CBS News's The Early Show (Thurs., Oct. 14) reported that the previous afternoon three shiny objects flew over Manhattan (New York City's) West Side during broad daylight, as onlookers on the streets of New York looked up in amazement.
The sighting was also reported yesterday in the New York Daily News newspaper. (Story below.)
I did a reading on the energy signature of those three silvery craft moving slowly over Manhattan. They are not Cabal back-engineered antigravity craft. Rather, they are genuine Star Visitor craft by their energy signature. Furthermore, they were piloted at relatively low altitude by the intrepid Zetas You can see the starcraft clearly resolved as round and having some visible dimension to them.
Likely these were the regular Zeta scout craft of 53 foot (16 meters) diameter. Now a Cessna 152 private plane has a wingspan of 33 feet (10 meters). So when you look at one of those Zeta craft in the photo, realize that it is only about half again as wide as a Cessna. Making a rough estimate, I would estimate that those Zeta craft were moving only several thousand feet above Manhattan, perhaps 4000-5000 feet (1524 meters) altitude. That is a low fly-by!
While ordinarily UFO photos are not shown on my UFOFacts group site because of the epidemic computer graphics fakery problem these days, I have made an exception because this film was filmed live and shown on U.S. major television, and because of a major development in Star Nations-U.S. relations which I will inform you about in a related separate email following shortly about "Star Visitor volunteer consultants strike and boycott U.S. installations".
Watch for it.
Why did the Zeta do a highly-visible display-of-presence over the major city in the U.S?
They are fulfilling their pledge that if the U.S. Administration did not stop the UFO Cover-Up and begin immediately cooperating with Star Nations' representative on Earth, the Councillor of Earth, to plan an orderly release of information about what the government knows about UFOs/Star Visitors, that the Star Visitors would begin a series of highly-visible, increasingly-dramatic displays-of-presence over major U.S. population centers until the U.S. government simply can't avoid any longer admitting to its people that UFOs are real and Star Visitors are in contact with the U.S. (and other) governments.
I will reveal more dramatic details in my follow-up email. Stand by.
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