[Dialogue between Dr. Richard Boylan and Col. Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.), former head of Project Pounce, the secret Air Force project to secure the area of downed UFOs and seize the craft and its occupants.]

From: rich.boylan@xxxxxxxxx To: Skywatch@XXXXXXX

Date: Tue, 19 Aug 97 08:37:56 -0700 Subject: Air Force Special Academy etc.

Colonel Steve,

RB: In the Star Wars City (SDI/01) organizational chart you posted, there is identified an "Air Force Special Academy" (AFSA), which takes its orders from Star Wars City in Colorado Springs, CO. I take it that this is not the regular Air Force Academy, right?

SW: Note: No it isn't the Regular Academy.

RB: Is it AFSA which trains the military astronauts who are quietly sent up from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Ca, while the press keeps the public's attention on the Space Shuttle operating from Cape Canaveral, FL?

SW: Note: Yes, Vandenburg and Beale AF bases are both involved.

RB: Or does the AFSA have some other function?

SW: Note: Yes, it has other functions in Black Ops.

RB: And what range of duty assignments do these Star Warriors (military astronauts) have once they are positioned in space?

SW: Note: To shoot down unfriendly UFO's. US is shooting down at least one a day. Other countries are doing this also. Russia is averaging two a day.

[Author's Note: I doubt seriously that the U.S. shoots "down" one UFO per day, or any number near that. I think even Col. Wilson was fed some disinformation by his superiors. ONI and CIA informants have reportedly told Steven Greer that two UFOs were shot "down" in 1995. From my research I suspect that the number may be closer to a half-dozen per year, certainly tragic regardless of the numbers. Dr. Michael Wolf of MJ-12/SSG states that a renegade group, "the Cabal", is conducting these unprovoked attacks to deliberately sabotage peaceful relations between Star Visitors and Earth.]

RB: And what vehicle do the military astronauts ascend into space and operate there from? Is it the (classified, not-supposed-to-exist) Aurora aerospace vehicle, which flies above Mach 8 and operates at 100 miles up where the atmosphere starts to approach vacuum?

SW: Note: No, These are our ultimate two-man back engineered Ufo's and classified Ultra Cosmic Top Secret.

RB: The (Ultra-classified) Pumpkinseed is reported much faster, and operates on a more exotic propulsion system, apparently including antigravity field propulsion, and fueled by antimatter reaction. Is this latter the vessel the military astronauts use in space?

SW: Note: Cannot comment on this, but sure you can figure it out.

RB: In the analysis of the Space Defense Initiative org chart posted on Skywatch, there is identified the 1010 Special Security Squadron, which bypasses the Air Force and reports directly to the National Reconnaissance [UFO Cover-Up] Organization, and to MAJI [MJ-12, the UFO information policy group]. Is this specialized squadron composed of elite Delta Forces (black berets)?

SW: Note: No, This is the W[h]ackenhut agency and their Killers.

RB: Is this the unit in which Project Pounce was located?

SW: Note: Project Pounce does not exist as a unit per se. We all had other jobs and each came from our own areas of expertise. No one knew the other and only came together on a crash retrieval. Thus the Ultimate level of security was maintained.

RB: In the analysis of the Space Defense Initiative org chart posted on Skywatch, there is identified the "1010 Special Security Squadron" which bypasses the Air Force and reports directly to the National Reconnaissance [UFO Cover-Up] Organization and to MAJI [MJ-12, UFO information policy group]. Is this specialized squadron composed of elite Delta Forces (Black Berets)?

RB: "Ultimate" as in classified Ultra Cosmic Top Secret, Q clearance, level 33?

SW: Note: Cosmic Q, level 33 is MAJI; level 32 is MJ-12; level 31 certain personnel in [black-project]AC [aircraft] mfg.; Level 30, the first 4 of W[h]ackenhut Officials. etc., DOD, NSC. I was only a level 27....as far as I could go.

RB: Ah, Colonel Steve, as always, you are a fund of interesting information. Permit me two more questions, if you would.

RB's Q. 1: I note on the Star Wars organization chart that the "Rockefeller Company" is one of the elite defense contractors at that trough of the Black Budget known as SDIO/BMDO [Star Wars projects]. What "contribution" does the Rockefeller Company make to the SDIO project?

SW: Note: Have no idea of specifics. Only general information. This is reason that secrets can be kept. No one person knows it all except level 33.

RB's Q. 2: Also on the Strategic Defense Initiative org chart, there is a corporation known as Decision Science Applications, Incorporated (DSAI). This sounds an awful lot like Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) of San Diego, headed by Black-Ops veteran Admiral Bobbie Ray Inman, and which makes the engines for U.S. antigravity craft. Are DSAI and SAIC one and the same, or related companies/proprietaries?

SW: Note: This is a group made up of all heads of Military hardware manufacturing in the Black Area. By the way, I have heard that Inman chairs that group.

[Dr. Boylan NOTE: Thus, Decision Science Applications, Inc. (DSAI) consists of the directors of the Black Budget divisions (U.S. antigravity craft and space warfare weaponry) of: Rockwell, Martin-Boeing, IBM, Lockheed-McDonnell, Ford Aerospace, Aerojet Electro Systems, Teledyne Ryan Aeronautical, Inc. (now part of Northrop-Grumman), Kaman Industries Co., Rockefeller Company, and Fujika Company, etc.
And retired NSA Admiral Bobbie Ray Inman heads both DSAI ("inside") and SAIC ("outside") the Black World. Although Dr. Michael Wolf of MJ-12/SSG says the DSAI and SAIC are one and the same, essentially!]

RB: Colonel, in the material posted on the Skywatch webpage [(formerly) www.wic.net/colonel/ufopage. htm], the UFO information-secrecy management organization is laid out. Which leads to a question: What roles do Dr. Henry Kissinger and Dr. Edward Teller play in this ULTRA-classified organization? Dr. Teller cleared Department of Naval Intelligence physicist Bob Lazar to work at Area 51's S-4 on back- engineering captured UFOs. Dr. Kissinger's business office in New York City has gotten quite threatening with a person who made inquiries into Kissinger's connection to the UFO Cover-Up. What light can you shed on these two men's involvement?

SW: Note: Both are MJ-12 members, which number 36 in all as of 1994. It might interest you to know that they go back as far as [Project] Paperclip But, even though they have historys before that, they do appear to have been at the University of Heidelburg during the same time period that they were suppose to have been in the U.S. Kissinger is a firm believer and key figure in MK-ULTRA, whereas Teller loves to play at it. (Nothing I can prove, just something I heard at a high level).

[Colonel Steve Wilson, Director-Skywatch International, Inc.]

[Below is an illustration of a Remotely-Piloted Vehicle, furnished by Colonel Wilson.]

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into Star Visitor-Human encounters.

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