Significance of the Birth of the Ninth White Buffalo Calf

News stories reported the birth of a ninth White Buffalo Calf. This is enormously significant to the Plains Indians and others who follow their traditions.
Tradition holds that a Woman Teacher from the stars [the Pleiades according to Lakota tradition, actually she was/is of the Altimarian Variant People] appeared as a White Buffalo Calf, and then eventually as a beautiful maiden, and was the initial teacher of their culture, astronomy, medicine, sacred ceremonies, and other knowledge.
There was a prophecy: that the return of the Star Nations would be immediately preceded by the birth of a White (not albino) Buffalo Calf, whose coat would then turn from white to (in turn) the other traditional four colors of the Four Directions (yellow, red, and black); a transformation which each of the preceding eight White Buffalo Calves have done over the past decade.
Thus, each of these births severally, and the sum of them even more so, underscores the emphatic arrival of the Time of the Ending of Fourth World corrupt civilization and the gradual transition into a prophesied new cleansed transformed Fifth World society, free of the hypermaterialistic culture of greed, power, selkfishness and dominance that marked the Fourth World passing away.
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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