A man and woman from the Pleiades star system.

A "Family Portrait":of Star Races who are Frequent Visitors to Earth.

Hearold, woman leader of the Altimar-4 People
An Altimarian-Human hybrid and environmental scientist. A dozen of these
volunteered to undergo genetic modification to live on Earth and work on
restoring Earth's faltering ecosystems.

Altairian Councillor Anon Sa Ra, 4th planet in the Altair Aquila star system.
Short Zeta "Kolta" from Zeta Reticuli 4

Sara and her sister, descendants of Saami (Laplander) migrants from Barnard's Star.

Short Zeta reflected in an eye in a 2009 photo, Allentown, PA.
Onoogie 'Short Dwarf' - valued master technician and repair specialist.

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