Report from the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop, and the “Dolphins & ETs” Conference, Hawai’i: June 9-10 & 11-12, 2005

Report from the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop, and the “Dolphins & ETs” Conference, Hawai’i: June 9-10 & 11-12, 2005

Having just returned from the Kona Coast of Hawai'i Island, the biggest in the State of Hawai'i, I can report that the Star Kids & Star Seed adults Workshop went very well. There was a great and enthusiastic group gathered, and had fun over the two days while learning and practicing Star Seed abilities.
The participants came from as far away as Canada, United Kingdom and even Slovenia , and vowed to take back the consciousness and spread it among friends, family and acquaintances.
The Dolphins & ETs Conference went brilliantly, hosted by that dolphin consciousness-in-residence, the magical Joan Ocean. While I was too busy being consulted by various conference-goers to attend every lecture, I can say this much.
Joan Ocean delighted the group with her films and lore on dolphin consciousness and communication.
Jean-Luc Bozzoli wowed the audience with the visionary art film of his own intricate and inter-flowing images of consciousness forms, dolphins, geometric dimensional cities, etc.
Dr. Courtney Brown did a masterful presentation on his research establishing Scientific Remote Viewing as scientifically proven (demonstrable), and having had it published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal.
Linda Moulton Howe did a thorough job of presenting the evidence for non-human origin of crop circles and the enlightened messages that their off-world originators placed in those crop images.
Dr. Richard Sauder impressed the conference-goers with his documentation of U.S. undersea bases, including one halfway between the mainland and Hawai'i, embedded in the Pacific Plate.
Elaine Thompson shared her experiences with Star Visitors, all of whom are conscious of a Divine Creator.
Alfred Webre, J.D., M. Ed. presented his Exopolitics initiative, including his successes in getting Canada and the City of Berkeley to take official positions supporting the Space Preservation Treaty and outlawing weapons in space, and the continuing effort to keep such weapons away from space.
Kewaunee Lapseritis, M. Sc. fascinated the crowd with his film, photos and personal encounter accounts with the intelligent, telepathic, psychic, compassionate resident Star Visitor races known as the Sasquatch and the Old Ones.
I presented my work with the Star Kids and adult Star Seeds; and deputized the mostly experiencer/Star Seed/Star Kid crowd to go out and wake up the many, many sleeping Latent Star Seeds and Star Kids to come to understand who they are, and why there are different.
The Conference was punctuated for me by two special experiences.
I met a lovely Hawai'ian Elder, Makalena, the daughter of the Elder who restored the central sacred heiau spirit shrine of Kona. We discussed the star knowledge that certain Hawai'ian Elders quietly hold about their origins from the stars. She talked of eventually convening a meeting of the Elders and me to share and exchange such knowledge about the Star Visitors.
The other, extraordinary thing was that I got to meet and talk with one of the Saami descendents of the Star Visitors from Barnard's Star, who have established themselves as a residential population in Scandinavian Lapland This was recounted by ex-USAF Airman Charles Hall in his Millennial Hospitality trilogy. I can tell you that this mature lovely redhead, Marianna, has sparkling eyes and the light, graceful, exuberant spirit of a child; (as well as having the only-24-teeth genes of these Visitors.) Yes, and aside from such minor differences, she would pass as human without a second thought. It was wonderful when we said goodby to hug and be hugged by a being whose people originate from another star system!
The Workshop and Conference were truly memorable, and established the Kona Coast as a major beachhead of Star Visitor consciousness.
[Note: anyone seeking contact information on the Conference Speakers should contact Joan Ocean, who would have those details.
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