US Navy declassifies its antigravity spacecraft ('flying saucer') technology! (First announced in Forbes Magazine, 10/30/2019).

Navy researcher Salvatore Cezar Pais, Ph.D. is the designated inventor for key new components needed to produce a man-made antigravity spaceship, a 'UFO'!
He did this with the help of extraterrestrial consultants showing him how to use their extremely advanced technology utilizing advanced quantum physics.
The geopolitical reasons that the extraterrestrials are helping US Navy researcher Dr. Pais is because Communist China has been making advances in the exotic antigravity technology of building UFOs, and because China is ruled by a ruthless authoritarian dictatorship. The Star Visitors [ETs] don't want Communist China getting ahead in exotic technology that could be used for world domination.
Russia is also of concern to the Star Visitors nowadays. Russia also has succeeded in building operating antigravity craft. They did so with earlier help from ET consultants during the Gorbachev and Yeltsin Presidencies. But the ET consultants who had been assisting Russian scientists have stopped coaching when they saw former Soviet KGB official Vladimir Putin become Russia's President, get 'reelected' three and four times, and increasingly moving Russia in totalitarian directions, such as lawlessly annexing territory. Russia antigravity craft-building skills have fallen behind without recent ET coaching,
Russia's man-made 'UFOs' are considerably less advanced than U.S. ones. Chinese man-made UFOs are also less advanced than U.S. ones.
The Star Visitors have favored U.S. antigravity research because of the general U.S. trend of operating as a democratic open society. (Let's not blow it.)
The Star Visitors are keeping a wary eye on China and Russia, and have also warned of the real risk of global nuclear war breaking out. The Star Visitors don't want their antigravity [UFO] technology, or their invisibility-cloaking, strong energy-dome shielding, destructive high-energy beam ray, or other highly-advanced technologies used to give those ruthless, control-oriented societies any advantage in the event of a global nuclear war.
Dr. Pais is a researcher at Naval Air Station Pautuxent River, MD. His patent applications specify that the U.S. Navy is the official holder of the Patents for 'his' far-advanced quantum-physics inventions: the Compact Fusion Reactor (CFR), the High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator (HEEMFG), and the Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD), among several others.
Using these technologies, the Navy can, and has, built human-made 'UFOs' . (See: )
A human-built 'UFO' (antigravity spacecraft) has three key elements: 1) a Compact Fusion Reactor (creates clean unlimited power), 2) a High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator [HEEMFG] to create an ultra-high energy pulsing field to dampen Earth's gravitational pull, and 3) a Magnetic Field Disrupter (to disrupt Earth's gravity field, provide lift and propulsion for the spacecraft, and generate an artificial secondary and autonomous gravitational field inside the craft to allow those inside to operate free of Earth's gravity and inertial forces.)
These technologies have been awarded U.S. Patents. They're real. And Dr. Pais's boss, the US Navy has released this information and published ii in Forbes magazine, thus allowing the public to know that the U.S. Navy knows how to build its own 'flying saucers'! [And has built dozens.]
1) This antigravity technology consumes a lot of power. But Dr. Pais has developed a Tokamak-style Compact Fusion Reactor (CFR) more than equal to the task (US Patent US20190295733A1).. The CFR reactor can produce anywhere from 1 gigawatt (billion watts) to 1 terawatt (trillion watts) of power from just 1 megawatt (million watts) of energy input. Thus this reactor can generate a millions-fold increase in output-to-input energy. It's like putting a dollar in a slot machine and always winning $10,000,000. It uses fusion technology in such a way that no radioactive waste is produced. And for such a powerful reactor, it nevertheless is quite compact. The device measures only 1 foot to 6-1/2 feet wide (0.3 to 2 meters). Thus the Compact Reactor is small enough (a yardstick's width or two at most ), to easily fit inside a Navy antigravity spaceship. And does. The Compact Reactor Patent details can be read at: . The Patent lays out the exotic quantum physics involved in the Compact Fusion Reactor. An illustration of the Reactor core is also found in the patent document.
2) The second element of building an antigravity craft (human 'UFO') is utilizing a High Energy Electromagnetic Field Generator (HEEMFG), (U.S. Patent # 10135366). The HEEFG is a critical component of another Navy invention, the Hydro Aerospace/Underwater Craft (HAUC), US patent 10144532B2, the notorious Tic-Tac spacecrafts which Navy fighter jets' gun cameras are always videotaping. The Tic-Tacs' radical propulsion and maneuverability are made possible thanks to an incredibly powerful electromagnetic field that essentially creates a surrounding quantum vacuum. This vacuum allows the Tic Tacs to ignore aerodynamic or hydrodynamic forces and operate as though without inertial mass. Thus, the HHEFG's ability to generate such high-frequency electromagnetic waves is key to the abilities of this hybrid craft that can speed effortlessly through air, water, and space at incredible speeds with virtually no resistance or inertia.
These Navy man-made 'UFO' Hydro Aerospace/Underwater Crafts make real and operational the motto of the Naval Warfare Systems Command: 'Seabed To Space' !
3) The third element is the Magnetic Field Disrupter [MFD], which provides the spacecraft's lift and propulsion. It's also powered by the Compact Fusion Reactor. The Navy got a patent for it too: Magnetic Field Disrupter, U.S Patent: 10144532B2 .)
The Magnetic Field Disrupter (MFD) consists of a circular plasma-filled accelerator ring, which surrounds the crew compartment inside at the center of the Navy antigravity craft. The accelerator ring's high-temperature super-conductive charged plasma is subjected to rotation at 60,000 revolutions per minute. This results in disruption of Earth's ambient gravity field [eliminating both Earth's gravity pull and its inertia effects on the craft and the crew inside.]
The delta shape of the spacecraft's airframe (shown in the patent) is virtually identical to that of the TR3-B Black Manta spacecraft. (See a close-up photo of the TR3-B antigravity spacecraft at: )
In the MFD patent, Dr. Pais explains the quantum physics of how this craft can also travel faster-than-light! "Under certain conditions (such as the coupling of hyper-frequency axial spin with hyper-frequency vibrations of electrically charged systems), the rules and special effects of quantum field behavior then apply to macroscopic physical entities [such as human UFOs] " which operate in the visible 3-D (macroscopic) traditional-physics world we are familiar with.
(For more details read the MFD patent's explanation at: )
So this is how an early Navy-built TR3-B Black Triangle aerospace craft, which was seen on television hovering over Belgium on March 30, 1990, was able to float motionless with no wings, no noise, no propeller, and no jets. That black triangular model was an very early version 30 years ago of what is today's latest model TR3-B antigravity spacecraft, which can float motionless, but also zip like a bat out of hell - 20,000 mph !
ET Technology. You have to love it.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D. Councillor of Earth