Barbara Lamb, LMFT, President,
June Steiner, Ph.D., Vice-President,
Carol Landau, BA, Secretary-Treasurer,
Ron Goldstein, DC, CHT, Website Manager
Directors: Dra. Gilda Moura; Richard Boylan, PhD., CCHT; Joyce Z. Meyers, LCSW, CHT
ACCET Office
2710 Prices Distillery Road, Clarksburg, Maryland 20871 USA
E-mail c/o:
Telephone: (301) 452-4288


1. Membership Information and Application Form
2. Selected UFO/Star Visitors Encounters Literature References
3. What ACCET's referral service is about.



The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) is a federally-recognized nonprofit educational organization. ACCET [pronounced as-set]'s purposes are as follows.
1) This is an association of professionals from the fields of behavioral health, counseling, consultation and the healing arts who are developing special expertise in understanding and professionally working with experiencers of encounters with Star Visitors.
2) ACCET provides programs of continuing education for licensed/certificated professionals, who wish to develop or advance their skills in the specialty area of counseling close-encounter experiencers.
3) ACCET also provides a membership organization, and a colleague forum, for therapists who wish to assist experiencers, so that we may exchange ideas, techniques and knowledge about this phenomenon.
4) ACCET provides special identification for those therapists who work with experiencers, and who meet ACCET's standards of appropriate education and training.
5) And ACCET serves as a voice for close-encounter specialist professionals, to share with other organizations serving experiencers, and with the wider public, the information and perspectives we have gained from our work at the interface of human and Star People contact.
6) ACCET also promotes research into close encounters, the dissemination of research and other educational materials, and the advancement of the healing arts, sciences, and cultures thereby.

There are five categories of membership: ,

1) Licensed Clinician Member: comprised of clinicians who are licensed as autonomous clinicians, and agree to abide by professional ethics and principles [such as: psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, marriage, family & child counselors, and psychiatric nurses];
2) Certificated Clinician Member: clinicians who are documented in a psychological/behavioral discipline by way of advanced education and certification, registration, credential, ongoing clinical supervision, or clinical agency employment, and agree to abide by professional ethics and principles [such as: public clinic counselors, educational psychologists, certified (clinical) hypnotherapists, certified alcohol and drug counselors, registered art therapists, psychiatric technicians, college counselors, and school social workers and counselors];
3) Student or Intern Member: one who is an intern, resident, or advanced-degree student who is preparing for a career in the psychological/behavioral healing arts and sciences, and who agrees to abide by the ethics and principles of their respective chosen profession [such as: a psychiatric resident, or a graduate student pursuing the MS in Counseling, or the MSW in social work];
4) Affiliate (non-clinical): A person who is not a licensed, certificated or credentialed psychotherapist, counselor, or consultant, but who subscribes to and supports the aims, ethics, and objectives of ACCET. Affiliates agree not to misrepresent themselves as qualified counselors.
5) Sponsoring Member: a person who has made a significant financial/resource contribution to ACCET [substantial, not less than $50], and who subscribes to ACCET's aims and objectives.

Membership Fees The annual membership category fees are: Licensed Clinician Member ($35); Certified Clinician Member ($35); Student/Intern Member ($20); Sponsor( $50-$500,000); and Affiliate ($35)
Membership is for calendar year, regardless of date of enrollment.



I hereby apply to become a member of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, (ACCET), Inc. I have read the purposes and aims of ACCET, and agree to abide by them. I have read the requirements for each category of membership, and agree to abide by the professional ethics and principles or reasonable standards of conduct applicable to my member category. I understand that my name will be listed in ACCET's membership directory, a copy of which will be sent to me, and that, if a clinician, I may receive client referrals, unless I notify ACCET otherwise.

My professional/occupational identity is as a:_______________________________.
I affirm that I meet the requirements for joining as a [mark appropriate category(-ies)]: Licensed Clinician Member ____ ; Certificated Clinician Member___ _; Student/Intern____ ; Affiliate Member ____ ; Sponsoring Member ____ .
I wish to receive client referrals, without obligation to accept them: YES__ /NO____
(Your signature)X______________________________________________________________
I enclose the appropriate annual membership fee, in the form of check payable to a U.S. bank, cash, U.S. travelers check, or $US money order, payable to ACCET or Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc.
ACCET can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express. Put information below. Note: Debit will show as "MTC of San Diego".
Your NAME:_________________________________________________________
Highest Degree(s): _____________________________________________________________
ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________

PHONE(S) #:work:(____) ________________; home ( ___)____________________
E-mail:__________________@__________________; Fax:(___)___________________
Profession/Occupation: ______________________________________________________
Professional affiliations (Hospital, University, Clinic, Society, Agency,
etc.: ________________ ________________________________________.
Are you an experiencer: Yes____ No_____. Have you had prior experience counseling close-encounter experiencers? Yes___ No____

If paying by Visa/MasterCard/AmerExpress/Discover Card: provide all this information:
Card Type: __ Visa __Master Card __AmEx __Discover.
Your Card Number.:__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Your Card's Expiration Date: mo_____/yr_____
Your signature exactly as used on card:____________________________________.

MAIL completed Application and membership fee to: ACCET, Inc., 2710 Prices Distillery Road, Clarksburg, Maryland 20871 USA
E-mail: c/o:

You will receive your certificate of membership, and member materials, if accepted; be placed on the ACCET Newsletter mailing list, and be informed of upcoming events as they are scheduled.

Welcome to ACCET!



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3. ACCET's Purpose:
The Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc. maintains a list of member therapists who accept referrals for people who have had a close encounter with the Star Visitors and wish to talk to a professional about it, or who wish to obtain hypnosis assistance to revisit and more fully recall an earlier suspected close-encounter incident.