Percentages of Star Kids and Adult Star Seeds in the U.S. Population
Some years ago Dr. Boylan took a human population sample to estimate how many Americans, or humans generally, are Star Kids or Star Seed Adults.

In the group comprised of children from infants to 12 years of age, 96% tested as Star Kids in one sample.
Teenagers (those in the 13-18-year-old group) are made up of 85% Star Kids.
Two-thirds of young adults (those 19-29) are Star Seeds (69%).
About half of the younger mature adults (ages 30-45) had Star Seed energy signatures (54%).
The number of middle-aged (45-60) persons who are Star Seeds is (46%).
Even among senior (60+) citizens, almost one in six (18%) has a Star Seed energy signature.

The Star Kid Tidal Wave has truly reached shore.
A principal implication we must understand is that very many of these Star Kids, and certainly most of the Star Seed adults, are very likely unaware of their real nature. These are what may be labeled Star Kid and Star Seed ,Latents, (persons as yet Unawakened to their complete heritage and their full potential).
What will it take for these many millions of Unawakened Star Seed adults and Star Kids to come to realize their real nature and actual range of abilities? In my research experience, this usually happens by exposure of the Unawakened Star Kid/Star Seed to a Aware Star Kid or Star Seed adult. Or by the Unawakened Star Kid/Star Seed receiving a visit by a Star Visitor* who informs them of their true identity.
*There are 1483 star races making contact with Earth and all of these want to be helpful.

Percentages of Star Kids and Star Seeds Globally
Next, I extrapolated these Star Kid/Star Seed percentages to Earth,s current population, which the UN estimates to total 6.3 billion humans alive now. Again, the figures are staggering.
The Global Star Kid Count, (those ages infant to 19, including ,Latents), is 2.2 billion. That is not a typo, the word starts with a ,b,.
The Global adult Star Seed Count, (adults ages 20-100+, including ,Latents,), is 1.5 billion.
United Nations demographers tell us that the median age of humankind today is 27.5 years old. That means that there are as many people younger than 27.5 as there are older than 27.5 years of age.
In the younger half of the human population, (where the Star Kid Tidal Wave is embedded,) of these 3.1 billion youthful citizens, 86% (2,740,000,000) are Star Kids and Star Seed young adults.
Whereas in the older half of the human population, a lesser 31% (1,008,000,000) are Star Seeds, and most of these are the younger adults.
To recapitulate, there are 6.3 billion persons on Earth presently. Of these, 3.7 billion, or 59% of all Humans are Star Kids or Star Seed adults.

Numbers of Star Kids in the United States
Next, we can proceed to apply these percentages to the United States.
The latest available demographics peg the current U.S. population at over 281 million people.
The pre-high school U.S population, (ages 0-14), is made up of approximately 60 million children. Of these, 85% are American Star Kids (51, 450,732). 15% are regular-Human children.
In the high school to early adult sector, (ages 15-24), there are approximately 39 million young people. Of these,73% are American Star Kids or Star Seed young adults (28,707,504).

Breakdown of the Global Human Population by Spiritual Development
Star Nations categorizes Human by their level of spiritual development. The most advanced spiritually are those who live their lives with an Orientation to Source (God) as the primary governing principle.
Those whose spiritual development is still in a formative stage are designated Undecided in Orientation. That is, these people have yet to decide whether their lives will be led with an overall orientation to Source/God, or an orientation primarily to satisfying and paying attention to oneself.
Those with the least spiritual development are those who lead their lives with a primary or exclusive Orientation to Self.
Star Nations says that currently only 15% of Humans operate primarily in Orientation to Self. All of the Cabal are in this group. But this category also includes other Humans who are not with the Cabal but by their spiritual underdevelopment are part of the Human problem in reaching our highest potential as a Species.
That means that 85% of Humans operate in either in Orientation to Source [God], or are still in the Undecided in Orientation category.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor