Announcement: Star Nations Permanent Diplomatic Mission Earth

Star Nations has determined that Earth has reached the stage of development and awareness where it is time to open formal public diplomatic relations, move towards establishing and implementing a Star Nations-United Nations Treaty of Peace and Friendship, and commence open and regular communication between Star Nations and Earth.
To help achieve this, the Star Nations Council has authorized establishment of a Star Nations Diplomatic Mission. This Mission is headed by Star Nations' ambassador to Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan, Councillor.
Soon the United Nations will establish formal recognition of, and diplomatic relations with, Star Nations.
The Star Nations Diplomatic Mission (SNPDM)'s motto is: 'Friendship, Integrity, Transparency'. Star Nations' business will be conducted honorably, openly and publicly. And SNPDM expects no less of the nations of Earth and their United Nations.
Star Nations Diplomatic Mission will conduct diplomatic relations with Earth through its United Nations, and specifically with the Office of the President, General Assembly.
Star Nations Diplomatic Mission looks forward to working with the United Nations and the people of Earth as we advance together to work towards a bright and cosmic future.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor
Star Nations Diplomatic Mission-Earth


[Earth Organizations Previously Involved in Star Visitors Matters]

Office of Naval Intelligence

Naval Network and Space Operations Command: NNSOC's Space Fleet has joint responsibility, with Star Nations, for patrolling our Solar System and maintaining security and peace in our Solar System.
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The (obsolescent) MJ-12 Committee The MJ-12 Committee has been an autonomous transnational group which has been tasked with secretly overseeing Human-Star Visitors matters on Earth and in near-space. The MJ-12 Committee originated in 1947 as a super-secret U.S. governmental committee to study and manage the extraterrestrial 'phenomenon'. MJ-12 was authorized by a secret 1947 directive of President Truman after the Roswell UFO Crash became public in July. In 1962, MJ-12 was removed from U.S. Government control by the UN Security Council, through a secret Security Council Resolution transforming MJ-12 into a transnational autonomous body.
MJ-12's mandate has been managing contacts by Star Visitors, public awareness of and impressions of Star Visitors, and initial control over and select distribution of acquired extraterrestrial information and technology.
MJ-12 has been authorized to call upon the Naval Network and Space Operations Command's space-policing Fleet, code-named Solar Warden, for near-space security matters. MJ-12 also has had assistance from the Office of Naval Intelligence's elite TIER 3 Detachment for clandestine enforcement operations against threats to Star Visitors on Earth, rescue of Star Visitors from craft crashes, retrieval of downed starcrafts, extractions of Star Visitors from unauthorized [Cabal] imprisonment installations, and interdiction of attacks by hostile humans against Star Visitors and starcrafts.
MJ-12 has had its own operating fund, derived in part from classified selective sales of retrieved and donated Star Visitor technology to various governments, institutions and companies.
The MJ-12 Committee's day-to-day governance has been conducted by an Executive Committee composed of CEO Simonetta Di Pippo (MJ1), Ambassador Samantha Power (MJ5), and Captain William Chase III, USN, (MJ9).
Simonetta Di Pippo, an Italian astrophysicist, in 2014 was designated Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA). That designation ipso facto made her the current MJ1 (CEO of the MJ-12 Committee).
The MJ-12 Committee members are:
- MJ1 (Alpha) MJ-12 Chair: Simonetta Di Pippo, M.S., 57, Italy, MJ-12's CEO and Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).
- MJ2 (Beta): Brigadier Gartzene Killennarry, 58, Northern Ireland-UK, senior manager at MI-6 (SIS), formerly special-forces general in UKs Special Reconnaissance Regiment.
- MJ3 (Gamma): Anke Schaferkordt, 60, Germany, Supervisory Board Director, BASF (chemicals) Corporation, Ludwigshafen am Rhein; and CEO of Mediengruppe, Cologne.
- MJ4 (Delta): Hon. Paul Hellyer, 90, Canada, former Canadian Minister of Defence.
- MJ5 (Epsilon): Samantha Power, 45, United States, US Ambassador to the UN.
- MJ6 (Zeta): Thirapan Wongsaardsakui, 49, Thailand, Professor of Software Engineering at Bangkok University's School of Science and Technology.
- MJ7 (Eta): Nelson Violante-Carvalho, Ph.D., 44, Brazil, Brazilian-Portuguese citizen, Tenured Lecturer, Ocean Engineering Program, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
- MJ8 (Theta): Olga Golodets, 65, Russian Federation, Federal Cabinet, Deputy Chairman for Social Affairs.
- MJ9 (Iota): Captain William E. Chase III, U.S. Navy, 48, Commander, Naval Network Warfare Command.
- MJ10 (Kappa): Shawki Ibrahim Abdel-Karim Allam, Ph.D., 54, Grand Mufti of Cairo, Egypt.
- MJ11 (Lambda): Carmen Omonte Durand, 44, Peru, 1st Vice-President of the Peruvian Congress
- MJ12 (Mu): Dr. Ross McKenzie, 51, Australia, Professor of Quantum Physics and Australian Professorial Fellow, University of Queensland.

Heretofore the efforts of some nations to deal with Star Visitor matters have been done out of sight and under veil of secrecy. It is time for such secrecy to end. As Earth citizens we have a need to know, we have the right to know.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor [Ambassador] of/for Earth
Star Nations Diplomatic Mission