The 11 Universal Principles, each explained, and its corresponding Spiritual Principle named.

(Explanations for each Principle provided by Andromedan Councillor Asheoma Te Ka Meata, as reported through Wendi Powers.)

FREE WILL - The Ego [I] stands alongside the Whole [V] but is separated from it. This is only a perception, because actually it is one symbol. The single line does not realize it is part of the V (Whole). This is the way Source (God) designed the ego to work - as a tool. (Spiritual Principle: Man's Freedom.)

CHANGE - Open on both ends because the universaal symbol for infinity is actually a Mobius strip. Infinity offers no change in the larger picture of the Whole. It all ends up where it started. Change is only able to be experienced when there is belief in the illusion that the circles are broken, in order to create a starting and ending point. (Spiritual Principle: Growth)

MOVEMENT and BALANCE - The Circle represents the Whole. The [I] attached to the side is the tool of ego. It is like the paintbrush in the hand of Source. It is not separate from the circle. Still, it is used by the Whole to create the illusion of movement within infinity. (Spiritual Principle: Health and Happiness.)

INNOCENCE, TRUTH and FAMILY - This is the symbol for the energy of creation in the purest form. Two different [I] lines join together to create a unique energy. That energy is both and neither. The reality is that the three lines are all One whole being. It is the illusion of creation that gives Source the pleasure we experience as procreation. (Spiritual Principle: Protection of Family.)

SYMMETRY - The whole circle is portrayed as being divided into two equal parts. It is an illusion because the cirle is whole. But the tool of Symmetry allows Source to experience duality. That illusion of duality remains in balance at all times. (Spiritual Principle: Equality.)

LIFE - The reality o the Whole becomes an illlusion of lines. The Circle becomes a square and is open on both ends, marking the start and stop of the illusion. This forms the open 'box' around the [I] center line. This is also the universal symbol for Source's Tool of Ego. (Spiritual Principle: Choice.)

LIGHT,SOUND,VIBRATION - This is the toolbox of Soure for all Creation. The trinity is shown in the triangle. A triangle is a circle that has the illusion of ego (the straight lines rather than the curve of truth - the Whole.) Remember that all lines are always illusions within Source's creation. They are tools. Source is One - the Circle. But Source uses its own illusion of ego to 'divide' itself into three flavors. Those three 'parts' are then able to use their unique ego identity to manipulate creation and play using light, sound, vibration - things we may call String Theory. (Spiritual Principle: Intuition.)

JUDGMENT - Asheoma called this 'playing God'. The Whole symbol is divided into two halves that each believe they are the Whole. One small circle (a whole) is on one side and another on the other side. Judgment is a tool Source uses to maintain the Law of Balance of the Whole. (Spiritual Principle: Karma.)

NATURE - This comple symbol reflects the prior Principles. The use of tools of ego [I] combine Judgment (what is beauty and order separated from what is ugly and chaos) with the employment of Light, Sound, Vibration in order to create what is experienced. (Spiritual Principle: Protection of Man).

LOVE - The ego line touches the Whole even thhough it exists illusionarily outside the Whole. It is the ego acknowledging its own truth. As this occurs, the smaller judgment circles combine with the Whole larger circle. This is love. (Spiritual Principle: Healing.)

PERCEPTION - This is the tool which allows the ego line [I] to experience the reality that it is part of the Whole Circle. This is perception and insight into the truth which contains the ego illusion. After the act of perception, the ego line appears again. (Spiritual Principle: Future Sight)