Three Extraterrestrial Beacons, Stolen From Space and Placed on Earth, Now Returned

Now it can be told.
Extremely ancient ancestors of the current Star Nations civilizations had constructed and placed across space a network of Space Beacons which would facilitate navigation and position-finding across the galaxy.
Three of the Space Beacons were positioned within our solar system. At least one of them had been spotted by Apollo astronauts during flights to the Moon.
These 13-mile-long black rectangular Beacons look somewhat like the "Monolith" in Arthur C. Clarke's novel/movie, "2001: A Space Odyssey." Not a coincidence - Clarke was a CIA asset and knowledgeable of the Extraterrestrial Space Beacons.
In 1972, the Cabal, covetous of the advanced technology these Beacons utilize, had secret military astronauts go into space and retrieve first one, and later the other two Space Beacons. These they ultimately placed in remote snowy locations in Nunavut Territory, Canada, in Greenland, and astride the Alaska-Yukon Territory boundary between U.S. and Canada.
These Beacons exert powerful electromagnetic fields which disrupt Earth's natural energy lines and grids, have altered the weather, and have been used by the Cabal to focus energy in undisclosed ways for their nefarious purposes.
In 2007, my friend Special Forces Colonel Shadow and his Counter-Insurgency Team (CIT) effected the extractions of two of these Beacons from Nunavut Territory on July 18 (Space Beacon #1) , and on August 14 from Greenland (Space Beacon #2). On Sept. 09, 2007, Colonel Shadow and his CIT helped provide security for an operation in which the Zeta Reticulans came down to Earth and extracted the Third and final Space Beacon and restored it back to its former position in space. They did so amid withering fire from Cabal mercenaries ordered to prevent the Beacon from leaving Cabal grasp. The Colonel sustained a flesh wound, which he minimized, as well as many rounds to his chest (protected by body armor.) Others in his CIT also took hits in their bullet-proof vests.
Now that these Beacons are back in their former proper positions in space, the equilibrium of electromagnetic forces in local space and on Earth is restored.
Star Nations is grateful for this, as is Mother Earth. And so should be we all.
The precise locations were as follows. Beacon #1 was located in Nunavut Territory, Canada, northwest of Chesterfield Inlet on the central western shore of Hudson's Bay and south of Baker Lake. Beacon #2 was sitting atop the south-central Greenland snowy ice sheet, east of Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Stromford); i.e., WNW of Iceland. Being 30 miles long and pitch black, it would have been hard to miss. Beacon #3 was situated in Alaska adjacent to the Gerstle River Army Test Site, (near Fort Greely), SE of Fairbanks and west of Alaska Highway 2.
I extend my personal thanks to Star Nations for their forbearance over the 35 years when the Cabal had confiscated and misused this ET property stolen from space.
And my deepest thanks to Colonel Shadow and his CIT (counter-insurgency team) for a huge job well done in helping Star Nations retrieve the stolen property..

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.