Extraterrestrials Give Urgent Warning: Human-caused Global Nuclear War in Two Months (mid-October, 2018) Unless We Act to Block the Start of that War.

This Warning of upcoming global nuclear destruction comes from three sources.
One source is from a Zeta Elder (Star Visitor) shown speaking in a classified 1964 NSA video leaked by NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden. An NSA officer is heard interrogating EBE-3, a Zeta Elder held captive at the secret S-4 facility south of Nevada's Area 51 and specializing in extraterrestrial matters. This video had sat in NSA file vaults 54 years before Edward Snowden sneaked it out along with other files out of NSA and released them in 2013-14. One of the recipients loaded this video onto YouTube.
[At the bottom of this article are the web links to YouTube for this 'Alien Interview' video (in 3 segments).]
A second information source is the convergent experiencer testimony obtained from hundreds of professional investigations which Dr. Richard Boylan, a psychologist and hypnotherapist did working with close-encounter experiencers in communication with Star Visitors. During a number of these encounters the Star Visitors mentioned the foreseen prospect of a global nuclear world war soon.
A third informant is a Star Person, Asheoma, who communicated this same urgent warning, along with the war time-line of Fall, 2018 to Wendi Powers, a close associate of Dr. Richard Boylan. Ms. Powers then passed this urgent warning on to Dr. Boylan, who refined the time-line to mid-October.
All of these sources converge and agree. Their powerful message is this.
A global nuclear disaster will occur later in 2018 unless we act now. Only a small number of humans would survive that war. We need to stop that war from starting.
The Zeta Reticulans are irradiated mutants, the result of Human radiation mutations over the centuries after this nuclear disaster.]
The Zeta Elder (NSA-designated as EBE-3) who was interrogated in that video warned 54 years ago that in 2018 a world-wide nuclear war would occur involving nations where political and religious dogma is used to justify unthinkable actions. The Zeta Elder stated that the male leader of the United States in that [2018] time period would have a brief tenure and weaken democratic institutions by appealing to people's most primitive instincts: fear, tribalism, and political and religious dogma. This will lead to international condemnation of the President. In reaction to this condemnation, President Trump orders a preemptive nuclear strike. After that first strike, the heads of certain other nuclear powers will retaliate. This will escalate into global nuclear war. The resulting radiation will spread widely, killing millions, polluting the Earth with fallout, and causing a mass die-off of most humans.
We know North Korea's Kim Yong-Un has nuclear warheads and intercontinental ballistic missiles, as do leaders of other nuclear states: Russia's Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping, and Pakistan's Imran Khan, etc. The potential ingredients for global nuclear war this Fall are present unless we avert it. Humans must move quickly and firmly to prevent such global nuclear war from happening. We can change that terrible future.
EBE-3 told us two things to stop that world war from happening: 1) "Protect your democracy from political and religious dogma"; and 2) "Protect democracy from rejection of objective fact."
So, the All-Important Question is: How we can stop the looming global nuclear war from happening?
  [Watch the video clip (part 3) of Star Visitor EBE-3's interrogation on this subject. It is at:  https://youtu.be/h4-KzZe9IpQ ]
As the Zeta Elder EBE-3 said, we need to do two things to stop that nuclear world war from happening:  1)  "Protect your democracy from political and religious dogma"; and 2) "Protect democracy from rejection of objective fact." 
Here is my thinking about how to go about that.
Everyone  who cares about our world not becoming a radioactive horror must take it upon him or herself to take personal action, and at every opportunity to challenge anyone who spouts political-extremist or racial-extremist statements. We must challenge people who tout fact as being  false, or who makes false propaganda statements as though they were fact.
  For example, it matters not whether the political extremist be someone who favors attacking immigrants, is a local conservative flaunting his MAGA cap, a robed Klansman or White Supremacist, a commentator on FOX News, a person at a local meeting making disparaging remarks about people of color, or Donald Trump himself [the President, for now].  They are harming our democracy. They  need to be challenged.  We also need to challenge anyone making disparaging religious-extremist  generalizations such as "all Arabs or all Muslims are potential  terrorists". None  of the World Great Religions: Islam,  Hinduism,  Buddhism, Judaism, Protestantism, Bahai, or Catholicism have a core teaching of hate or looking down on others. 
While any large group will have a few fringe people whose behavior is not in keeping with that group's principles, that is no justification for hatred or bad behavior towards everyone of this or that religion or nationality.
The other area where we need to be active in protecting our democracy is challenging any statement which rejects objective or scientific fact as 'just somebody's opinion' or 'dead wrong'. This means that when a politician challenges a fact, or asserts something like 'global warming is a hoax', or that 'reports on mainstream Evening News are "Fake News"', we have to speak out against such untruthful brainwashing. Those statements are attacking the basis of truth itself!
Only by all of us protecting our society from political and religious extremist talk, and by protecting what is objectively true, can we keep our democracy intact. And by sticking up for the truth, we help limit the fear-mongering, calls to  divisive factionalism, Moslem-bashing, and false fear-mongering  about our neighbors.
Such political and religious  extremism, and spreading lies as true, is the stuff of fascism and of dictators. It has no place in our democracy.
  This is how we change the subculture of suspicion and fear, racial hostility, religious hatred, and rejection of mainstream sources of information, all of which provide support for the President to go to extremes. This is the real draining of the swamp.
If the above sounds like a rejection of Trumpism, it is no coincidence. Star Visitor EBE-3 warned us 54 years ago that in 2018 the American President would start a Nuclear World War III if we do not stop him and his incendiary rants tearing away at our democracy.
And besides our individual and small-group actions to challenge the extreme political and religious dogmatists, we also need to contact our representatives in government to insist that they take action to challenge this evil on a national scale.
In addition to urging Senators and Congressmembers to protect our society from political and religious extremism, we need to also urge them to have the United States join the other 122 states in signing the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We must make the Earth free of nukes if we are to survive.
Let us get to work!

    Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

EBE-3 then started to mention a second threat, but he was attacked and the video was cut off. Dr. Boylan used his Star Seed psychic ability and was able to determine what EBE-3's second warning was.
It was about the Cabal, a cartel of ruthless super-powerful super-wealthy individuals shaping and controlling world events for their own advantage from behind-the-scenes. This is that other major threat to human freedom and peace. The Cabal planned to create a world dictatorship with them in charge. And they have secretly positioned weapons of mass destruction to attack humankind if any challenge their rule.
We must unmask and disempower these Cabal evildoers. We will have help in doing when the Star Visitors begin soon showing up among us publicly and start to work with Humans of good will.
Let us get to work.

The 'Alien Interview' Video of EBE-3 giving his warning may be found in three brief video clips at:
Part One: https://youtu.be/G2xXu8_2Exo
Part Two: https://youtu.be/7TE6frpygVY
Part Three (final): https://youtu.be/h4-KzZe9IpQ

Footnote: Zeta Elder EBE-3 says the few Human survivors of such a nuclear catastrophe (if it indeed occurs) eventually were able to evolve amidst great horror and suffering over many centuries into Zetas, a highly intelligent, spiritually developed race of great compassion. But the Zetas are trying to help their ancestors (us Humans) from having to experience that long course of terrible pain and suffering which will ensue if we do not change the global war to which world conditions are headed.
By stopping the foreseen and looming widespread nuclear destruction on Earth, the Zetas will end as a species in our current space-time reality because the future will have been changed. But stopping nuclear disaster will assure the survival and further growth of Humans to become even brighter and stronger than the Zetas were able to become after Earth's holocaust.
That is why Zetas decided to go back across time to here to work to try to save us, their ancestors.