Following the Roswell, New Mexico 1947 UFO crash, U.S. President Harry Truman created a secret national security advisory group, the MJ-12 Committee. In 1962 with the concurrence of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, the UN Security Council took control of the MJ-12 Committee away from U.S. Government through a secret UN Security Council Resolution. That Resolution transformed MJ-12 into a secret autonomous transnational directorate with members from different countries. MJ-12 Committee's mandate is to manage 'aliens', information about them and public awareness of them, and to control access to 'alien' technology.

The 12 members of the MJ-12 Committee are:
- MJ1 (Alpha) Samantha Power, 43, Star Seed, Chairman, MJ-12, and its Executive Committee Chair, Secretary-nominee (pending), UN Secretariat for Outer Space Affairs. [Ms. Power favors integrating MJ-12 Committee into that future UN Secretariat]; U.S.
- MJ2 (Beta): Brigadier Gartzene Killennarry, 58, senior manager at MI-6 (SIS), formerly special-forces General, UK Special Reconnaissance Regiment, Northern Ireland-UK.
- MJ3 (Gamma): Anke Schaferkordt, 58, Supervisory Board Director, BASF chemicals corporation, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; and CEO of Mediengruppe, Cologne, Germany.
- MJ4 (Delta): Honorable Paul Hellyer, 89, Star Seed, former Canadian Minister of Defence, Canada.
- MJ5 (Epsilon): Simonetta Di Pippo, 57, astronomer, ex-Director, UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, Italy.
- MJ6 (Zeta) [vacant] (under consideration: Nick Begich, MD (Traditional), 60, Star Seed, scientist, author, spercialist in alternative health and advanced energy U.S.)
- MJ7 (Eta): Nelson Violante-Carvalho, Ph.D., 42, Star Seed, Brazilian-Portuguese, Tenured Lecturer, Ocean Engineering Program, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
- MJ8 (Theta): Olga Golodets, 64, Deputy Chairman for Social Affairs, the Cabinet, Russian Federation.
- MJ9 (Iota): Captain Adam Lyons, USN, 46, Star Seed, Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command, member, MJ-12 Executive Committee U.S.
- MJ10 (Kappa): Shawki Allam, Ph.D., 55, Star Seed, Grand Mufti of Egypt, Sunni and Sufi scholar; MJ-12 Committee liaison to Islamic countries, member, MJ-12 Executive Committee, Egypt.
- MJ11 (Lambda) Carmen Omante Durand, 45, Star Seed, 1st Vice-President of the Congress, Peru.
- MJ12 (Mu): Dr. Ross McKenzie, 49, Star Seed, Professor of Quantum Physics, and Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Queensland, Australia.


MJ-12 Committee has access as needed to Central Security Service-Operations Division elite security force for ET/UFO-related operations, and to information services from the Office of Naval Intelligence. MJ-12 Committee's operating fund comes from transfers of Star Visitors technology to human organizations. MJ-12 Committee members meet for official meetings at the UN Secretariat Building, 38th floor, New York.
By UN Security Council secret resolution, appointments to the MJ-12 Committee are made by an undisclosed Select Joint Committee of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs with the concurrence of an executive subcommittee of the UN Security Council.