Approximately 3,000,000 Altimarians have been facing the end of their civilization and planet as their home star Altimar (in the Barnard's Red Dwarf Stars Cluster) has grown dangerously unstable as it nears the end of its life-cycle. These Altimarians have been seeking safe relocation from their dying star to a suitable safe planet. Star Nations has determined that Earth, just 6 light years away, can provide such a safe location and has suitable gravity and atmospheric conditions for them.
As Star Nations' ambassador ('Councillor') for Earth, Dr. Boylan has been in dialogue with Star Nations, and even polled a sample group of Humans (workers at NSA and CIA with clearances for extraterrestrial matters). The upshot of these dialogues was consensus that Earth is a proper place for a settlement. With a Human population of over 7 billion people, Earth can easily accommodate these 3 million Altimarian refugees. [FYI, a drawing of a typical Altimarian, a woman named Zanna, can be seen at: ]
The Altimarians who landed May 1, 2016 are the same people who previously sent 12 of their top environmental scientists to volunteer to help heal Earth's environment. These scientists have since arriving been working quietly on environmental remediation. Humans owe these Altimarian scientists a large debt of gratitude for their critically-important programs of environmental repair. And one way in which Earth can show such gratitude is for Earth to welcome all the Altimarian people and allow them a quiet location of refuge.
On May 1, 2016, eight large Altimarian space vessels landed in the U.S. Southwest at a location at 5000 feet altitude southeast of Capitol Reef National Park on undeveloped U.S. Bureau of Land Management desert land well south of Hanksville, Utah. The Altimarians have established a subterranean Settlement Site. Their settlement is relatively compact, 2-1/2 miles by 2 miles, and extends about 1700 feet down into the bedrock. These Altimarian refugees have quickly constituted a self-sufficient community requiring little assistance, and are prepared to repay Earth's kindness in the years ahead.
Dr. Boylan, as Star Nations' representative, has requested that the United Nations grant recognition of this Altimarian Settlement Site as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and provide it protection. A UN response has as not yet been generated, awaiting the lifting of the UFO Cover-Up.
*** It is to be noted that the Altimarians have a kindred race, living on the planet Variant-Altimar, which also orbits the dying red dwarf star Altimar. Because these Variant Altimarians are also in peril of dying as their star goes into instability and eventually forms a supernova, they also need to obtain refuge now on a stable star-system planet like Earth. These Variant-Altimarians number 736,000. Humans can contact their UN representative and indicate they are agreeable with the Variant-Altimarians establishing a modest settlement here. If anyone wonders what these Variant Altimarians are like, a Variant-Altimarian Master Teacher came to Earth 2000 years ago: we know her as Mary, the Mother of Jesus. This woman returned several times over the years afterwards and was known at various times as Our Lady of Fatima, the Lady of Guadalupe, and Mother Teresa.
On June 21, 2017, Dr. Boylan was taken by starcraft to the Altimarian Settlement Site and discussed with them their role in helping Earth's future. The Altimarians are ready to help as needed.
As further developments occur, updates will be posted on this site.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Councillor of Earth