07 August, 2008; revised 04 July, 2020

On August 6, 2008 the media, including MSN News, ran a story that the Mars Lander Rover had taken soil samples near Mars's North Pole and found perchlorate, a toxin in the soil, "thus casting doubt that Mars could support life", NASA said.
NASA of course is under the effective control (and censorship) of the Department of Defense.
Since 1997 NASA has established a "cut-out" contractor, Malin Space Science Systems, Inc. (MSSS), to control the images coming from satellite cameras orbiting Mars. Even though those images were taken with your tax dollars, MSSS's head, Michael Malin gets to decide which images of Mars's surfaces you are fit to see, and when if ever to see them.
Malin works cooperatively with Cabal neo-Nazis technicians at Jet Propulsion Laboratory and NASA to project to the public the false image that Mars is a lifeless desert without adequate air (sic).
The deliberately-misleading "perchlorate soil" story put out Aug. 6 is another part of the lie the Cabal wants you to believe: that no one can survive on Mars.
Just what a tremendous lie that is was revealed, perhaps karmically, by another development that same Aug. 6, 2008.
That was the day I received information from an informant that NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Mars Orbital Camera had taken photos of Mars's Southern Polar Region: which revealed forests of pine trees growing amidst the Martian polar snowfields! He identified a couple of images (buried among the tens of thousands) which show the pine forest.
A photograph of this Martian forest scene _was_ at the Malin Spacer Science Systems gallery but Malin/NASA no longer makes _this_ image available.
Wait a minute! If Mars is a bitter-cold lifeless desert with inadequate air, what are forests of pine trees doing growing happily on Mars?
You mean NASA and JPL and MSSS have been lying to us for years?!
Yes; and unfortunately the story gets even worse.
I consulted with the Zeta, and they confirmed that the satellite photos show real trees. However, those trees are Earth pines planted in great numbers near the snowy Southern Polar Region of Mars!
Pine stock from Earth that has been planted on Mars! Planted by whom? Human technicians working for the Cabal.
And why did the Cabal plant the snowfields of the southern Mars Ice Cap with pine trees?
The Zeta confirmed that this forestation project has been a part of a Terra-forming (making Mars more Earth-like) effort by the Cabal, in order to set up an Alternative-3*-type home-like refuge for the Cabal, when the Cabal abandon Earth after they have extracted every resource and despoiled it to death.
The Cabal don't care if their multinational corporations extract every mineral, pollute every stream, cause the ocean to go lifeless, and eventually wrap the Earth permanently in Beijing-like smog. Why? Because the Cabal have their Escape Plan. When Earth becomes no longer desirable to live on, they will fly off in their antigravity craft to pristine Mars, and leave behind the remnant of Humanity to dwindle in a collapsed ecosystem here.
The Zeta consultants confirmed that this indeed is precisely the pre-planning the Cabal have been engaged in.
But there are two flaws in the Cabal's plans.
The first flaw is that they never expected anyone to discover their plans.
And their second flaw was revealed when I received information from Councillor For the Watchers about the Cabal Escape Plan. He said,
"Councillor of Earth, Mars will be quarantined of said [escape] actions, as the Cabal factions will not be able to seek refuge there. It will not be allowed [by Star Nations]." "I bid you well." - Councillor For the Watchers"

So, there you have it. There is no Cabal Escape Plan that will actually work.
Star Nations will block any Cabal space vessels from carrying Cabal types to escape to Mars.
The Cabal are stuck here on the Earth they have been busily polluting and ravaging.
Will the Cabal use this expose as a wake-up call that their Escape Plan is leaked publicly, and that they need to buckle down and stop their polluting technology, move to the clean energy and technology given us by Star Nations and which they have confiscated, and take environmental restoration seriously?
Since the Cabal are populated with sociopaths and narcissists, don't bet on it.
But at least they may see it as in their own self-interests to stop undermining the environmental movement.
It is up to us to wrest away control of technology and corporate business practices from these wannabee world-ruler oligarchs and redirect them in just and non-polluting directions, and work to complete the environmental restoration which Earth needs.


But wait! Now not only is NASA admitting that Mars has a giant fresh-water lake 16 miles wide, and many more such lakes miles longer [and actually has many lakes], but Malin SSS has just recently released photos of giant trees (looking somewhat like Earth's pine trees) growing on Mars!
Those Mars trees are giant Sequoia redwoods (Sequoiadendron giganteum) which grow in the Sierra Nevada uplands of California and have evolved to tolerate the long dry California summers, thus making their transition to Mars's sparse moisture more manageable. These Sequoia redwood trees were transplanted to Mars's moist polar region.
It seems that the gravity of Mars (roughly 1/3 of Earth's) has sparked further gigantism in those trees which had already evolved for super-size on Earth. Some on Mars have a foliage canopy that is 30 yards (27.4 meters) in diameter.
You can see a photo of part of one such forest of Martian-adapted Sequoias in the adjacent photo.

*Alternative 3. See for explanation: