Altimarans Scientists Have Now Arrived to Help with Earth's Environmental Remediation!

Twelve environmental scientists from the planet Altimar 3 have now arrived on Earth to help work on Earth's environment with us.
The Altimarians arrived January 22, 2008. Their landing site was in Utah's majestic Capitol Reef National Park at the foot of Jailhouse Rock, an enormous red sandstone monolith towering 500 feet above the sere desert floor. But their ship's arrival was quickly detected by the malevolent oligarchs cartel known as the Cabal, who dispatched attack forces. So the Altimarians quickly relocated to another location which the Cabal were not able to locate.
The Altimarians's mission is to work on remedying the environmental damage which has occurred in so many of our ecosystems. They also look forward to eventually working with select top Human environmental scientists in a collaborative effort towards environmental clean-up and restoration of Earth. They will teach our scientists, and show them the advanced technology they use to help clean up Earth faster than humans can do it on our own without such advanced environmental knowledge and equipment.
The global cartel of plutocratic oligarchs, the Cabal, do not want these scientists here, because these dozen Altimarian scientists will be eventually working together with Human scientists in open non-classified work projects which will cause the Cabal's UFO Cover-Up to no longer be effective. The Cabal fear that these extraterrestrial scientists will both end the UFO Cover-Up which the Cabal have been maintaining, and end the Cabal's monopoly over advanced technology which the Cabal have back-engineered from starcraft they have secretly shot down and plundered. The Cabal have been hunting for these Altimarian scientists to capture or kill them.
Previously in June 7, 2007, Dr. Boylan had announced that, in response to a poll he took where Humans overwhelmingly declared that they welcome Star Visitors coming publicly among us, that Star Nations decided that the best way to start was to send a small helper workforce of a dozen Star Visitors.
(To review that original announcement: )
These 12 individuals are from a planet they call Altimar 3, which orbits a red dwarf star in a star cluster system which includes Barnard's Star, between 6 and 7 light years from Earth.
These Altimarians are all highly-advanced environmental scientists. Each are leaders in their fields, having more than Earth Ph.D.-level expertise in their environmental specialty area. Here on Earth they are helping by working with our (non-Cabal) scientists and officials. They will teach our scientists, and show them advanced technology which they use to help clean up Earth faster than we could do it on our own without such advanced environmental knowledge and equipment.
These Altimarian scientists are volunteer hybrids, having the basic Altimarian genome, but were deliberately bioengineered with adding just enough Human genes spliced in to give them specially-adapted lungs and other body parts permitting them to survive on Earth without any artificial aids needed to manage Earth's air and gravity.
Because their star is dimmer than our Sun, and they find our sunlight too bright, they spend most of their time working in shaded or interior environments or work at night.
While the Altimarians have a sense of humor, they take their environmental remediation work very seriously.
For our convenience they 12 have adopted Human names. Chris and Oman are the two Technology Specialists. Their work is focused on reversing the damage to the environment and living things caused by Human technologies. Their techniques are so advanced that in many cases they work without using physical equipment. They also are working with adjusting the damaging imbalances in Earth's electromagnetic fields caused by Human actions, including by Cabal secret weapons tests.
The three Botanical Specialists are Fred-1, Alvin, and Luke. Fred-1 specializes in plant life on riparian, shoreline and coastal environments. Alvin's specialization is underwater plant life that grows in rivers and fresh-water lakes. Luke's work is with plants growing in the ocean and estuaries.
Mada is one the two women on the Team, their Energy Clean-up Specialist. She works with living things' energy systems that are out of adjustment. Mada uses her skills in advanced energy work and healing techniques (somewhat analogous to our homeopathic and psychotherapeutic healing modalities) in order to correct negative and distorted energy patterns in living things and induce healing.
There are four Earth, Air, Water and Fire environments specialists: Tom, Alfred, Sam, and Fred-2 [he also likes the name Fred]. Tom is working with Gaia (the Earth), which even our scientists are now recognizing as a living being/conscious set of interactive ecosystems. Tom will be adjusting disturbances in the Earth caused by Human impacts. Alfred will be working on healing the environmental damage done to our air and atmosphere. Sam will be concentrating on correcting damage done to our oceans, rivers and lakes. Fred-2 will be focusing on the Fire element, including disturbances affecting magma and lava.
The other team female is Amanda, their Communication Specialist. She will be serving as the team's Public Information Officer, and will deal with translating, with language problems such as helping clear up misunderstandings, and with communicating between the Altimarians (hereafter the 'A-Team') and Human environmental scientists selected to work alongside their counterpart scientist on the A-Team. In addition to her growing facility with Human languages, Amanda utilizes her telepathic skills to communicate with the various non-human species, and with the elemental consciousnesses residing within various natural environments.
The A-Team Administrator/Leader is Gene. He also undertakes communication on behalf of the A-Team, and will be involved in bringing messages back and forth between the Altimarians and any Humans they are dealing with. When necessary he will serve as official spokesperson for the A-Team.
As Earth's representative to Star Nations' governing Council, Dr. Boylan will be working closely with Gene and Amanda to serve as intermediary for official purposes. This role will include introducing them publicly to the world once we Humans have eliminated the Cabal threat to the lives of the Altimarians.
The Altimarian scientific team has looked forward to coming to Earth and helping us with cleaning up our environment. They are committed to staying and doing a thorough job. The Altimarians have a deep love of Earth and its exceptional bio-diversity, uncommon in the galaxy. It is the Altimarians' plan to start here with the larger-scope environmental restoration projects first, for example, working on cleaning up a given ocean, and then later to tackle smaller-scale projects such as critical toxic sites.
When I asked their Communications Officer Amanda what the Altimarians' general statement for Humankind is, she replied, 'We come in peace, to help.'
They come in service to the greater good. But they are not going to do all of it for us. That would be an imbalance. And we need to learn from our mistakes by helping clean them up.
I know that many tens of thousands of you would like to welcome them in person. But we have to keep in mind that they are now already engaging in environmental repair work, the top priority. Earth is in semi-critical condition. The A-Team could not get their work done if they spent time greeting all the people who would like to meet them and say hello.
And because Cabal attack attempts can be assumed if the Altimarians meet with the public, general public direct contact with the Altimarians will have to wait until the Cabal menace has been taken care of. The Altimarians do not want to be killed, nor do they want any harm to happen to potential visitors who would become 'collateral damage' in a Cabal attack.
Star Nations promises that the Altimarians will show up publicly when it is appropriate to do so. It will be a while.
Meanwhile we need to busy ourselves with our own environment-healing efforts, and with taking back our society from the Cabal of rich powerful materialistic oligarchs currently corrupting it. As we do these things, the day of openly introducing the 12 Altimarians to the general public will be at hand.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

August 5, 2008 - Update & Progress Report on Altimarians' Environmental Work Here


I am sharing with you a report just received from Gene, the commander of the scientific team here from the planet Altimar to work on helping restore Earth's damaged environments.
This is a significant message, and I urge you to share it widely.
- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Gene's message:

"To the Human species of what you know as Planet Earth,
"There has been many questions as to what we are doing since our arrival here.
"Well in short, we have been quite busy with correcting the environmental systems, especially considering that upon our arriving, we had to avoid being captured by what your Lightworkers call the Cabal (and other names or terminology). As a result, we had to go into a safe haven, as it is called, to escape such hands, that are unworthy.
The main aspects that we have had to address are these:
1- the three [Arctic] places where the Monoliths [stolen space beacons] were being kept; because of the effect they have had on the Earth's ecology; considering that [the space beacons' placement by the Cabal] was set intentionally for negative ends. Till they were exposed and removed to aid in the [Earth's] healing and re-balancing.
2- The waters, both fresh and saline areas. These of all of Earth's ecological problems are the bloodstream of Earth and its inhabitants. And [they] are being affected every single second by the actions of Humans who intentionally do harm to them. Thus, the lifeforms within, let alone outside, are affected and losing their lives for the wrong reasons. Thus, the [mistreating] sectors of Humanity are willingly taking the lives of their fellow Humans without regard.
3- Humans' [practice of] working with nuclear electricity-generating power plants, and the water that is used for "cooling" them. Humanity has begun to show [environmental awareness] by reliance on non-eco-hostile actions using (Earth's) Breath, (Wind Power), and the sun's brightness/light waves, (Solar Power), Humanity should no longer work with such nuclear-generated electricity, as they are doing more harm than good. And the [radiation] effects are spreading through the water systems of Earth.
These are the main aspects that are being dealt with, with the reluctant assistance of the inner inhabitants of Earth alongside us. Reluctant because of their [Inner Earth Peoples'] distrust of Humanity and their actions.
'As for our "showing" the instruments of the work we do; or how we do the work we do to heal; there are many ways we accomplish these. As for 'showing those items or practices' [to Humans], we are a lot more intelligent than that. As we have seen the abuse that occurs from the procurement of 'technology' that is not Human-made. For example, Humanity has modalities at its service to assist them in their lives which are confiscated or withheld [by the Cabal]. I believe that speaks for itself.
'I bid all of Humanity well. As Earth is your home: which you need to take care of, before thinking about going out and doing what you want in just your own Solar System.

In Service to Councillor of/for Earth, Source and Altimar,


Further Update, Sept. 17, 2010:

The Altimarians have been very busy dealing with the environmental mess humans have made of Earth, and most currently with the enormous oil spill into the Gulf of Mexico caused by the Cabal multinational corporations British Petroleum, Halliburton, and Transocean and their reckless, cut-corners, unsafe drilling operations.
With Leader Gene's son, Max now on board the Altimarian ship and involved to a substantial degree in child care of Amanda's triplets, Amanda is freed up to work on environmental remediation projects on an almost full-time basis.
Dr. Boylan interprets the absence of news from the ship recently to mean that the triplets are thriving normally. As for the babies' names, the Altimarians have their own practice, and until conditions are reformed on Earth to where it would be safe to present the babies, there is no hurry to assign a Human name to them.
Dr. Boylan is confident that the Altimarians are aware that the thousands of lightworkers of good will who are aware of their presence on Earth, and of their environmental repair work here, are sending them love, gratitude, and protective energy/light.
The Altimarians take their humble service here to be its own reward.
To them Dr. Boylan says, "Namaste".

in service to Source,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.