Extraterrestrials Give Urgent Warning: Human-caused Global Nuclear War looming in the 2020s We Need to Stop That War.
The All-Important Question arises: How we can stop this looming Global Nuclear War from happening.
This Warning of upcoming global nuclear destruction comes from three sources.
The first source is from a Zeta Elder, EBE-3, a Star Visitor, shown speaking in a classified 1964 NSA video leaked by NSA-whistleblower Edward Snowden. An NSA officer is heard interrogating EBE-3, a Zeta Elder held captive at the S-4 secret laboratory south of Area 51 specializing in extraterrestrial matters. This video sat in NSA vaults 54 years before Edward Snowden sneaked it out. .
Watch the video clip, Part 3, of Star Visitor EBE-3's interrogation at: https://youtu.be/h4-KzZe9IpQ
A second information source is convergent experiencer testimony obtained from hundreds of professional investigations which Dr. Richard Boylan, a psychologist, hypnotherapist, and UFO investigator, did working with close-encounter experiencers in communication with Star Visitors. During a number of these encounters the Star Visitors mentioned the future prospect of a Global Nuclear War on Earth in the near future.
A third informant is Star Person Asheoma Meata, who communicated this same warning, and gave a time-line for this War to Wendi Powers, a close associate of Dr. Richard Boylan.
All of these sources converge and agree. Their powerful message is this.
A Global Nuclear War will occur in the 2020s period unless we act now. Only a small number of humans would survive that war. We need to stop that war from starting.
The Zeta Reticulans ['Greys'] are irradiated mutants, the result of radiation mutations to Humans after this Global Nuclear War.
The Zeta Elder [NSA-designated as EBE-3] who was interrogated in that video had time-traveled back to our century to warn us that in the 2020s period, a world-wide nuclear war would likely occur, involving nations where political and religious dogma is used to justify nuclear attacks, and reprisals. The Zeta Elder stated that the male leader of the United States in that [2020s] time period would have a brief tenure and weaken democratic institutions by appealing to people's most primitive instincts: fear, tribalism, and political and religious dogma. This activity, together with similar fervid agitation tactics by other world leaders, can create conditions where the head of one or more nuclear powers will order a nuclear strike, which will then escalate into global nuclear war. The resulting radiation will spread widely, killing millions, polluting the Earth with fallout, and causing a mass die-off of most humans. The few remaining survivors will be horribly mutated and disfigured and pass on their mutated genes to offspring.
We know that nuclear powers include North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, Russia's Vladimir Putin, China's Xi Jinping, and Pakistan's Imran Khan, among others. The potential ingredients for Global Nuclear War are indeed present unless we avert it. Humans must move quickly and firmly to prevent such global nuclear war from happening. We can change that terrible future.
EBE-3 told us two things to stop that world war from happening: 1) "Protect your democracy from political and religious dogma"; and 2) "Protect your democracy from rejection of objective fact [science]." We can stop the looming global nuclear war threat from happening.
One way to protect our democracy is for everyone who cares about our world not becoming a radioactive horror must take it upon him/herself to take personal action to challenge anyone who spouts political-extremist or racial-extremist statements. And we must challenge people who claim fact is false, or who proclaim false propaganda statements as though they were fact.
Only by all of us protecting our society from political and religious extremist talk, and by protecting what is objectively true, can we keep our democracy intact. And by sticking up for the truth, we help limit the calls to divisive factionalism, foreigners-bashing, and fear-mongering falsehoods about our neighbors.
Such political and religious extremism, and the spreading of lies as true, is the stuff of fascism and of dictators. It has no place in our democratic society.
This is how we change the subculture of suspicion and fear, racial hostility, religious hatred, and the rejection of mainstream sources of information. Those are the ingredients which provide support for one or other political leader to lead their country to extremes.
And besides our individual and small-group actions to challenge the extreme political and religious dogmatists, we also need to contact our representatives in government to insist that they take action to challenge these evils at a national level. In addition to urging Senators and Congressmembers to protect our society from political and religious extremism, we also need to urge them to have the United States and other hold-out countries join the 122 nations who have already signed the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. We must make the Earth free of nukes if we are to survive.
EBE-3 started to go on to mention a Second Threat but was attacked, and the video was cut off.
Dr. Richard Boylan has determined that that Second Threat which EBE-3 warned us about is a cartel of ruthless super-powerful super-wealthy oligarchs who are planning to create transnational provocations to 'justify' installing Global Martial Law and Global Dictatorship. (With them in charge.)
We must challenge and repel this cartel of power-drunk tyrants. And the Star Visitors are ready to help us do so.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D, Councillor of Earth

The NSA 'Alien Interview' Video of EBE-3 giving his warning may be found at: https://youtu.be/h4-KzZe9IpQ