Report on the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop, Philadelphia, May 28-29, 2011

This report is full of joy, but starts with an apology, if needed.
The basis for joy will be evident below.
The apology is to anyone who missed the workshop because it had to become a "stealth" workshop. The need for stealth is because the Cabal sabotaged our first effort to develop a location, and so Star Nations advised that the only way we could continue to put on the Workshop was to not post it on public forums like my Yahoo Groups, website, or Facebook page. That would allow the Cabal to feel that they "had won", and driven us underground.
Most who attended are still reflecting on the powerful experience which was the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop - Philadelphia.
A Thank You to all my (Dr. Boylan's) team, Fran, Linda, James, Steven, and Star Kids Nick and Tabi, for their contributions to making this the successful and outstanding experience that it was.
Linda's quiet unsung service in securing a Workshop facility (twice) and handling the tricky registration process under stealth conditions was exceptional. And your presentation as a Star Seed with multiple Star Being Avatar connections, and as a parent of Star Kids, was truly solid.
Fran's many helpful comments all through the Workshop added much. And her allowing Councillor For the Watchers to speak through her permitted his important statements to reach the intended audience.
James and Steven's quiet service helped to make the workshop a success. And Steven's knowledge of Philadelphia helped us in so many ways.
Pete's very able handling of the Star Seeds Panel was outstanding, an excellent cross-section of Star Seeds sharing their individual perspectives on being a Star Seed.
Star Kid Nick, 14's courageous and forthright presentation on what it's like to grow up as a Star Kid in today's society really riveted us all. So soulful, so real.
Star Kid Tabi, 17 deserved a medal too for courage in speaking out about her experiences as a teen Star Kid. Her honest summary about growing up and gradually figuring herself out was compelling. Many could relate to what she said from their own past similar struggles.
My close associate Wendi, who could not attend, was missed. We felt she likely was feeling the resonance of what was going on at the Workshop. I know that her Star Being mentor Asheoma looked in on the Workshop using out-of-body It was noted that the Saami star race person who attended our Workshop was a UFOFacts member who obviously has Scandinavian heritage but her energy signature indicates that such includes a generous amount of Saami genetics.
As for the Altairian volunteer-consultant Anon Sa Ra, he did not physically leave the National Security Council's Special Studies Group and its AlphaCom Team facility in southern Virginia, but he was present in out-of-body form at part of the Workshop observing and reporting back.
There were no Tall Whites physically present at the Workshop because in a group of that size they would stand out too much. However, more than one Tall White did remote-view into the Workshop to observe.
There certainly were no shortage of Orb Folk present, which at least one attendee saw visually and many caught on their camera photos. Any attendees who want to share their Orb photos (small files, please) on UFOFacts please feel free.
Dr. Richard Boylan outlined some of the implications of the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos which Star Nations have shared with us, and which sewrve as guiding philosophical and moral principles.
Our thanks to all the Star Kids, including Michael and ("Twinkletoes") Tiffany, for showing us what the latest edition of Star Kids are like.

For the details of what was covered at the Workshop, see the Advanced Workshop Summary Outline below.


Facilitators: Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth, and Mrs. Fran Harris

Saturday, May 28: Philadelphia, PA
Saturday morning 8:30 am - Check In with photo ID and receive your Personal Name Badge
Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - Introductions.

An Overview was provided by Dr. Boylan, assisted by assistant facilitator Estican/Human Fran, on the various Star Visitors; how Star Kids and Star Seeds came to be; why Star Kids And Star Seeds are emerging now in such numbers; and the meaning and social purpose of the information and abilities which Star Kids/Star Seeds have received.

All during the Workshop in the ballroom of the Hampton Inn - Philadelphia City Center, Star Visitors were present, usually lined along the walls behind our circle and cloaked, but their presence's energy could be felt.
Thus this was a collaborative Workshop with Star Kids, Star Seeds, (and one Regular Human) in attendance along with Star Visitor observers.

Dr. Boylan spoke about how Star Kids and Star Seed Adults are different, including their growth patterns, mental giftedness, advanced psychic abilities, and greater spiritual and moral competency.

There was an explanation of various psychic abilities Star Kids/Seeds have, such as: telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, clairvoyance/remote viewing, "downloading" information from the stars, cross-species communication, penetrating intuitiveness, affecting electrical devices, remote-influencing others, inter-dimensional viewing, aura-reading, psychic diagnosis, bioenergetic healing, and connecting with one’s Star Visitor and other guardians.

A Star Seed adult James, who has been downloaded with Star Visitors information for the public, provided an illustrated revised history of planet Earth, including which star people discovered planet Earth, who first bioengineered Homo Sapiens, whether Darwinian evolution explain all life on Earth, the real histories of predecessor civilizations Lemuria and Atlantis, the unacknowledged intelligent life forms on Earth; about the Star Visitors we know as the great Spiritual Teachers; and the history of Star Visitors' interactions with Humans over the millennia, and with today's governments.

One thing I'm sure the Star Visitors were watching is how those in attendance would handled the Revised History of the Human Race presentation (which James did in Power Point format.) Would the Star Seeds be shocked to find that they were bioengineered by Star Visitors, and that the great Avatars/major religious figures of our history were Star Visitor Master teachers, and that the world major religions are substantial distortions and corruptions of their basic simple teachings (based on the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos)?
The Star Visitors no doubt took back with them their impressions of the calm acceptance of this information by the attendees. And their collective report to Star Nations High Council will likely let High Council know that Humans "can handle the truth", and thus Star Nations need not be so coy in the future about letting their presence here be known.

Saturday noon, 12:00: Lunch break time and rest break and relaxation for participants. Play time for the Star Kids.

Saturday afternoon @ 1:30 p.m.
Dr. Boylan facilitated Star Kid/Star Seed psychic abilities demonstrations, and led exercises and games to build or enhance attendees' psychic skills.

Two Star Kids, Nick and Tabi, were featured Speakers, telling about the challenges of growing up as a Star Kid in a culture which has not been providing any recognition of Star Kids.

Star Visitors had been invited to attend the Advanced Workshop as honored guests, and one of them, Councillor For the Watchers, was given time to speak as they choose.
The Orbs People were one group of Star Visitors abundantly in attendance. Perceptive Star Kids/Seeds saw Orbs floating about; many present with a camera captured their presence in one photo or another.
An Estican (Praying Mantis People)/Human, Fran is one Star Visitor Speaker who was definitely physically present. She is authorized to speak on behalf of her Estican people (as the niece of the Estican People's representative to Star Nations, Councillor Xleria.) And Fran made her own comments. Fran also relay messages from Councillor of the Watchers, a Reptoid Star Visitor and Star Nations specialist on Earth matters.

- Saturday, 6:00 p.m.: Break for Dinner and evening free time for social mingling, and personal conversation to get to know other Star Kids and their parents or Star Seed adults better.

8:30 pm Skywatch at Fairmount Park, Philadelphia

My close associate Linda said,
"Oh, what a treat! I was guided to sit in meditation in a specific spot and my son sat with me for a little bit. Within minutes a small craft landed fairly close to everyone but was off to the side above water. It was cloaked and so not visible to the naked eye. Many Star Beings visited us that evening, they were cloaked and not seen by regular human eyes as they did not want to scare those that were around that were not expecting them. (Not seen but certainly felt by each one's heart.)

Here is my (Dr. Richard Boylan's) report. Our skywatch was ever as much a "ground watch", since we expected to have the presence of Star Persons right near us on the ground, and not just hovering above in their starcraft.)
And we were not disappointed.
For those of you familiar with Philadelphia, we held our Skywatch/Groundwatch just north of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, using the Fountain of the Seahorses (see attached photo) as our landmark, then moving west a few yards to the tranquil lawn between it and the adjacent Schuylkill River.
People shot many photos of the abundant Orb Folk hovering very close to us.
Many of us could feel the presence of the dozen or more Star Visitors standing behind our group and cloaked in invisibility. Fran noted that besides the Zeta present, there were also Esticans, Reptoids, and, in out-of-body form, Councillor Asheoma, Councillor For the Watchers, and Estican Councillor Xleria.
I had a great time using psychic sensitivity to feel the presence of various Star Folk near us.
And it was a pleasure to teach young Star Kid Michael, 8 how to use the sensitive center of the upright palm of his outstretched hand as a kind of "radar" to detect the energy presence of various Star Visitors. He was successful and noted several Star Visitors sheltered under a large leafy tree with branches almost to the ground.
In the sky above, a number of us noticed the presence of first one, then another, then a third anomalous "cloud" appear low (maybe 300 feet high) across the river and head towards us in disregard of the actual wind direction (perpendicular). As each "cloud" grew near, it quickly evaporated into nothingness.
Fran informed the group that those were three starcraft, using an artificially-generated cloud to disguise their actual appearance as they checked out our group gathered below.
We also noticed an extremely large, thin "cloud", as long as a freight train and perhaps several thousand feet in the air, that hardly moved at all despite the wind. Several of us surmised that it was the predicted appearance of a mothership, cloaked in "cloud", and from which one person saw starcraft emerge in flight. (Linda's sister Miriam had been shown that in a Star Visitors-directed remote-viewing a couple weeks before the Workshop.)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday, 9:00 a.m.: A Native American spiritual ceremony took place, as handed down by the Star Elders: smudging with sage, sacred pipe prayer ceremony, meditation, and invocation, with calling out to the Star Visitors in spiritual connection.

Linda Solley, a Star Seed parent of two Star Kids and Star Kids Project board member, shared her experiences of contact with Star Visitors and being taught by them, including the one known in Human cultural history as Isis. Linda also spoke about what it is like to raise two Star Kids.

The Workshop also presented inforemation about the personal experiences of Star Kids and Star Seed adults, Star Visitor messages, and ways (including using psychic skills) to reach out to other Star Kids and Star Seeds, find and meet these fellow cosmic ‘family’ members, develop mutual support, share experiences, and build comraderie with other Star Kids/Star Seeds.
There was discussion of how these advanced abilities can and should be used also to help others: the Star Kid and Star Seed as lightworker.

We also looked at some of the famous and celebrity Star Kids and Star Seeds, and how they are using their talents to make this a better world.

There was also discussion of when and how to let others know you’re a Star Kid/Star Seed, and some of the other fine points of coming to terms with being a Star Kid/Seed in an unaware or even non-accepting society.

Sunday, 12:00 noon: Lunch Break

Sunday afternoon, 1:30

Here we had an unexpected urgent situation arise, which led to a zero-advance-notice Emergency Joint Psychic Exercise we conducted May 29 during the Star Kids & Star Seeds Advanced Workshop in Philadelphia, and why.
The circumstances were such that we had to spring into immediate action, with no time to send out over the Internet any notice of the JPE for others to join us.
Here is what happened.
During lunch on Day Two of the Workshop, teen Star Kid Tabi, 17 got a sudden flash image placed into her consciousness by Star Nations. It was a most disturbing imagery. She was shown that at that moment, in a U.S. state whose outline she was shown and the name of which begins with a W, a young boy Short Zeta was being tortured by Cabal operatives. The form of torture is that they had cut off his arm midway between his wrist and his elbow. And the operatives were not done torturing. They were prepared to keep cutting his body into pieces until his parents, also held captive there, provided advanced technology information which the Cabal coveted and wanted to turn into weaponized form.

Star Nations flashed this scene into Tabi's mind so she would alert me and the other Star Seeds attending the Workshop to spring into action.
We quickly left the eatery and walked back to our hotel and to its courtesy computer center. With Tabi's guidance, I determined that the state outline she was shown was Wyoming - its southwest section. I called up computer satellite imagery of Wyoming, and used down-sized dowsing rods placed near the computer screen to narrow down the location of this atrocity to its precise location.
That location of the Cabal underground installation where this horror was occurring was just south of the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport's Runway 9/27; [precise coordinates: a location 765 feet directly south (233 m) of a position 1970 feet (600 m) to the west of the eastern end of Runway 9/27.]
The satellite photo revealed that the installation was not above ground, therefore underground, and situated underneath some low scrub hills running near the southern boundary of the airport.
We hurried downstairs and reconvened the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop into an emergency-session Joint Psychic Exercise. Everyone agreed to participate. And Star Nations assured us of their co-participation. Fran provided real-time remote-viewing of the underground room where the boy was suffering.
I divided the attendees into three action groups. One undertook to send psychic healing and comfort to the tortured boy. A second group provided psychic shielding of the boy from any further torturing. A third group undertook to create havoc in the installation, for instance telekinetically disrupting electrical power, and pyro-kinetically igniting paper in wastebaskets to set off fire alarms and generate smoke. Fran reversed the installation's automatic door-closing mechanism (upon outside intrusion) so that instead the doors all opened up.
Star Nations sent down a rapid extraction team to rescue the Zeta boy and his family, and whisk them out and up into a waiting starcraft to take them home. While in transit the Zeta crew reattached the boy's severed arm and did rapid healing of the injury site, leaving it, as Fran put it, "as good as new".
After the Cabal personnel in the facility evacuated to escape the fires, Star Nations destroyed the installation.
Thus, the Cabal failed yet again in their efforts to capture, bully, and forcibly extort information from Star Visitors.
Star Nations: 1
Cabal: 0

Participants also shared spiritual and cosmic insights, and examined the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws which Star Nations everywhere revere as foundational principles of living, decision-making, and moral growth.

Panel Discussion: My close associate Pete facilitated a Panel of Star Kids and Star Seed adults will explore the connections between the physical (e.g., a quartz crystal), the metaphysical (e.g., thought energy), and the spiritual (e.g., creating and transmitting the intention to do good deeds to those in need; and how these can be integrated in our lives, and let us have a more powerful understanding of our world and a deeper impact upon it.

There was some brief discussion of the near future, the developing Earth Changes (social, climactic, geophysical and geopolitical),and the prospect of Star Nations out in the open among us soon as we reshape our society to transformed Fifth World.

Sunday, 6:00 p.m.: A Brief Closing Ceremony was held with all participants forming a circle, holding hands, and passing energy from one to another.

As for the ramifications of the Workshop on the greater Human society, the energy indication I get is that the information from the Workshop will reach those in the the UFO-interested portion of the population who are likely to want such information, somewhat by word-of-mouth.

Dr. Richard Boylan, President, Star Kids Project

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC
Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009