Dr. Richard Boylan's official website on the Star Visitors ['ETs'], on their starcrafts [UFOs], and on Star Kids and adult Star Seeds - advanced humans with partial Star Race genes. ]

Star Nations Diplomatic Mission seal_____ Dr. Richard Boylan, Councillor For Earth (Ambassador)

This is the JOINT WEBSITE of RICHARD BOYLAN, Ph.D. and of STAR NATIONS. It is their website for EARTH.
This website provides accurate and essential Information about the Star Persons visiting Earth (the Star Visitors, 'ETs'), and about the impact which Star Visitors have had on Humans across our history. This website also explains the UFO phenomenon.
This information will help you understand better your and Earth's place in our Milky Way galaxy's community of civilizations.
The official government of the Milky Way Galaxy and its community of space-faring civilizations is called Star Nations Council. Each Council member civilization is guided by the 11 Universal Principles and the 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos. Star Nations Council can be thought of as the 'UN General Assembly' of our galaxy.
Each star system with such advanced civilization has one representative on Star Nations Council, who is called a Councillor [Ambassador]. Earth's Councillor is Dr. Richard Boylan, a Star Visitors and UFO expert, who has been selected as Star Nations' spokesperson on Earth. Dr. Boylan also heads the Star Nations Diplomatic Mission (Embassy) here.
Other members of this Star Nations Diplomatic Mission are Wendi Powers, Minister for Star Cultures; Councillor Sophia of the Pleiades system, Charge' d' Affaires of Star Nations Embassy, and Stephanie Boylan, Consul of Star Nations' North America-Pacific Consulate.
Star Nations has established its Earth Diplomatic Mission (Embassy) so there can be a normal channel for diplomatic communication between Earth and Star Nations. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and General Assembly President Abdullah Shahid are encouraged to contact Councillor Richard Boylan without delay and to open diplomatic relations with Star Nations, and to so that official dialogue can commence without delay. There is much to discuss.
Star Nations plans to open offices for its Star Nations Embassy, and for a North America-Atlantic Consulate near United Nations Headquarters in New York City soon. Other regional Consulates will follow on other continents.

Official diplomatic business communications can be sent to Councillor/Ambassador Richard Boylan, Ph.D. via email to: drboylan@drboylan.com , or to: P.O. Box 1009, Diamond Springs, CA 95619, United States.

Personal (non-diplomatic) messages to Dr. Richard Boylan may be sent to: drboylan@outlook.com


A) Human-operated Space Fleet, code-name: Solar Warden;
B) Star Nations plan to sign a Treaty of Peace and Friendship with Earth ASAP.

Section 1: The Star Visitors. Section 2: Star Kids and Star Seed Adults. Section 3: Close Encounters With Star Visitors. Section 4: Extraterrestrial Technology. Section 5: Extreme Politics of UFOs And Extraterrestrials. Section 6: Leakers Reveal UFO Secrets. Section 7: Native American Elders' Star Teachings. Section 8: Personal Information about Dr. Boylan, his books, and contact information.
copyrighted (c) 1992-2021. Permission to copy any of the articles on this site intact for respectful use, with Dr. Boylan identified as author, is hereby given)

Earth has a SPACE FLEET OPERATING, code-named SOLAR WARDEN. It is operated by the U.S. and six allied nations, and patrols near space. The Space Fleet is under the command of the Space Field Activity division, U.S. Navy. The Space Fleet was authorized in 1984 by a UN resolution to patrol space in our solar system. The Space Fleet is staffed by Navy and Marine Corps Space Cadre crews of the U.S. and allied nations. Star Nations Alliance approves of Earth's Space Fleet's being a multi-nations operation because Earth is one planet and its countries should work together.
Below is a photo of a Solar Warden spaceship patrolling space near Earth. (Photo taken by a woman astronaut at the International Space Station.)

Photo of a US Navy Space Field Activity space ship, [a TR3-A Astra] of the Solar Warden Space Fleet patrolling near space above Earth.

A STAR NATIONS-UNITED NATIONS TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP awaits signing. Star Nations, the organization of advanced planetary civilizations inhabiting our galaxy, has contacted our United Nations, wants to enter into a TREATY OF PEACE AND FRIENDSHIP ! You can see this Treaty by clicking here. [X] Note: this Treaty has not yet been signed, but awaiting Treaty dialogue soon between UN officials and Star Nations' Ambassador for Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan.


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STAR NATIONS: the Alliance of Advanced Civilizations in our Milky Way Galaxy

The Various Kinds (Races) of Star Visitors

[En Espanol~Spanish]: Los diferentes tipos de Visitantes de las Estrellas

The Essential Role of the Star Visitors in our Human Development !

[Spanish]: Revision de las Naciones Estelares a la explicacion darwiniana del desarrollo humano

The History of Human-ET Contact in the Modern Era.

Star Visitors Spirituality

The 11 UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES and 11 SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES (CLICK [X] HERE to see those Star Nations Principles.)

Each of the 11 symbols above corresponds, in order, to one of the 11 Universal Principles. Each symbol, rotated to the right 90 degrees, then becomes the corresponding Spiritual Principle symbol. These Symbols were found etched into the Roswell UFO's frame. They are found on many Star Nations starcraft.

The 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos (above) - guidance used by all civilizations in Star Nations Alliance.


[Spanish language version of the 11:11 Principles]
[Portuguese language version of the 11:11 Principles]
[Italian language version of the11:11 Principles]

Star Nations CODE OF HONOR.

ACTUAL PHOTOS AND ACCURATE DRAWINGS of SOME STAR VISITOR RACES (click here to see the whole set of photos and pictures.)

Star Visitors In Residence Among Us on Earth

How To Do Outreach To the Star Visitors

119 UFOs have been shot down, with crews killed or captured, by the U.S. Government and military contractors since 1947 [Roswell]. Star Nations demands a cease fire and reparations.

In the first two photos below, (from a Blackwater mercenary's video), you see 'Eve', a female Star Visitor from the Procyon-B star system emerging from the Mexico jungle where her shot-down spacecraft had crashed. She was looking for help in the dark and attracted to the light from a video camera of Blackwater mercenaries hired by a global control cartel to capture any 'aliens' surviving a shoot-down ordered by that cartel. In the third photo you can see 'Eve's husband, 'Jim' emerging from the jungle a few minutes later looking for his wife and unaware that she had been captured! Blackwater hireling mercenaries took both of them to an underground prison for 'aliens' (30 miles south of Area 51). [click _here_ for full story.]

The Real Star Visitors Versus the UFO Cover-Up's false propaganda about 'alien Boogeymen'.

April 14, 1964: Four Earth Governments Secretly Hold Formal Meeting With Star Nations

September 29, 2005: Historic Formal Hearing, Indictment, Conviction of the Cabal For Violations of Universal Laws

12 Environmental Scientists From the Altimar star system Arrived on Earth in 2008

The 12 Altimarian Scientists Are Now Here Starting In To Help with Repairing Environmental Damage.

A star race from dying dwarf star Altimar-4 needed safe refuge, asked permission to shelter on Earth, got approval from government officials, then landed (May, 2016). They created a small underground settlement in the U.S. Southwest redrock desert.

International Symposium on Star Nations, Rome, Italy, with Two 'Tall White' Star Visitors in the audience!, Nov. 15-16, 2008.

Star Nations Government Council Officially Announces its Rescinding on 9/29/2005 of the 1964 Agreement with the United States, the Council of Europe, USSR (Soviet Russia), and the People's Republic of China. Reason: Many serious Violations by those four Governments.

Critical Events 2006-2007: Star Seeds Fight Back Against Cabal Predators.

Apollo 10 Moon Mission Astronauts Glimpse a Star Visitor Space Beacon. Retrieved later, the Beacon Was Analyzed at U.S. Government Secret Underwater Base

Three 13-mile-long Extraterrestrial Beacons, Stolen From Space by the Cabal and Positioned on Earth, Now Returned to Space

Satellite Photos of the Three Space Beacons (which have their own antigravity system, hover above a surface, absorb all light, and thus appear as stark black space on photos.)
Additional information about the three Space Beacons

Hybrid-Human Astronaut Stranded in Space Aboard Failing Satellite and Targeted To Be Shot Down, But Instead Rescued by Citizen Pressure To Save Him


42 Signs That a Child (or Adult) May Be a Star Kid (or, adult Star Seed.)

[Italian version] I 42 segni di un bambino (o adulto) che pu essere uno Star Kid (Star Seed)

Are you a Star Kid or Star Seed adult? Find out by taking this quick Star Kid Identification Questionnaire (SKIQ) test below.

The Star Kid & Star Seed Identification Questionnaire (SKIQ)

International languages editions of the Star Kid Identification Questionnaire (SKIQ): (below)
[en espanol/Spanish] SKIQ: Ninos Estelares/Semilla Estelar Cuestionario de Identificacion
[en Francais] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire (in French)
[Deutsch] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire (in German)
[Nihongo / Japanese] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire
[lengua Portuguesa] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire / Crianca Estelar/Semente Estelar Questionario de Identificacao-SKIQ (Portuguese)
[Italiano] Star Kid/Star Seed Identification Questionnaire / Questionario Di Identificazione Per Star Kids (bambini delle stelle) O Star Seed Adults

STAR KIDS: THE EMERGING COSMIC GENERATION ('STAR KIDS' is a FREE book all about Star Kids and Star Seed Adults. Written by world expert Dr. Richard Boylan.) You can read this book here [click the X] or download it free onto your PC or phone at: www.drboylan.com/starkidspdf.pdf This book is in PDF format.
Also feel free to print off a copy of the 'Star Kids" book here and share it with another Star Seed for free.

Percentage of Star Kids and Star Seed Adults in the Population

A SUPER_ELITE COVERT MILITARY_INTELLIGENCE SPECIAL OPERATIONS UNIT EXISTS , recruited from Star-Seed Adults in Special Forces units like DELTA FORCE and U.S. NAVY SEALS, and which reports directly to the Pentagon for special assignments. These Super-Elites have various designations (like Clandestine Knights) and get very special assignments to use their Star Seed super powers to take down the bad guys (often the Cabal).
Do you feel the call of duty?

Helping Children Explore Encounters With Star Visitors

How To Detect the Energy Fields of Star Kids & Star Seeds Using Dowsing Rods: [Their Fields Are Much Larger Than Those of "Regular" Humans]

Psychic Exercises for Star Kids (and Star Seeds)

Shielding 101: An Effective Psychic Technique of Protection

Some Famous Star Kids and Star Seed Adults

the Star Kids Project

The Star Kids: Our Future Hope

Life in the Emerging 'Fifth World': a Global Cosmic Society

Report on the ACCET "Becoming A Cosmic Human" Conference, Oct. 13-15, 2000

Becoming Cosmic Citizens: Dr. Boylan's Speech to the 2000 ACCET Annual Convention

Reports on Various Past Star Kids & Star Seed Adults Workshops

Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop, Philadelphia May 28-29, 2011
Report on the Star Kids - Star Seed Adults Workshop at Allentown, PA Sept. 12-13, 2009
Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop at Nashville, Tennessee Sept. 29-30, 2006
Report on the Star Kids & adult Star Seeds Workshop at White Rock, British Columbia, Canada, May 21-22, 2006
Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop at Nashville, Tennessee Sept. 29-30, 2005
Star Visitors "crash" Star Kids Workshop at Apache Junction, Arizona, Nov. 13, 2004
Report on the Star Kids/Star Seeds Workshop at the Integratron, Yucca Valley, CA, Aug. 23-25, 2002
Report on the Star Seeds Young Adult Workshop, at Santa Cruz, CA, Oct. 07, 2000


20 Signs of Possible Star Visitor Encounters

Italiano [Italian version of above article]

8/12/09 Zeta scoutcraft over Stroudsburg, PA 2 hours after announcement of Star Kids/Seeds Workshop 25 miles south in Allentown, PA 9/12/09

Close Encounters and Personal Transformation

[Spanish translation]: Encuentros Cercanos Y Transformacion Personal

How to Distinguish Close Encounters With Real Star Visitors From Fake Human-Staged Events, (MILABS).

MILABS are High-Tech Fake 'Alien Abduction' kidnappings and terrorizing by private military forces working for the UFO Cover-Up program arranged by U.S. oligarchs hoarding extraterrestrial technology to become billionaires and trillionaires.

Report: Dr. Boylan's Meeting with the Vatican's Exorcist, Msgr. Corrado Balducci (2002). Both Agreed that Star Visitors Are Spiritually Advanced Persons and Not Demons.

2001, Dr. Richard Boylan addresses the 9th World Symposium on UFOs and Related
Phenomena held by the Republic of San Marino, March 16-18.
Report on the 9th World Symposium on UFOs/Related Phenomena, 2001

Close Extraterrestrial Encounters Seen From a Spiritual Perspective

SECTION 4: EXTRATERRESTRIAL TECHNOLOGY APPLIED - U.S. Antigravity Aerospace and Deep-Space Vehicles (Made with ET Tech)

U.S. 'UFO' BASES and LABS UTILIZING ANTIGRAVITY TECHNOLOGY back-engineered from ET UFOs TO MAKE U.S. 'UFOs'. (A report on the Grand Tour done by Dr. Richard Boylan detailing two weeks of clandestine surveilling, reconnoitering, and penetrating (uninvited) UFO-ET research installations across the U.S. Southwest. Yes, his vehicle was shot at. What he Discovered back in 1992 will amaze you. )

STEALTHY ENTRY INTO AREA 51 by Dr. Boylan (1992, uninvited) . Thirty miles inside he saw a Low-Level Test-Flight of an American 'UFO' - hovering 50 feet above the ground.

NAVY REVEALS TECHNOLOGY SECRETS OF ANTIGRAVITY (AUTONOMOUS GRAVITY FIELDS), i.e., how UFOs fly. Leaked in Forbes Magazine's Oct. 30, 2019 issue. U.S. antigravity technology has Patents, issued to the U.S. Navy for safekeeping. Those Patents explain the mechanics and physics of antigravity in language simple enough for the Patent Office to understand. Indeed Quantum Physics is involved.
(Click here [X] to read about those secrets.) The Antigravity System components Patents are: US201902957A1 , US10135366, and US10144532B2. You can read about each patent at: patents.google.com (Enter the Patent number.)

(above): NAVY PROTOTYPE ANTIGRAVITY VEHICLE 'UFO' BEING TEST FLOWN NEAR ITS DESIGN LAB, Michelson Laboratory (2006). The Lab is at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Ridgecrest, California, 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles in the Mojave Desert.

HAUC CYLINDRICAL 'UFO' aka 'TIC TAC'; also: typical Altairian male from the Altair Aquila star system

The HYDRO AEROSPACE/UNDERWATER CRAFT (HAUC / "TIC-TAC") is the Navy's latest antigravity 'UFO'. 40 ft. long (12m), multi-modal, and super-fast, the HAUC operates equally nimbly on water, in the air, underwater, and in space. The HAUC can travel 16X faster (20,000 mph) than the fastest fighter jet (1,200 mph). The cylindrical HAUC has a crew of 7: five Naval Aviator Astronauts and two extraterrestrial consultants (from Altair Aquila system). HAUC's operating range is: sea bed to the Moon or Mars. The HAUC even has a U.S. Patent. (See: Google Patents: # US10144532B2).
The U.S. Navy has a fleet of 44 HAUCs. China and Russia have 0[zero] HAUCs. The Altairians aren't going to let Comrade Xi's China or Comrade Putin's Russia have HAUCs while they remain undemocratic authoritarian despotic regimes.

[Click on this headline to read about all 14 U.S. & Allies-made 'UFOs' and aerospace planes with advanced lift.

The TR3-B 'BLACK MANTA' pictured above is a secret triangular antigravity ship which artificially generates its own gravity field independent of Earth's. This antigravity thus provides both lift and propulsion and virtual elimination of its weight. This TR3-B near-space patrol craft is seen above in its servicing hanger at Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake - Range B, its home base in a highly-restricted Navy national-security zone in the Mojave desert 25 miles north of Barstow, California. (There is a much larger deep-space version called the TR3-A ('Astra'), which can, and has, traveled to the Moon, and beyond within our solar system.)

The NAUTILUS (photo below) is an interstellar spaceship. The U.S. Government talks about 'planning to return to the Moon'; what they don't tell you is that they already have a vessel which can leave our solar system and 'travel among the stars.' The Nautilus Deep Space Ship is an enormous cylindrical vessel about a half-mile long and three football fields wide. It's operated jointly by NASA and ESA, the European Space Agency. The Nautilus is forbidden by Star Nations to engage in warfare, must make peaceful trips only. Any visit to another solar system requires Star Nations' permission - until Earth is admitted to Star Nations Alliance. Nautilus's crew is multinational. Home base for the Nautilus is Mount Barrow on the Marine Corps Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range, Niland, CA-Yuma, AZ. Being classified above ATS-SCI, no photo of the Nautilus is available, but its shape is similar to an extraterrestrial vessel photographed sailing beneath the International Space Station by an astronaut aboard. Her photo is below.

Map (below) shows the U.S. Advanced Technology Bases and Laboratories in Nevada, California and Arizona utilizing ET technology. . These 10 Bases/Labs are clustered in the U.S. Southwest within driving distance of Las Vegas, Los Angeles, or Reno. (Gold push-pins mark the Labs.)
These 10 are: 1) Area 51-Groom Lake National Laboratory, NV; 2) S-4 - Papoose Lake National Laboratory, NV; 3) Indian Springs National Laboratory, Creech Air Force Base, Indian Springs, NV; 4) Michelson Laboratory-Argus Peak Annex, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, CA; 5) TR3-B Space Ships Hanger Complex, Range B, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Ridgecrest, CA; 6) Northrop-Grumman's Tehachapi Mountain UFO Plant, Lancaster, CA; 7) Air Force Research Laboratory-Leuman Ridge, Edwards AFB, Rosamond, CA; 8) Air Force Plant 42 (building antigravity crafts with ET tech), Palmdale, CA; 9) Lockheed-Martin Advanced Technologies Laboratory, Helendale, CA; and 10) Nautilus Interstellar Vessels Base, Mount Barrow, Marine Corps Air Station Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range, Niland, CA-Yuma, AZ.

In 1965 Dr. Boylan quietly entered Fort Irwin Army Base, California's Mojave Desert, then drove into the restricted Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex to check out where the U.S. Government receives intelligent signals from deep space and responds sending signals back. Those huge deep-space sending and receiving antennas are arrayed there north of Barstow, California, as well as at the National Radio Astronomy's Very Large Array, Datil, New Mexico. (Britain also receives intelligent radio signals from space at its Chilbolton and Jodrell Bank Radio Telescopes.)

Secret U.S. Experiments with Inter-Dimensional Holograms, Teleportation and Time-Travel: Los Alamos Scientist Wen Ho Lee, Ph.D. Goes Public.

June 7, 2011: Smoking-Gun proof: the U.S.'s secret Station on Mars is exposed on MSNBC and FOX News

NASA Hints: Mars Is Being Terra-formed

Not only are there Clouds and Lakes on Mars but Forests Too! Below are NASA satellite Mars-mapping mission photos of Gigantic Pine-needle Trees on Mars with foliage canopies 27 meters (30 yards) wide. These are Transplanted Earth Sequoias, Mutated by Mars's Low Gravity.
Also Revealed: the Cabal's Planned Getaway to Mars.


ROSWELL UFO CRASH REPORT (1947), issued by the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit. (Click _here_ to view it.) This Report confirms that the 'Roswell' UFO Crash actually happened, on July 3, 1947. This Army Air Force Intelligence - JCS Interplanetary Phenomenon Unit [IPU] Report has been recently leaked regarding ACTUALLY TWO CRASHED UFOs RECOVERED: one at Roswell, New Mexico and one at Socorro, 160 miles west of Roswell, This IPU report has dramatic details about the ET persons in those spacecrafts, and what the military did about them and their ships.

The MJ-12 COMMITTEE (super-secret) has operated since 1947 to cover up UFO reality and deny the public access to ET Visitors and their technology. With unlimited authorization and funds, and dishonest, ruthless, sometimes murderous tactics, MJ-12 Committee has for seven decades been keeping the public in the dark, walled off from the Star Persons trying to communicate with us. But we can handle the truth. TIME TO ABOLISH the MJ-12 COMMITTEE and its UFO COVER-UP. NOW !

EXTRATERRESTRIALS WARN OF GLOBAL NUCLEAR WAR among humans in 2020s! Watch a 3-minute video clip of a captive Tall Zeta Elder (ET) dubbed 'EBE'. He gives a warning in 1964 about the foreseen serious chance of Global Nuclear War in the 2020s. 'EBE' is being harshly interrogated at NSA's S-4 (Papoose Lake) lab near Area 51, Nevada. To view his short message click on the 'Play' button.

SHOT DOWN! A PEACEFUL UFO CONDUCTING A SKY DISPLAY OVER A BRAZILIAN CITY by a secret rogue orbiting SDI ('Star Wars') high-energy weapon Sept. 22, 2010. Star Nations Council, the government of our galaxy, demands prosecution of this monstrous unwarranted international aggression by the Cabal.


9.2 MAGNITUDE EARTHQUAKE AVERTED BY STAR VISITORS INTERVENTION, May 14, 2010. The earthquake was set to occur in west north-central Mexico's Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range

49 CAPTIVE STAR VISITORS LIBERATED BY A JOINT HUMAN PSYCHIC EXERCISE freeing 49 captive Star Visitors being held hostage at Cabal Military-Industrial Sites

AREA 51 WARNING SIGNS AT THE UNMARKED BOUNDARY OF AREA 51, 20 miles east of Rachel, Navada on NV 375, then a couple miles down Groom Lake Road with dirt surface graded to top federal standards.
Signs cite National Security Act, a $10,000 fine, and 10 years prison time for trespassing. Actual penalties are anywhere from a hefty fine to a bullet.

GOOD GUYS AND GALS OF UFOLOGY: heroic investigators and witnesses, braving ridicule to share publicly what they have found out about UFOs and ETs.

THE CABAL'S LAST STAND, STARTING 2021, as the UFO Cover-Up falls apart and exposes major global-control efforts by trillionaire and billionaire oligarchs using despotic control to monopolize access to UFO technology for power and wealth.

[[Addendum: the 'Inner Earth' Peoples, Intelligent Non-Humans Indigenous to Earth, but Not Part of Star Nations.]]


DR. MICHAEL WOLF, leading member of UN's secret MJ-12 Committee [UFO Cover-Up], Tells What He Knows.

More Leaked Information From Dr. Michael Wolf, MJ-12 Group's Scientist/Colonel/Medical Doctor/Whistleblower
Further Dr. Wolf Disclosures by the MJ-12 Committee Insider.
More Revelations from MJ-12 Group UFO Specialist Dr. Michael Wolf
Additional News From National Security "UFO Point-Man" Dr. Michael Wolf
Requiem for a Cosmic Patriot: Dr. Michael Wolf, NSC, (R.I.P.)

VATICAN MONSIGNOR CORRADO BALDUCCI of Rome and Dr. Richard Boylan Discuss the Acceptance By the Catholic Church of Star Visitors [ETs] as Real, of Good Intentions, and More Spiritually Advanced.
(Photo courtesy of Italian photojounalist Paola Harris)
Vatican Official, Monsignor Balducci, Declares: Star Visitor Contact Is Real
Also, Vatican Astronomer Jesuit Guy Consolmagno Says Star Visitors are Real, as Confirmed in the Bible

AIR FORCE COLONEL STEVE WILSON: The Man Who "Outed" the U.S. Flying Saucer Program on the record.
Classified-Information Leaks-filled Dialogue, Aug., 1997 Between USAF Col. Steve Wilson and Dr. Richard Boylan about military contractors SAIC, Inc. and DSAI using secret extraterrestrial technology.
Short Biography of Colonel Steve Wilson, USAF (Ret.)

TECH SERGEANT DAN SHERMAN, U.S. Air Force/NSA, Reveals the NSA Project Receiving ET Messages.

PENTAGON ARMY COLONEL PHILLIP CORSO (ret.)Reveals the Program To Quietly Spread Extraterrestrial Technology Into Advanced Technology Programs (military and civilian), some becoming 'Inventions' For Use by the general public.

APOLLO ASTRONAUT EDGAR MITCHELL, Ph.D. [RIP] declared UFOs Are Real and a Cover-Up Exists

A photo of the Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Cannon prototype, a trillion-watt directed-energy 'Star Wars" weapon used to shoot down UFOs! . Developed at Sandia National Laboratory, Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, NM. The sign reads: "Defense Nuclear Agency. Advanced Research EMP Simulator. Operated and maintained by EG&G Management Systems, Inc., [now Aumentum]
Photography of this site is prohibited under penalty of fine and imprisonment." Evidently the Shadow Government does not want any evidence of their treachery. But whistleblower Dr. Boylan was not dissuaded. He answers to a higher authority.


Hopi Traditional Elders, including Grandfather Martin Gashweseoma, have quietly preserved ancient oral tradition about contact from the stars. The Hopi Prophecies strikingly point to now as the Time of Societal Purification and Change. This ancient information was given to the Hopi and Zuni tribes by the Gansplicoids, a thin-ribbed star race with articulated-limbs whom the Hopi call "the Ant People", and by Councillor Mary of the Altimar star system. (Sources: Frank Waters' "Book of the Hopi"; summary of Hopi Prophecies also at: v-j-enterprises.com/hopi.html; and Dr. Boylan (personal information).)

The four photos above show:
1) A Gansplicoid ['Ant Man'] ET [art figure] leaves a kiva after teaching Hopis gathered there; 2) Ancient-Puebloan Pictographs of Star Elder Visitors; 3) Milky Way star field over Utah Red Rock Indian Country; 4) Councillor Miriam/Mary of the Altimar-3 star system years ago dressed as a Blue Star Kachina [Hopi spirit figure] visited and taught the Hopi Indians many times starting in 775 A.D. (a Blue Star Kachina doll is shown wearing her authentic Hopi dancing regalia.)
[The 'Ant Man' Diorama is featured at Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum, Blanding, San Juan County, Utah, U.S. ]

An historic Star Knowledge Conference was held in 1996 adjacent to the Ihanktowan Dakota Sioux Reservation at Yankton, South Dakota. There Native American Elders revealed centuries of closely-held information about their contacts with and teachings by Star Visitors. Dr. Boylan's in-person Report on that Conference is at: Native Elders Reveal Centuries of contacts by Star Visitors.

Native American traditional prophecy tradition is coming true: the 'Thunder Beings [Star Visitors] Have Now Been Returning.
Transition from Fourth to Fifth World: the "Thunder Beings" Return

Native American tradition attaches great significance to the birth of a predicted true White Buffalo Calf, (not an albino) . There have now been over 25 such births of White Buffalo Calves. Read here about what this means to Native Americans and everyone. Significance of Birth of Ninth White Buffalo Calf


Dr. Richard Boylan's Own First Close Encounter

Dr. Boylan Was Followed By UFOs multiple times on Nevada Hwy 375 ('the official Extraterrestrial Highway'), along the northern edge of the Area 51 base.)

Dr. Richard Boylan Chosen by Star Nations as Their Official Ambassador/Spokesperson on Earth.

Biographical Information about Dr. Boylan

Resume of Dr. Richard Boylan

Dr. Boylan with his wife, Lee

DR. BOYLAN'S FIVE BOOKS. Titles are listed below. For a description of what's inside the book, and how to order, double-click on its title.

The Human-Star Nations Connection: Key to History, Current Secrets, and our Near Future This book tells you accurately and completely who the Star Visitors [aliens] are, how they have helped us develop as a species since earliest times, and where close encounters are leading: toward an amazing near future! This book is available at Amazon.com .

Star Kids: the Emerging Cosmic Generation . This amazing book (available free) tells all about the surprising advances in today's young people, why they are different than previous generations, and points out how this New Generation is going to help lead society. (Star Kids is available to read on-line here, or simply download this book for free) and read it at your leisure. Go to www.drboylan.com/starkidspdf.pdf

- Project Epiphany ; Dr. Boylan's only 'fictional' book. This action-filled thriller is factual but written-as fiction. Written by a world expert, It provides an inside look at the world of experiencers, the long cover-up about UFOs, and describes through personal story where the UFO phenomenon is headed. The book is available at Amazon.com.

Labored Journey To the Stars , an anthology of Dr. Boylan's earlier articles on his personal research on UFOs and with persons having close encounters with extraterrestrials, He describes working with Native Americans and with a government official formerly on the ultra-secret MJ-12 [UFO] Committee to get first-hand information not generally available. (out of print; sometimes copies available at Amazon.com);

Close Extraterrestrial Encounters , a compendium of Dr. Boylan's and other experiencers' reports about their encounters with persons from other star systems. (Out of print; sometimes available at Amazon.com ; used-good condition: $5.97; new copies are higher.)



Dr. Boylan's email is: drboylan@outlook.com

Dr. Boylan's _Facebook_Page is at: www.facebook.com/DrRichardBoylan/

He lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills 100 miles east of San Francisco, California, U.S.

Visits to Dr. Richard Boylan's Official Website as of today:

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