Significance of the Birth of the Ninth White Buffalo Calf

News stories reported the birth of a ninth White Buffalo Calf. This is enormously significant to the Plains Indians and others who follow their traditions.
Tradition holds that a Woman Teacher came from the Pleiades star system according to Lakota tradition. [The Pleiades had been colonized by people from Altimar-3 star system.] Star Teacher Miriam~Mary, incarnated as a Pleiadian, appeared to the Indians initially as a White Buffalo Calf, and then next as a beautiful maiden. She taught knowledge which became foundational to their cultural development, such as basic agronomy, natural medicine, ESP abilities, astronomy and other knowledge. She also taught them the Seven Sacred Ceremonies for their spiritual development.
There is a prophecy that the return of the Star Nations would be immediately preceded by the birth of a White Buffalo Calf [not an albino], whose coat over time would turn from white to the other traditional Four-Directions colors of black, yellow-brown, and red. This is the transformation which each of the preceding eight White Buffalo Calves have done over the past decades.
Thus each of these births severally, and the sum of them even more so, emphasizes the arrival of the Time of the Ending of Fourth World corrupt civilization, and the gradual transition into a prophesied Fifth World society, renewed, cleansed, and transformed from the previous Fourth World hyper-materialistic culture of greed, power, selfishness, and domineering. The Fourth World is now inexorably passing away.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor