Procyon B star system envoy 'Eve' is shown trying to evade capture by Cabal mercenaries in the jungle of northern Mexico after her starcraft was shot down. On January 27, 1982 the Cabal sent a mercenary retrieval team to southwest Chihuahua State, Mexico to retrieve a UFO they had shot down and any Star Visitor crew members. Two days earlier the UFO crew had been sighting-seeing over the beautiful US Southwest red-rock desert scenery from 18,000 feet when their craft was struck and disabled by a Cabal orbital neutral particle-beam weapon and slowly crashed into the northern Mexico mountains.
In the photo below you see a female injured Star Person survivor I've dubbed 'Eve' warily peering out from behind the jungle foliage. She is looking warily at a male Brown and Root (now KBR) mercenary approaching and narrating while a female fellow merc video-records the scene.
The craft was from the Procyon-B star system in the constellation Canis Minor, 11 light years from Earth. It carried a crew of four. One crewman, male, was killed in the crash. Three crew, two females and a male, survived with moderate injuries and were able to walk but not run. The Star Visitor seen in the photo is 'Eve', a female. Behind her unseen but nearby in the woods are the other two, her husband 'Jim' and another female. After this photo was shot, all three were captured by NRO mercenaries hired by the National Reconnaissance Organization [not Office] and transported away along with the dead crewman's body.
The mortally-wounded starcraft had rapidly descended with increasing loss of control and crashed in the rugged Sierra Madre Occidental mountains of southwestern Chihuahua State, Mexico near its border with Sinaloa State. The crash site is 164 km (102 miles) NE of the Pacific coastal city of Los Mochis. Site GPS coordinates: 26 deg., 07', 51.22 N; 107 deg., 23', 57.55" W. The Cabal built a dirt strip just east of the crash site to facilitate aerial removal of craft wreckage.
The Cabal crash-retrieval team took the three survivors and the dead crewman to their underground detention facility, G-13 near Creech AFB, Nevada. G-13 was the Cabal's principal prison for Star Visitor captives.
The dead crewman's remains, after Cabal dissection and tissue harvesting, were transported to special hermetically-sealed underground containment-storage vaults west of Area 51, Nevada National Security Site. Vault GPS coordinates: 37 deg., 14', 59.29" N; 115 deg., 56in', 36.40" W.
G-13 is the code name for a detention facility operated for the Cabal by Halliburton-Kellogg, Brown, Root (KBR), an enormous construction, engineering and private military contractor. G-13 is situated beneath a large lava-rock outcropping and extends 13 stories underground. G-13 sprawls over 209 acres, 8/10-mile long and 4/10 mile wide.
G-13 was opened in November, 1981 at the beginning of the Ronald Reagan Presidency "Star Wars" era and continued in operation into 2013.
The Cabal's UFO Shoot-Down Program to retrieve Star Visitors' technology and torture any survivors for more information began with the shoot-down of a UFO on Aug. 15, 1945 just west of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. It reached its high point during the Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush presidencies. Neither Presidents Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush nor Obama were aware of G-13's existence. George Herbert Walker Bush, 41st Presaident, and uber-Cabal Texas oil trillionaire, was the only U.S. President aware of G-13's existence.
During G-13's 31 years operating, 23 Star Visitors have died in captivity due to mistrreatment. At the start of 2013, G-13 had 35 Star Visitors, innocent but unlawfully imprisoned.
G-13 is located 13 stories underneath Indian Springs Valley on the Nevada National Security Site, 6.73 km NNE of the control tower at Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, NV. G-13 facility's GPS coordinates: 36 deg., 37', 49.90" N; 115 deg., 43', 19.31" W.
Security at KBR's G-13 prison has been provided by the infamous private military company Blackwater/Xe/Academi. Each shift had 18 security personnel. G-13 security measures included acoustic and infra-red motion detectors, night-vision-capable video surveillance, and cell walls honeycombed with dense wire clusters running pulsed extreme-voltage electricity to make even a Star Visitor's escape impossible.
Dr. Richard Boylan furnished to his 'White Hats' government contacts the above precise information about the Halliburton-KBR (Cabal) G-13 prison for Star Visitor captives. Shortly thereafter a special forces assault team from the transnational Central Security Service-Operations Division's TIER 3 Detachment assaulted the G-13 detention facility, overpowered the Blackwater mercenary guards, and liberated all the Star Visitor captives! Hoo-rah!
Procyon B 'Eve' was so grateful for release after 31 years captivity that she has shown herself to Dr. Boylan over ten times since liberation, taking the human appearance of an extremely-friendly human woman. On several of those occasions Eve was accompanied by her dashingly-handsome husband 'Jim'. One of those times was when they greeted Dr. Boylan in Death Valley National Park's Furnace Creek Ranch General Store.
Eve plans to be an active and public participant in the effort to roll out official acknowledgment of UFO and Star Visitors reality in the months ahead. And then everyone will get to see her (at least on television).