boylan's Coast to Coast Radio Interview about Major Governments' Secret Meetings - PART 3 (of 3)

March 31, 2008 Dr. Richard Boylan was interviewed on Coast To Coast AM radio about the 12 Altimarian scientists who have now arrived on Earth, and other Star Visitors news. Part 1 (of 3) of the Interview (click here) [MP3 file, (4MB), open with your computer's media player; be patient; large file)]

Part 2 (of 3) of the Interview [MP3 file, (5MB), (open with your computer's media player)]

Part 3 (of 3) of the Interview [MP3 file, (4MB), (open with your computer's media player)]


42 Signs That a Child (or Adult) May Be a Star Kid/(Star Seed)

[Italian version] I 42 segni di un bambino (o adulto) che pu essere uno Star Kid (Star Seed)

Are you a Star Kid or Star Seed adult? Find out by taking this quick Star Kid Identification Questionnaire (SKIQ) test below.

The Star Kid & Star Seed Identification Questionnaire

[international editions of the SKIQ]:
[en espanol/Spanish] SKIQ: Ninos Estelares/Semilla Estelar Cuestionario de Identificacion

[en Francais] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire (in French)

[Deutsch] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire (in German)

[Nihongo / Japanese] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire

[lengua Portuguesa] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire / Crianca Estelar/Semente Estelar Questionario de Identificacao-SKIQ (Portuguese)

[Italiano] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire / Questionario Di Identificazione Per Star Kids (bambini delle stelle) O Star Seed Adults

Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation [a free e-book:]. This book has everything you wanted to know about Star Kids and adult Star Seeds.
Read it right here on-line right now. To read on-line (click here).
You can also download this Star KIds book at: This book (in PDF format) opens with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
[To get Adobe Reader free, download it at: ]

Percentage of Star Kids and Star Seed Adults in the Population

Helping Children Explore Encounters With Star Visitors

How To Detect the Energy Fields of Star Kids & Star Seeds Using Dowsing Rods: [Their Fields Are Much Larger Than Those of "Regular" Humans]

Psychic Exercises for Star Kids (and Star Seeds)

Shielding 101: An Effective Psychic Technique of Protection

Some Famous Star Kids and Star Seed Adults

Star Kids Project

The Star Kids: Our Future Hope

Transition from Fourth to Fifth World: the "Thunder Beings" Return

Life in the Emerging 'Fifth World' Global Cosmic Society

Report on the ACCET "Becoming A Cosmic Human" Conference, Oct. 13-15, 2000

Becoming Cosmic Citizens: Dr. Boylan's Speech to the 2000 ACCET Annual Convention

05 Jan. 2015, Dr. Richard Boylan radio interview on Charlotte View Internet Radio about Star Kids and Star Seed adults. You can hear this informative one-hour discussion by going to:

Reports on Various Star Kids & Star Seed Adults Workshops

Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop, Philadelphia May 28-29, 2011
Report on the Star Kids - Star Seed Adults Workshop at Allentown, PA Sept. 12-13, 2009
Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop at Nashville, Tennessee Sept. 29-30, 2006
Report on the Star Kids & adult Star Seeds Workshop at White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, May 21-22, 2006
Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop at Nashville, Tennessee Sept. 29-30, 2005
Star Visitors "crash" Star Kids Workshop at Apache Junction, Arizona, Nov. 13, 2004
Report on the Star Kids/Star Seeds Workshop at the Integratron, Yucca Valley, CA, Aug. 23-25, 2002
Report on the Star Seeds Young Adult Workshop, at Santa Cruz, CA, Oct. 07, 2000


20 Signs of Possible Star Visitor Encounters

Italiano [Italian version of above article]

8/12/09 Zeta scoutcraft over Stroudsburg, PA 2 hours after announcement of Star Kids/Seeds Workshop 25 miles south in Allentown, PA 9/12/09

Close Encounters and Personal Transformation

[Spanish translation]: Encuentros Cercanos Y Transformacion Personal

Distinguishing Close Encounters With Real Star Visitors From Fake Events (Cabal High-Tech Kidnappings)

MILABS: High-Tech Fake 'Alien Abductions' by Cabal/Shadow Government Mercenaries

Report: Dr, Boylan's Meeting with the Vatican's Exorcist and Reaching Agreement that the Star Visitors Are Spiritually Advanced and Not Demons. December, 2002.

Dr. Richard Boylan addresses the 9th World Symposium on UFOs and Related
Phenomena held by the Republic of San Marino, March 16-18, 2001.

Report on the 9th World Symposium on UFOs/Related Phenomena

Effects on Human Consciousness and Spirituality of Upcoming Announcement of UFO Reality

Public Announcement of Star Visitor Reality as a Spiritual Event

STAR VISITORS' ULTRA-ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY SECTION: (including its diffusion into everyday current living)

EARTH SAUCERS AND STAR WARS: the GRAND TOUR (1992) - a Report on secret bases and installations where the U.S. Goverrnment works with extraterrestrial technology.

Reconnaissance Penetration into Area 51 and Sighting of Low-Level Test-Flight of U.S. Antigravity Craft

All 12 Known U.S. Secret Reduced-Gravity Aircraft and Fully-Antigravity Spacecraft, Utilizing Back-engineered Extraterrestrial Technology

The Lockheed-Martin/Northrop-Grumman/BAE F-35A Lightning II advanced stealth fighter which incorporates Artificial Intelligence built with neuro-chips patterned after extraterrestrial brain tissue, and secret gravity-reducing technology, (recovered and reworked Star Visitor technologies), in addition to conventional jet thrust.
[Secret military astronauts stationed at Vandenberg AFB, CA and Hill AFB, UT have traveled into space aboard U.S. antigravity craft [not the F-35A shown above] to service a secret invisibility-cloaked military space station in orbit (not the ISS), as well as to rotate crews at the Moon Base and Mars Station.]

'Solar Warden': the U.S.-hosted transnational Space Fleet operated by the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR). Solar Warden Fleet has Naval and Marine Space Cadres crew members from various countries. The Milky Way Galaxy's government, called Star Nations Council, has approved Earth's operating a Fleet providing orbital and near-space security operations. The 'Solar Warden' Space Fleet is also authorized by a secret resolution of the UN Security Council.

Photos of SPAWAR Solar Warden space patrol ships in near space and on the ground (rear and top views), staffed by Navy Space Cadre and Marine Space Cadre officers.

Apollo 10 Gets Glimpse of Star Visitor Space Beacon, Later Retrieved and Analyzed at Secret Govt. Underwater Base

Official Star Visitor Base on Earth Disclosed; as well as Secret U.S. Military Space Station in Orbit Since 1968!

After pentrating Fort Irwin in California's Mojave Desert, Dr. Boylan entered the
restricted Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, where the U.S.
Government sends and receives signals from deep space

Huge deep space signals-receiving and transmitting antennae are arrayed at Goldstone
Deep Space Communications Complex within Fort Irwin, north of Barstow, CA; NRAO Very Large Array at Datil,
NM; Arecibo Space Communications Facility, PR, and elsewhere. Intelligent
signals from deep space have been received at Arecibo and NROA-Datil, but this fact
has been kept covered up by NASA, despite Dr. Jill Tarter's public promise that
such signals would be immediately reported to the International Astronomical Telegrams agency.

NASA Hints: Mars Is Being Terra-formed

U.S. Government, Dimensional Portals and Dr. Wen Ho Lee


The MJ-12 Committee: secret UN-sanctioned transnational managers of UFO secrecy and diffusion of extraterrestrial technology into society

White Hats vs. Cabal Infiltrators within U.S. National Security Operations

The Cabal: the Global Plutocratic Oligarchs Network Exerting Subtle World Domination

Quick Test For Disinformation

Not only are Lakes on Mars but Forests Too! Below are NASA satellite Mars-mapping mission photos of Gigantic Pine-needle Trees on Mars with 1 km-wide foliage. These are Transplanted Earth Sequoias, Mutated by Mars's Low Gravity.
Also Revealed: the Cabal's Planned Getaway to Mars.

June 7, 2011: Smoking-Gun proof: the Cabal's secret Mars Station exposed on MSNBC and FOX News

Official entrance to Area 51: boundary warning signs citing National Security Act
and $10,000 fine + 10 years in prison penalties against trespassing

Classified U.S. National Security Organization Chart (partial) (provided by the late Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF)

Classified Organization Chart of the Star Wars (SDI/BMDO)Organization (provided by the late Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF)

Washington, DC National Press Club Press Conference Declares UFOs, Star Visitors Real!

March 8, 2011: The Star Wars Orbital Weapons System involved in 9/22/10 shoot-down of a UFO now identified: Star Nations demands prosecution of that international war-crime!

Jan. 28, 2011: A report on the Joint Psychic Exercise to permanently deactivate the Cabal's 21-ton orbiting L-49 "Death Star" .

Oct. 25,26, 2010: Day Two of Star Nations' Sky Displays, Plus 50 Nuclear ICBMs Became Non-operational

Oct. 23-24, 2010 night: six reports of multiple-craft displays plus additional single-craft sightings, and other very-recent sightings

Oct. 14, 2010: Three Zeta starcraft fly low over Manhattan to pressure U.S. Government to end the UFO Cover-Up

May 14, 2010: Averted by Star Visitor Intervention: 9.2-magnitude Earthquake in western north-central Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range

January 21, 2010, Success: a Joint Psychic Exercise Liberated 49 Star Visitor Captives/Hostages from Cabal Military-Industrial Sites

The Good Guys (and Gals) of Ufology: heroes enduring ridicule to share publicly what they have found out.


Dr. Michael Wolf, 'MJ-10' on the Executive Board of the 'MJ-12' Committee, (a UFO-Secrecy Management Group), Tells All

Leaked Information From MJ-12 Group's Scientific Consultant, Dr.(Col.) Michael Wolf

Further Disclosures by MJ-12 Consultant Michael Wolf, MD, Ph.D., Sc.D., M.S., LL.B.

More Revelations from MJ-12 Group Consultant Dr. Michael Wolf

Additional News From National Security Council Point-Man Dr. Michael Wolf

(Part 1) Dr. Wolf's Amazing Radio Interview-Part 1 [3 MB file, allow time to open, needs to be played with RealPlayer, available from]

(Part 2) Dr. Wolf's Amazing Radio Interview [3 MB file, allow time to open, needs to be played with RealPlayer, available from]

Requiem for a Cosmic Patriot: Dr. Michael Wolf, NSC, (R.I.P.)

Roman Monsignor Corrado Balducci & Dr. Richard Boylan Discuss Star Visitors' Acceptance By the Catholic Church's Vatican
(Photo courtesy of Italian photojounalist Paola Harris)

Roman Catholic Vatican Official Declares: Star Visitor Contact Is Real

Also: A Vatican Astronomer Says Star Visitors' Existence Is Confirmed in the Bible

The Man Who "Outed" the U.S. Saucer Program: USAF Colonel Steve Wilson

Classified Information Leak/Dialogue (8/97) Between USAF Colonal Steve Wilson and Dr. Richard Boylan about DSAI and SAIC, companies dealing with extraterrestrial technology

Short Biography of Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (Ret.)

Air Force/NSA Tech-Sergeant Dan Sherman Reveals NSA Project Processing Star Persons' Communications

Pentagon Colonel Phillip Corso, U.S. Army (Ret.) Reveals Program To Secretly Diffuse Extraterrestrial Technology Into Society

Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Ph.D. States UFOs Are Real and a Cover-Up Exists

At Sandia National Laboratories on Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM is the test version
of the Star Wars Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Weapon, using energy in the terawatt regime
for shooting down UFOs. The sign says: "Defense Nuclear Agency. Advanced Research EMP Simulator.
Operated and maintained by EG&G Management Systems, Inc." An adjacent sign reads:
"Photography of this site is prohibited under penalty of fine and imprisonment." Oh, well.....


Hopi Traditional Elders including Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma have quietly preserved ancient oral tradition about contact from the stars. The Hopi Prophecies are striking for this Time of Societal Purification and Change. Inform yourself on the ancient information given to the Hopi (and Zuni) tribes by the thin-framed, articulated-limbs Gansplicoid star race, whom the Hopi Indians call "the Ant People". A good source for this information is Frank Waters's "Book of the Hopi".
You can get a quick summary of the Hopi Prophecies at:

A Report on the 1996 Star Knowledge Conference held adjacent to the Ihanktowan [Yankton] Dakota Sioux Reservation, South Dakota, where Native American Elders revealed centuries of previously closely-held information about contacts by Star Visitors.
Native Elders Reveal Centuries of contacts by Star Visitors.

Native American tradition attaches great significance to the birth of a predicted true White (not albino) Buffalo Calf. There have now been over 25 such births of White Buffalo Calves. Read about what this means. Significance of Birth of Ninth White Buffalo Calf


Councillor of Earth Dr. Richard Boylan is Star Nations' Official Representative here on Earth

Dr. Boylan's Close Encounters on the Extraterrestrial Highway

Dr. Richard Boylan's Own First Recalled Close Encounter Account

Biographical Information about Dr. Boylan

Resume of Dr. Richard Boylan

Dr. Boylan with his wife, Lee


Links to the other superior 'UFO' Sites:

Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. is a extremely courageous pioneering psychologist and UFO researcher on close encounters with the Star Visitors. He worked for decades before it became fashionable despite harassment. His Report on UFOs to the House Committee on Science and Astronautics is at:
Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.

Mary Rodwell, RN is a hard-working consciousness-raiser based in Australia who works with experiencers, Star Kids and Star Seeds, as well as has organized the Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN), the best resource in Australia.
Mary Rodwell, RN's Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN)


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