Additional information about the Space Beacons, recently restored to space

On September 9, 2007 the third of three Space Beacons was restored to their rightful position in space after they had been stolen and brought to Earth around 1972.
The Extraction Operation involved Colonel Shadow and his Counter-Insugency Team (CIT) providing defense against Cabal mercenaries surrounding the Beacons, as well as Star Nations providing the technical expertise and personnel to lift the Beacons back into space.
The Beacons have some internal energy systems and quasi-living intelligence guidance systems to interact with other objects in space, (including Earth). They are not just inert lighthouses.
Ancient ancestors of the current Star Nations civilizations had originally constructed and placed in space a network of Space Beacons which would facilitate navigation and position-finding across the galaxy.
At least three of the Space Beacons were positioned within our solar system. At least one of them had been spotted by Apollo astronauts during flights to the Moon.
These roughly 30-mile-long black rectangular Beacons look somewhat like The Monolith in Arthur C. Clarke's novel/movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not a coincidence; Clarke was a CIA asset and knowledgeable about the Beacons.
In 1972, the Cabal, covetous of the advanced technology these Beacons utilize, had secret military astronauts go into space and retrieve first one, and later the other two Space Beacons. These they ultimately placed in remote snowy locations in Nunavut Territory, Canada, in Greenland, and astride the Alaska-Yukon Territory boundary.
These Beacons exert powerful electromagnetic fields which disrupt Earth's natural energy lines and grids, have altered the weather, and have been used by the Cabal to focus energy in undisclosed ways.
Earlier in mid-2007, the extraction of these Beacons from Earth began. The dates were: Space Beacon #1 (Nunavut Territory) on July 18; and Space Beacon #2 (Greenland) on August 14.
On Sept. 09, 2007, ex-NSA Colonel Shadow and his Counter-Insurgency Team (CIT) helped provide security for an operation in which the Zeta came down and extracted the Third and final Space Beacon back into space. They did so amid withering fire from Cabal mercenaries ordered to prevent the Beacon from leaving Cabal grasp. The Colonel sustained a superficial flesh wound (which he minimized) as well as many rounds to his chest (but protected by body armor.) Others in his CIT took hits to their bullet-proof vests too.
Now that these Beacons are back in their natural positions in space, the equilibrium of electromagnetic forces in local space and on Earth is restored.
Star Nations is grateful for this, as is Mother Earth. And so should be we all.
The three Space Beacons (looking like black obelisks on their side) are shown in Google Earth photos on the webpage above.
Their precise locations were:
Beacon #1 was situated in Alaska near the Gerstle River Army Test Site, (near Fort Greely), SE of Fairbanks and west of Highway 2.
Beacon #2 was located in Nunavut Territory, Canada, northwest of Chesterfield Inlet on the central western shore of Hudson's Bay and south of Baker Lake.
Beacon #3 was sitting atop the south-central Greenland snowy ice sheet, east of Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Stromford); i.e., WNW of Iceland. Being 30 miles long and pitch black, it's hard to miss in that all-whie snowfield..
I extend my personal thanks to Star Nations for their forbearance those past 35 years while Cabal had confiscated property stolen from space. And my deepest thanks to Colonel Shadow and his CIT for a huge job well done. When the Cabal stole those Space Beacons and brought them to Earth, it was the Cabal's responsibility to restore them to space.
When regular Humans learned (a couple months before the retrievals) where the Cabal sub-species had been storing those Space Beacons, it also became our responsibility to see that that stolen property was put back where it came from. But we lacked the technical know-how to do that. So, we asked Star Nations for help. Star Nations graciously agreed to help us with our responsibility.
Thus, the three Beacon extraction missions commenced and were successful.
The Beacons did not stand out so much because, for one thing, the Beacons were "invisible", since they do not reflect light. As for the perfectly-dark image, that is because the Space Beacons absorb all incoming electromagnetic energy (including light [photons]). The Beacons only emit energy when and if they are programmed to do so. Thus, the Beacons are like a light-photons "black hole". A perfect "black body" object. Light goes in, but it isn't reflected, (which is how we see objects typically, via reflected light striking our eyes.) The satellite camera is in the same situation. It recorded reflected light from the scenery all around each beacon, but not from the beacon itself. All we see are the beacons' shape traced by the absence of reflected light in that beacon's total surface area. A question has been asked about how the Cabal got the three Space Beacons to Earth, examined at least one in their underwater RCA lab, and transported them to their (until-2007) northern locations.
Additional information from Zeta informants reveals that the Beacons were brought down through atmosphere in a controlled descent. These Beacons operate with a very advanced form of artificial intelligence, so advanced that they can be considered partially alive. The Beacons had no interest in burning up in atmosphere, and utilized gravitational buffering to control descent.
Once at the ocean's surface, the Beacons floated just above the surface, (to avoid unhelpful electrical contact with the water.)
When positioned above the Cabal's underwater RCA laboratory north of Bahamas (in 1972), when it was time to be examined, the Beacons enveloped themselves with a shield against contact with the sea water and then descended to the sea floor. After the scientists had finished examining them, they floated back up to the surface, their enveloping shield serving as a floatation aid.
Since the Beacons floated just above the water, they could be moved across water and land surface without friction.
While the Space Beacons absorb electromagnetic energy including light, their presence can be inferred by their blotting out the background scenery behind them, whether that background scenery be a snowfield in Greenland, or the star field behind a Beacon in space. Just as more than one observer has spotted a TR3-B black triangle antigravity craft sailing across the dark nighttime sky, by noting the triangular patch of sky where the view of the star field has been blocked by the craft. Note carefully that I said that the Beacon was invisible (in quotes), meaning not really invisible technically, but rather failing to reflect light, which is how we normally see things.
I also cited Dr. Michael Wolf and Colonel Shadow as Expert Witnesses testimony that the Beacons are real, and not some alleged software glitch. None of the debunkers of the Beacon satellite images has managed to explain why the Beacon image "mistake" was exactly repeated three times in three widely-separated areas of Earth, and why the Cabal would lose hundreds of their mercenaries fighting to defend software glitches. Nor why multiple independent remote viewers saw these Beacons. Nor why Star Nations was so insistent that the stolen Beacons be repositioned in space, if they were just "software glitches". Nor has anyone successfully rebutted Bob Roth's eloquent explanation (below) of why the Beacon satellite images are not "software glitches".
Satellite photographic evidence is physical evidence. Photo documentation is not verbal testimony. It is solid, three-dimensional, objective phenomenological reality.
This is not a photo that some MUFON member in Keokuk, Iowa took and then PhotoShopped. Those satellite images are directly from the application Google Earth's satellite imaging of our globe. You could have gone to Google Earth and seen them for yourself, before they were retrieved by Star Nations. These Beacons are not some 'conspiracy theory'.
A Space Beacon was discussed on my website for years, in one of my articles on what National Security Council scientist Dr. Michael Wolf revealed during his tenure working with the Special Studies Group, (also known as MJ-12 Committee ).
[See: ]
The Space Beacons were only remote-viewed by a Mantis-incarnate woman in 2007 a handful of weeks before she informed me and I made a demand for their restoration to space to the attention of the U.S. Government (CIA, NSC, and NSA, etc.). When the government wouldn't act, then my friend Special Forces Colonel 'Shadow' volunteered to help ward off Cabal security troops, and Star Nations accepted his offer and volunteered to do their part (by extracting the Beacons back to space.) This all happened rather fast. Star Nations and I pushed it, because Earth had been hurting too long from the Beacons' misplacement and their powerful energy fields.
Civilians were not alerted in advance to the Beacons before their removal because if anyone got to within a quarter-mile of them, the electromagnetic radiation which they emit would have been injurious-to-lethal. Also, if any civilian began to even begin a directed approach to the Beacons, Cabal security would have intercepted them, with unwelcome (fatal) consequences. The Beacons were not some tourist attraction that somehow you were deprived of going and kicking the tires of yourself. Making the general public aware of their location before extraction would have tempted some to take foolhardy action that would easily have cost them their lives. Neither I nor Star Nations wanted any even tangential responsibility for letting that happen.

[My friend Bob Roth's apropos statement:
(to Mr. Debunker): Your assertion that the monoliths are nothing but an artifact of image stitching errors theory doesn't explain why the monoliths are visible at multiple altitudes (the Greenland monolith is just barely visible when looking at all the continents together), when I know that the images at differing altitudes are made with individual photos taken at different zoom levels by satellites (the altitude-to-zoom-level isn't one-to-one, but I've seen where zooming out makes the image colors, hence different photo sets). It also doesn't explain why the software used to create the map would have such a glaring error, when its job of displaying EVERYWHERE ELSE ON THE PLANET is so well done. Nor does it explain how these supposed image errors should just so happen to show up where monoliths were remote-viewed to be, and where Colonel Shadow went and saw them. Don't you find it odd that the stitching of images should produce such a narrow strip of blackness, although it's using rectangular images of much larger size? Don't you find it odd (as I mentioned before) that the software wouldn't catch such an image overlap bug in these three places, but nowhere else, and that those supposed errors would form a near-perfect isosceles triangle, kinda like it was by design?
- Bob Roth

Star Nations Council member Asheoma te ka Meata shared the following information:
'Humans tend to think of technology in their own terms. What many people don't understand about these Space Beacons ('monoliths') is that they operate in all the levels and in all dimensions. That is how they work and were designed.
The Beings who made these also developed the energy grid system that is like the super highway that ties together many dimensions of space/time. These Monoliths do a lot of work for Star Nations.
1) Space Beacons (Monoliths') are more than just fancy computers. They interact in a way considered to be conscious. Star Nations found them along the grid system and learned that they were not just devices but were capable of interacting with Star Nations in a way which demonstrated intelligent life. This might have been programmed into the Monoliths, or it could be a result of their own learning after they were made.
2) A few bits of information Humans should know about what these Monoliths do:
a. Monitor traffic of all known dimensions. Star Nations continues to develop understanding about the dimensions/ (also called the levels of Source by Zeta).
b. Recording of all traffic patterns.
c. Prediction of future traffic patterns.
(( Asheoma said to let all know that when he says traffic that he is talking about not just Star Nations and Beings but ALL energy patterns. The grid system is like the nervous system in that it carries information throughout the grid. ))
d. Emitting information such as warnings and other information of interest to other Monoliths.
e. Emitting energy communication broadcasts which are available to be read by any interested party. Asheoma just showed a humorous example of this: like the Monolith was a news broadcast station and the Planets in the area could listen to it or not.
3. Monoliths while on Earth were mostly deactivated or in a form of sleep in order to limit the damage being done to Earth energy systems. Cabal sub-Humans were activating parts of these Monolith systems against the will of the Monolith but the Monolith would not harm the [sub-]Humans doing these things. They act with a form of consciousness that does everything it can to avoid causing any damage to anything it comes into contact with. Asheoma said that the Star Nations believe they were designed this way because the ones who made the Grid System knew that the Monoliths might be accidentally discovered by lower-evolved Beings and they did not want those Beings to be hurt. But they also did not want the technology to be misused, so the Monoliths were programmed to shut down as much as they could without going against their own built-in system of survival.
4) When the Star Nations removed the Monoliths from Earth, they used inter-dimensional transport, and repaired the three Monoliths before they were returned to service. They said it was a very big undertaking to do this and could not have done this without Colonel Shadow doing the ground security he provided because the Monoliths could not activate with their own energy because it would have damaged Earth and any Humans near them.'

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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