In 1823 Tall Whites, an extraterrestrial race, established a colony in central Nevada desert mountains east of present Indian Springs, Nevada.
In 1942 the CIA, in conjunction with the U.S. Air Force, had set up a secret Nevada base north of Las Vegas and designated it Indian Springs Army Air Corps Auxiliary Field, a desert area west of Area 51. This base was used to test-fly advanced prototype aircraft, including the U-2 spy plane.
Near midnight, July 4-5, 1947 , two UFOs were shot down by a directed-energy weapon prototype at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. They UFOs crashed near Roswell and Socorro, NM respectively. ETs living and dead were retrieved from these crashes and taken to Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM for study. The spacecraft were taken to Wright-Patterson Field, Dayton, Ohio for analysis.

In 1951 the Nevada desert between Indian Springs Army Air Field and Area 51 was designated as the Nevada Test Site, an area to test atomic and nuclear bombs. The Air Force provided weather observers to predict where nuclear radiation would fall downwind. in Nevada and Utah.
In 1952, the U.S. Air Force became aware of the presence there of elusive and wary Extraterrestrials, dubbed the Tall Whites, living in Indian Springs Valley, Nevada .30 miles south of Area 51.
In July of 1952 the world was electrified by newspaper headlines, with photos and radio news reports, of squadrons of UFOs flying repeatedly over the nation's Capital in Washington, DC.
Six months later In January, 1953, WW II hero Army General Dwight Eisenhower took office as U.S. President. President Eisenhower ordered the CIA's Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI) to determine if UFOs were interstellar vehicles. OSI convened the Robertson Panel of scientists, which recommended expansion of an Air Force study of UFOs, code-named Project Blue Book.
U.S. PRESIDENT IKE MEETS EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENVOYS IN SECRET FIRST HUMAN-ET NEGOTIATIONS, 1954. A year later on February 20, 1954 President Eisenhower made a secret trip to Muroc Dry Lake in the Southern California Mojave Desert north of Los Angeles, (now the site of Edwards Air Force Base), accompanied by several U.S. generals, Edwin Nourse of the Brookings Institute, Los Angeles Examiner reporter Franklin Allen of the Hearst Newspapers Group, Los Angeles Roman Catholic Bishop [later Cardinal] James F. McIntyre, and noted writer and lecturer Gerald Light. [Meeting documented by Gerald Light.]

The President had previously arranged to be in nearby Palm Springs, California, purportedly for a golfing vacation. He "was spirited over to Muroc one night," while reporters were fed the cover story that the President had a toothache and needed to see a dentist.
While at Muroc Dry Lake, Eisenhower was present while a disc-shaped spacecraft landed with several Star Visitors aboard from the Altair Aquila star system. The meeting had been pre-arranged. Altarians look very human-like, and Star Nations felt that they would do best in dialogue with the U.S. President, foremost leader on Earth after World War II.
The Altarians emerged from their craft to converse with the President and the generals assembled. The Star Visitors requested that Eisenhower make the public aware of extraterrestrial contact with Earth forthwith, and tell the world that the Star Visitors are peaceful and friendly. The President protested that humans were not ready, and needed time to be prepared for adjusting to the stupendous reality of other intelligent life in the universe, and its visiting Earth. The Altairian envoys gave him time.

[It has now 70 years later and still the UFO Cover-Up continues.]
On May 29, 1954, three months later, President Eisenhower's CIA Director, Walter Bedell Smith, Prince Bernhard of Netherlands, David Rockefeller, other top world financiers, later-Secretary of State Dean Rusk, later-British Minister of Defense Denis Healey, and some other Western Powers leaders quietly convened the inaugural meeting of the Bilderberg Group, a global entity for shaping international policy. Foremost on the Bilderberg agenda was the February 1954 contact by the Star Visitors at Muroc Dry Lake, California with U.S. President Eisenhower.
The Bilderberger Group discussed the problem of adjusting humankind to Star Visitors presence, and the challenge to Establishment hegemony which would arise if public awareness of the Star Visitors actual presence on Earth should occur. Elite members of Bilderberg had decided in the mid-1950s to attempt to begin a series of negotiations with Star Nations to buy time, as well as to try to acquire extraterrestrial technology from them to be exploited for military superiority, and an enormously profitable technology monopoly, particularly in aerospace.
In 1964, the U.S. Air Force selected enlisted weatherman Airman Charles Hall as a guinea pig to reach out to the aliens, make contact with those Tall Whites, and try to establish dialog. Weather Officer Airman Charles Hall was selected to spend long hours out near the Tall White extraterrestrials' settlement for several years to determine if they were friendly. Airman Hall engaged in friendly outreach and made friendships with several Tall Whites. Hall's subsequent upbeat reports led to Air Force generals eventually meeting with the Tall Whites, and even going for rides on their antigravity spacecraft. Eventually this led to the generals introducing several Tall Whites to high-level Washington, DC officials at several diplomatic receptions!
Dr. Michael Wolf, MD, Ph.D., worked with Star Visitors as part of his governmental duties at U.S. advanced-technology laboratories (1972-77), specializing in studying extratrerrestrials and their technologies, such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, and the S-4 National Laboratory Annex to Groom Lake National Laboratory at Area-51, Nevada. Dr. Wolf said, "I met with extraterrestrial individuals every day in my work, and shared living quarters with them," while doing research at extremely-classified underground government research laboratories. He added, "Zetas work in underground facilities, as requested by the U.S. Government." Wolf also described working with very human-appearing star races he dubbed the 'Nordics' [Altairians from star Altair Aquila] and the Semitics [a human-looking hooked-nose race from the Pleiades star cluster.] Wolf said, "The Nordics and the Semitics come from Altair 4 and 5, and from the Pleiades star cluster respectively."
Dr. Wolf was a National Security Council Advisor at the highest levels from 1991-2001 in the Clinton and George W. Bush Presidencies. Dr. Wolf Wolf's book, The Catchers of Heaven [Amazon] is a must-read for anyone interested in the government's secret interaction with visiting extraterrestrial civilizations.
Thus for 78+ years, (1945-2023), the U.S. Government has been aware of various extraterrestrial races either visiting Earth or in long-term or permanent residence here.
Dr. Wolf also disclosed that in 1954, the U.S. had four Star Visitor corpses in the "Blue Room" at Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. These bodies came from a series of retrievals from downed UFOs. "The first UFO came down in 1941 into the ocean 'west of San Diego'." [actually off Tinian Island in the North Marianas north of Guam during WW II], and was retrieved by the Navy." Between that crash and the first publicly-announced UFO crash in 1947 at Roswell, Dr. Wolf says, there was another crash in 1945 at San Antonio, New Mexico, as well as the two other better-known crashes in 1947 (at Roswell and at Socorro, New Mexico.)


Since 1973, a Secret Military Space Station (with multi-national crews) Had Been In Orbit, 25 years before the International Space Station was established in 1998.
Ignore those Boeing commercials and NASA press releases about how America "first" put up an International Space Station in 1998. There has been a secret manned "deep space platform" [military jargon for space station] in orbit above Earth, operational for a quarter century (1978-). The purposes of this secret military-built space station are two-fold: 1) to provide a meeting place between Earth governments and Star Visitors away from prying human eyes on the ground; and 2) to provide an internationally-manned surveillance station to observe if any nuclear weapons are tested or ballistic missiles launched.
This disclosure makes clear that the Cape Canaveral Space Shuttle launches to build the "first" American space station were in a sense government "cover" programs to deflect the public from becoming aware of the existence of an already-in-orbit, black-project stealth military space station. The secret space station has been serviced by secret military spacecraft trips long before the first American Space Shuttle flew in 1981.
In 1988, previous models of secret space-faring military vehicles were superseded by a new classified spacecraft with a rounded delta shape, built jointly by Special-Projects divisions of Europe's Airbus Industrie and U.S.'s Boeing Corporation's black-projects division Phantom Works. This advanced spacecraft has dual propulsion systems which utilize a pulse-detonation wave engine (PDWE) while in atmosphere, and then uses antigravity field propulsion when in space. The crafts make frequent trips up into space and back to service the secret multinational military space station.
Dr. Boylan has independent indication that this advanced spacecraft is based on the US Navy's highly-restricted Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, 20 miles east of Imperial County's Salton Sea in southeastern California's Mojave Desert and extending into Arizona.
[Article contains updates as recent as Oct., 2023.)


1. The earlier military space shuttle was replaced in 1985 with the Aurora up to 1992, thus indicating that the oft-rumored Aurora hyperfast aerospace vehicle not only was operational since 1985, but is already obsolete. Its successor followed on as the DarkStar's* retro-fit.
This according to the late USAF Colonel Steve Wilson is the *Lockheed X-22A 'DarkStar', a two-man discoid craft, which uses antigravity technology on a airframe perfected on Lockheed's "cover" program, a conventional unmanned reconnaissance drone, the X-22, also called 'DarkStar'.

2. And the apparent coincidence of Arthur C. Clarke writing in "2001" about a Monolith discovered by astronauts turns out not really to be a coincidence at all. Clarke has been an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency, and thus could well have, and did, hear about the non-fiction 'Monolith' even before its retrieval.

3. Dr. Michael Wolf worked at a private defense-contractor lab at one point in his career and developed an 18-foot-wide torus-shaped antigravity field, using counter-rotating magnets. Wolf was quite familiar with the government gravity-control technology, being involved in UFO research as a member of the MJ-12 Committee [national-security UFO information control] group.

5. (Sklar, H., ed., 1981. Trilateralism. Boston: South End Press.)

6. The Navy has held a leadership position in UFO matters ever since. (Cf. Naval Warfare Systems Command, and its space fleet, code-named Solar Warden.)

Dr. Richard Boylan is a psychologist, anthropologist, university professor emeritus, researcher [and participant] in extraterrestrial-human encounters.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor