MJ-12 Committee has become a transnational organization.
In 1962, MJ-12 was taken away from exclusive U.S. Government control by the UN Security Council, through a secret UN Security Council Resolution. The resolution transformed it into a secret autonomous transnational directorate, with members from different countries, and a mandate to manage 'aliens', public awareness of them, and access to 'alien' technology.

The members of the MJ-12 Committee (and its Executive Committee) are:

- MJ1 (Alpha) Samantha Power, 42, Star Seed, Chairman, MJ-12 Committee; Chair, its Executive Committee; and Secretary-nominee to a (pending) UN Secretariat for Outer Space Affairs. Chairperson Power advocates integrating the MJ-12 Committee into that Secretariat. U.S.
- MJ2 (Beta): Brigadier Gartzene Killennarry, 57, senior manager at MI-6 (SIS), formerly special-forces general in the UK Special Reconnaissance Regiment, Northern Ireland. UK.
- MJ3 (Gamma): Anke Schaferkordt, 57, Supervisory Board Director, BASF chemicals corporation, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; and CEO of Mediengruppe, Cologne, Germany.
- MJ4 (Delta): Honorable Paul Hellyer, 89, Star Seed, former Canadian Minister of Defence. Canada.
- MJ5 (Epsilon): Simonetta Di Pippo, 56, astronomer, former Director, UN Office for Outer Space Affairs. Italy.
- MJ6 (Zeta) Therapin Wongsaardsakui, 49, Star Seed, professor of Software Engineering, Bangkok University's School of Science and Technology, Thailand.
- MJ7 (Eta): Nelson Violante-Carvalho, Ph.D., 41, Star Seed, Brazilian-Portuguese, Tenured Lecturer, Ocean Engineering Program, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
- MJ8 (Theta): Olga Golodets, 63, Deputy Chairman for Social Affairs, Federal Cabinet, Russian Federation.
- MJ9 (Iota): Captain Adam Lyons, USN, 45, Star Seed, Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command, member, MJ-12 Executive Committee U.S.
- MJ10 (Kappa): Shawki Allam, Ph.D., 54, Star Seed, Grand Mufti of Egypt, Sunni and Sufi scholar; MJ-12's liaison to Islamic countries, member of MJ-12's Executive Committee. Egypt.
- MJ11 (Lambda) Carmen Omante Durand, 44, Star Seed, 1st Vice-President, Peru's Congress, Peru.
- MJ12 (Mu): Dr. Ross McKenzie, 48, Star Seed, Professor of Quantum Physics and Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Queensland, Australia.

MJ-12 Committee has access as needed to Central Security Service - Operations Division for obtaining elite security forces for UFO-related operations.
MJ-12 Committee receives intelligence and other services from the Office of Naval Intelligence.
MJ-12 Committee's operating funds come from UN member countries contributions and via transfers of Star Visitors technology to human organizations.
MJ-12 Committee members meet as needed at the UN Secretariat Building, 38th Floor, New York City.

Appointment to the MJ-12 Committee is by a Joint Select Committee of the Council of Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.