A highly-classified intelligence Report was created just 16 days after the first two reported UFO crashes, (July 4-6, 1947 in New Mexico). It contains fascinating details about the two just-crashed UFOs and the human-like extraterrestrial bodies found within them. It reveals that the military's greatest concern was that someone else would find out about the super-advanced technology those UFOs contained. You can see in this 1947 report the beginning military panic about the threat to U.S. military superiority that this highly advanced ET technology represented. Army Counterintelligence sprang into action to cover up the UFO crashes, and to get the recovered UFO technology immediately to its elite laboratories for analysis, with the help of the best experts in U.S. private industry.
You can read this 7-page crash report at: https://majesticdocuments.com/pdf/ipu_report.pdf
This race for supremacy created a tight, secret and lavishly-funded collaboration that created the Military-Industrial Complex that General Eisenhower would warn about 13 years later in his Presidential Farewell Address, as this exotic technology sparked an enormous spending program to keep ahead of any rivals.
This Report was classified SECRET, then TOP SECRET, then ULTRA, and restricted to 'those persons with MAJIC ACCESS, reserved for members of the MJ-12 (MAJESTIC) Committee supervising extraterrestrial matters.)
This military-intelligence Report is the 'Smoking Gun' UFO researchers have long awaited.
It proves that for 74 years, top-most government officials have known that UFOs are real and carry intelligent visitors from space.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., COE