Transition from Fourth To Fifth World: The "Thunder Beings" Return


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Four Great Historical Teachers from the stars: (Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mary, his Mother) are returning to Earth in 2024 on a Mothership. They will join three other Star Teachers already teaching here: (Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, and the Bahana [born Muhammad in 570, reincarnated as Baha'ullah in 1077, and reincarnated as the Councillor of Earth in 1939]. [Bahana (Hopi) means Elder White Brother.] After the Four Star Teachers arrive, all Seven Spiritual Teachers will proceed with their missions: pointing out the right way to live in this world. They will correct the distortions and false additions and deletions done to their original teachings. They will encourage living an honorable, just and kind life, with love for all sentient beings. The Teachers will include in their teaching the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos: simple, basic, and timeless guidance. These Spiritual Teachers will also call out the Cabal Ego Beings living amidst regular humans for who they really are: deceptively human-looking but operating as animals: self-centered, cunning, depraved, deceptive, heartless, wily, evil, greedy, violent apex predators. Some call these The Cabal. The Spiritual Teachers will demand that those Cabal Ego Beings be separated from human society, so they cannot do any more damage.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a retired psychologist, anthropologist, university professor, and clinical hypnotherapist, now facilitating and studying human interactions with Star Visitors.
He has been designated Councillor [Representative] of Earth in dealings with Star Nations.
Star Nations has indicated that Dr. Boylan is the  Bahana of Hopi prophecy (the Lost White Brother Returning), who will share the 11 Universal Principles and 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos, which can end religious division, unite humankind, and provide a shared basis for peaceful living.