Concerned citizens,

An illegal act of international aggression was committed on September 22, 2010 in the skies above Brazil. US Air Force Space Command's classified OTV-1 orbital weapons platform shot down a UFO out of peaceful stationary display formation over Brazil, (as shown in: [2023 Note: video has since been removed.]) * [On November 17, 2010, Dr. Boylan reported video documentation of a starcraft flotilla display during which there was an awful moment starting around time-frame 0:53 and continuing. One of the starcraft near the top of the display 'chain" of starcraft looks like it exploded and disintegrated into a starburst of parts melting from the EMP cannon energy burst directed at them as they fell rapidly. Information obtained indicated that the starcraft was targeted by one of the Cabal's orbital "Star Wars" directed-energy weapons and destroyed while peacefully hovering. Now that aggressor has been identified.]
That US orbital weapons system fired a directed-energy beam from orbit and destroyed that Star Nations craft. Implicated in this criminal activity are David E. Hamilton, Jr., Director of the Air Force Rapid Capabilities Office, Gary E. Payton, Deputy Under Secretary of the Air Force for [Military] Space Programs, and Generals C. Robert Kehler and William L. Shelton, past/present Commanders, Air Force Space [Warfare] Command, (all responsible for managing this UFO hunter-killer program), as well as Bruce Carlson, Director, National Reconnaissance Office, (the organization involved in UFO-target acquisition and firing coordinates), and additional unnamed co-conspirators. (All four named individuals are Cabal assets inserted within the government.) Yes, "Star Wars" aggression in space against Star Visitor craft is against the law, even Human law.
Star Nations demands immediate condemnation of this starcraft shoot-down by the United Nations, and for its UN Office of Outer Space Affairs to swiftly refer these war criminals to the International Criminal Court for indictment and prosecution for violation of international law and the UN Charter, which prohibits "the first use of armed force by a State in contravention of the Charter," and which mandates "the peaceful use of space."
Star Nations also demands that the U.S. Government immediately arrest and prosecute these four international war criminals for murder of the peaceful starcraft crew persons, and for unjustified armed aggression upon and destruction of their craft, as well as the retrieval and repatriation of crew persons remains.
Star Nations finally demands a formal public apology by the United States Government for its unwarranted aggression, to be delivered by its UN Ambassador to the UN Security Council, to the UN General Assembly, and to the International Criminal Court.
Appropriate officials are directed to contact Star Nations' representative for Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan, Star Nations-appointed Councillor (Ambassador for Earth), to appear at any judicial hearings or diplomatic meetings to formally represent Star Nations in these matters.

[Note: Since October 24, (the start of Star Nations official campaign of escalating Displays of Presence), that all starcraft engaging in those displays are heavily shielded in order to repel such attacks. Previously Star Nations did not generally come in with heavy shielding, (which human orbital sensors could detect), because Star Nations did not want to give the Cabal U.S. generals any basis to claim that starcraft were coming in with a "military aggressive posture" to start an "alien invasion". But the current Star Nations campaign of Displays-of-Presence is so important, and time is running out to get the U.S. to end its UFO Cover-Up, that Star Nations is not going to risk any more losses of craft to Cabal weapons fire, and so starcraft are now coming in fully shielded.]

in service to Source, Star Nations, Earth, and Humankind,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth; member, Star Nations High Council