The 11:11 Universal and Spiritual Principles or Laws of the cosmos

The 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Principles of the Cosmos

Universal Principle of Free Will

Spiritual Principle of Freedom of Man

Universal Principle of Change

Spiritual Principle of Growth of Man

Universal Principle of Movement and Balance

Spiritual Principle of Strength, Health and Happiness

Universal Principle of Innocence, Truth and Family

Spiritual Principle of Protection of Family

Universal Principle of Symmetry

Spiritual Principle of Equality

Universal Principle of Life

Spiritual Principle of Choice

Universal Principle of Light, Sound and Vibration

Spiritual Principle of Intuition

Universal Principle of Judgment

Spiritual Principle of Karma

Universal Principle of Nature

Spiritual Principle of Protection of Man

Universal Principle of Love

Spiritual Principle of Healing

Universal Principle of Perception

Spiritual Principle of Future Sight


These Universal and Spiritual Principles are revered by all civilizations of the Star Nations Alliance. These self-evident Principles are grounded in nature and consciousness.
You will note that the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Principles are not couched in Ten Commandments-like rules language, but rather are show as positive values statements. They invite thought and reflection.
Star Nations Alliance, our Milky Way galaxy's government, shares these Principles with still-developing civilizations it encounters as its highest spiritual information.
(These 11:11 Principles were first seen on Earth as symbols etched into the fuselage of the crashed UFO at Roswell, New Mexico. The fuselage piece with the symbols was recovered by an Army Air Force retrieval team on July 7, 1947 and brought back to Intelligence authorities at Roswell Army Air Field, New Mexico.)

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth, member of Star Nations Alliance's Council