03 December, 2015
Simonetta Di Pippo, Director UN Office for Outer Space Affairs
Mogens Lykketoft, President, United Nations
Ambassador Samantha Power, President, UN Security Council

Honorable UN officers,

On November 11, 2015 we sent you a 'Request by Star Nations for Formal Diplomatic Recognition of its Permanent Diplomatic Mission by the United Nations Organization', and for UN's opening of diplomatic relations with Star Nations' Permanent Diplomatic Mission (SNPDM).
To date we have heard nothing.
The pending United Nations-Star Nations Treaty of Peace and Friendship, of which you are aware, has awaited action too long!
UN's non-responsiveness is exacerbated by the UN's dysfunctional structure. The problem is compounded by UN's lack of a properly-broad mandate for engaging in modern-times diplomatic matters which include the cosmic.
Star Nations is aware of a reform initiative within the UN (to which Presidents Lykketoft and Thomson and UNOOSA Director Di Pippo are parties) to achieve fully-democratic functioning in UN discussion and decision elements. Star Nations supports such reform. We do not intend to conduct ongoing dialogue and negotiations with a body controlled disproportionately by so-called Major Powers and by parliamentary procedures which given unfair weighting to decisions made by the rich, the industrialized, and the more powerful nations.
Star Nations therefore demands prompt reform of UN's structure so that the UN can generate an authentic response to outreach from Star Nations and its Permanent Diplomatic Mission. Such UN structural reform will also facilitate UN's ability to operate in ways consistent with contemporary standards of justice, fairness, proportionality, inclusiveness, and transparency.
Critical elements of UN Reform include the following on a time-urgent basis:
- Revision of UN Charter to make the General Assembly plenipotentiary in decision matters, and abolition of the Security Council as a Good-Old-Boys rigged game, and transfer of its responsibilities to the General Assembly.
- Re-designation of the President of UN General Assembly as 'President of the United Nations', and its chief governing officer. Concurrently, re-designating the office of Secretary-General as 'Secretary to the UN', in charge of secretarial tasks but without a governance portfolio.
- Prompt re-designation of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs to an UN Secretariat on an urgent basis, and provision of sufficient resources to said Secretariat to accomplish its brief of assistance to the UN President in Star Nations matters.
The UFO Cover-Up is about to end, and Star Nations is about to step forward to begin formal diplomatic relations with Earth's United Nations in the open in order to accomplish pressing matters.
Please respond promptly, so we can act with the gravity and responsive swiftness these times demand of us.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth, member, Star Nations High Council
Ambassador, Star Nations Permanent Diplomatic Mission-Earth