2021: the Cabal's Last Stand Begins, Leading in stages to the Star Seeds' Coming Victory.

Aware Star Seeds and Star Kids are acting in ways which promote our society changing into a reformed and transformed one. That Star Seed Revolution will eventually sweep through global society like the Hippie Revolution of the 1960s did, and much more so.
The dark global plutocratic oligarchy, the Cabal, fear and resist such change. But their end is coming.
The clash between those of the light and those of the dark side will escalate to a peak in 2021. The Cabal will not go down without a fight. The lightworkers-versus-Cabal End-Game Struggle can begin to be seen in various places around the globe.
The Cabal are increasingly becoming afraid, angry, and desperate, feeling their backs against the wall. The Cabal's campaign of resistance to Star Seeds' and other lightworkers efforts to improve global society will have reached a peak in late 2021, while the Cabal will be using even more of their terrorist assets to create disruption, using fake-'Islam' jihad and other forms of terrorist violence, as the Cabal desperately try to slow down the Star Seed Revolution.
The Cabal's current-day campaign of social disruption is conducted by their financed stooges: Al Qaeda, ISIL, Boko Haram, Taliban extremists, Al-Shabaab, etc. but also increasingly by domestic terrorism groups. All the while, the Cabal simultaneously cause social disruption and domination through the drug trade, sex trafficking, gun running, corrupt international financial schemes, and rigging elections to foist their corrupt stooges into positions of political power.
The Cabal's dirty war against organized Star Seeds and other lightworkers will not be like conventional past wars. Although the Cabal will directly use terroristic violence, they will more often sneakily direct their proxies in power positions to create conditions of chaos, deprivation, marginalization, and intimidation which the Cabal see as favoring their survival as the global power group at the top. The Cabal and their proxies are not adverse to using police and military force, as well as using intimidation by proxy goons, bullying, bribery, agitation, smear propaganda, and violent disruptions to keep things stirred up so as to prolong the status-quo where they are on top.
By 2021, enough Star Seeds and mature Star Kids will be responding to the problems and joined together into bands of light-warriors using psychic tools, internet wizardry, social media networking, woke music messaging, and political organizing to resist and push back the Cabal, who will be resisting these Star Seeds.
The Star Seeds and psychically-gifted regular humans will rely not only on classic resistance tactics and exposure but also use their psychic skills to counter Cabal attacks. They will resist and defeat the Cabal using largely non-violent and psychic means whenever possible. Their battle cry could be: "Use the Force, Luke."
By conducting a primarily non-violent protest-revolution using persuasion and example, Star Seeds are using the methods made famous by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez. And of course Star Seed and lightworker resistance will be done in accordance with the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos.
Will any Star Kids and Star Seeds die in this conflict? By using psychic skills of precognition, intuition, reading others' energy fields, remote viewing, future-seeing, telepathic remote-influencing, energy manipulation, cloaking, and telekinetic defensive maneuvers, Star Seeds and Star Kids can keep themselves mostly out of harm's way. Thus it seems that comparatively few Star Seeds and Star Kids will die in this struggle.
Another challenge for Star Seeds is to recognize fake 'Star Seeds' trying to infiltrate and sabotage the reform efforts of genuine Star Seeds and Lightworkers. Star Seeds have the ability to detect such deceit. They need to be alert to actually spot such fakers and remove them.
As 2021 and the following years go on, you will be able to see signs of the Cabal losing the struggle. Their global power empire will begin to decline and start being dismantled.
Star Seeds and other lightworkers will then be free over the following years to largely complete the positive reform work and transformation of society without the Cabal resistance which for so long has held things back and delayed progress .

Prepare now, lightworkers! Connect with others on the side of Light. Seek out what you can do to help release Earth from Cabal control. Help build a society which is transformed, just, secure, peaceful, environmentally sustainable, family-like, and global minded. We can thus create the conditions for humankind to fully flourish as a remade society, fully ready for its cosmic destiny.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.