How A Star Kid May Be Recognized
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

A Star Kid, or adult Star Seed, may be defined as a child (or adult) of both human and Star Visitor origin. The Star Visitor contribution to the star person's makeup may come from: 1) genetic engineering (gene-splicing of certain Star Visitor genes into the Star Kidís human parentís reproductive material), 2) physical-mental transformation of an existing youth or adult during an encounter with the Star Visitors, 3) by a Walk-In experience (where a personís body almost dies and the consciousness-personality-soul which previously inhabited the body leaves [dies], and a new and off-world consciousness-personality-soul takes over and inhabits the body, providing continuity of lifespan), 4) the directed incarnation of an Star Visitor into a human body to experience a human lifetime, but retaining some consciousness from the previous life as a Star Visitor), and 5) the entrance of a Star Visitor consciousness into a humanís mind/cranium to coexist for a brief or longer period as a second consciousness aboard that person alongside their own human consciousness; and utilizing the humanís vision, hearing and other senses and mental processing to vicariously experience what is going on on Earth.
These children are special, as their sometimes bewildered and bemused parents know all too well. They often seem to be little adults in children's bodies. And they often have a gaze and a knowingness that belies their years.
Many years of continuing Star Visitor biological engineering in an ongoing effort to upgrade the human race have resulted in children whose heads are now often so big that a Caesarian section, or at least an episiotomy, is the only way they can be born. But even though increased cranial size is a rough index of intelligence, even more important is the qualitative increase in human development, in areas such as enhanced psychic abilities, ability to harness bioenergetic (chi, prana) energy and earth and cosmic forces to heal, and telepathic and intuitive linking with others and with Source Consciousness.

The various attributes of Star Seeds include: unusual abilities, such as telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, penetrating intuitiveness, aura-reading, psychic healing, Even mundane effects, such as experiencers putting out street lights by their body's bioelectric field. These children display skills, such as: telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, clairvoyance/remote viewing, "downloading" information, cross-species communication, penetrating intuitiveness, affecting electrical devices, remote-influencing others, inter-dimensional viewing, aura- reading, psychic diagnosis, bioenergetic healing, remote viewing, invisibility work, teleportation, levitation, mental influencing, earth energy adjustment work, time dilation or contraction, pre-sensitivity to earthquakes or human disasters like car crashes, interdimensional awareness, astral (out-of-body) travel, channeling, shared consciousness, and operating in close mental connection with their Star Visitor guides.and connecting with one's Star-Visitor and other guardians. They also share spiritual insights, explore the connections between the physical (e.g., quartz crystal), the metaphysical (e.g., thought energy), and the spiritual (e.g., creating and transmitting the intention to do good deeds to those in need), and do some spiritual prayer and ceremony.

They often share about physical changes we've experienced, such as: immunity improvement, lower basal temperature, and dynamic appearance (Star Kids) or looking younger than our age (Star Seeds). These are some of the ways in which a Star Kid may be recognized.

If you know a Star Kid, invite him/her and their parents to consider coming to one of my Star Kids Workshops, where they will meet other Star Kids and Star Seeds, and learn more about origin, mission, and the future.
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