Tall Zeta disc craft hovering 200 feet above a woods in Mexico near the Texas border.

Close-up of the Tall Zetas' starcraft in low hover.

Photos of conscious light-energy beings (dubbed "Orbs") hovering near a group of young adults meditating.

Orbs observing a Native American Dance Gathering.

Orb in watchful hover near a girl free-climbing a rock wall.

Councillor Kuuct, leader of the Arcturian star people, shown wearing a White Buffalo Calf fur and horns headdress. This was a signal to the Hopi, Zuni, Acoma and Laguna Indians of the U.S. Southwest that he too was a Star Teacher like Councillor Mary, who earlier has come among them teaching as White Buffalo Calf Woman.

A Tall Zeta Elder, dubbed 'EBE-3' by his NSA captors, seen here being interrogated (1964) at the S-4 Papoose Lake underground Facility just south of Area 51, Nevada. He gave a warning about preventing TOTAL NUCLEAR WAR and GLOBAL MARTIAL LAW, likely in the 2020 decade if an autocrat get elected President of a major power.

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