"The Grand Tour" - Earth Saucers and Star Wars
Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

(c) 1992 (Permission to reprint or quote available from author.)

For several years articles have been appearing about secret government bases where exotic space weapons and U.S.-made saucers are built and tested, but always the testimony for such was "off the record" or from "sources who cannot be named". So I determined to go see for myself. On April 9, 1992, I set out in my Chevy S-10 4WD Blazer on a six-state grand tour of reported Southwest secret sites over seven intense days and nights. The reality turned out to be much more startling than what I had seen in print until now.
For the curious or suspicious, my background is that I am a research and clinical psychologist in private practice in Sacramento, California. I have had a hobby interest in UFO's since 1947, and a research interest in Star Visitor encounters since 1989. My formal education is in Psychology (Ph.D.), Education (M.S.Ed.), Social Work (M.S.W.) and Philosophy (B.A.). My knowledge of physics, astronomy, nuclear physics, gravity, SDI, and the Intelligence and military cover-up workings is self-taught by reading books such as Intelligent Life in the Universe, Carl Sagan & I.S. Shklovskii, The Anti-Gravity Handbook, D. Hatcher Childress, The Puzzle Palace, James Bamford, The Cult of Counterterrorism, Neil Livingstone, and Missing the Target: SDI in the 1990's, Union of Concerned Scientists, as well as L. Fletcher Prouty's JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot To Assassinate John F. Kennedy. I have never been in the military or intelligence services. I am a loyal, but disquieted American.
The Grand Tour took place between April 9-15, 1992. The sites reconnoitered include: Tonopah USAF Air Defense Command Headquarters, Tonopah Test Range, the edge of Areas 51 and S-4 (Groom and Papoose Lakes bases), Archuletta Mesa outside Dulce, N.M., Los Alamos National Laboratories, Kirtland Air Force Base, the Western Regional Headquarters of the Department of Energy, Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), Sandia National Laboratories, Defense Nuclear Agency headquarters, the National Atomic Museum, the National Solar Observatory, U.S. Army's Sacramento Peak Frequency Surveillance Station, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the site of the Very Large Baseline Array near Pietown, N.M, and the Northrop-Gruman saucer plant near Lancaster, Calfornia.
My selection of target sites was based on information from articles about Stealth and Black Budget aircraft bases and Star Wars weapons research and development sites appearing in newspapers such as the L.A. Times, and various magazines such as Aviation Week and Space Technology, Popular Mechanics, UFO MAGAZINE, and MUFON Journal. I used many useful leads from Howard Blum's excellent Out There, as well as Timothy Good's essential Above Top Secret. I also sifted out as best I could the verifiable information from the unverifiable in William Hamilton III's Cosmic Top Secret. Another source was a November 26, 1991 lecture on "The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" given by NASA Ames Research Center's Dr. Jill Tarter, whose too-vigorous protesting of Blum's book Out There only increased my suspicion that Blum was onto something. Additional information sources were conversations with two CIA officers I have met, as well as from my years inside the University of California as a graduate student and instructor.
My reconnoitering was done without any formal guides or inside informants. As a follower of Native American spirituality, I asked for, and apparently received, strong guidance and protection from the spiritual forces.
My first objective was the town of Tonopah, Nevada, a gateway to Black Budget aerospace/SDI projects. If you draw a line between Lancaster, CA, Arco, ID, Denver, and Alamogordo, NM, most Black Budget aerospace/SDI projects are built, tested and based within this quadrangle, according to my research. Although Tonopah is a tiny town with mining as its ostensible economy, it houses an Air Force Air Defense Command headquarters. This is a paradox, since Nellis Air Force Base (the nearest official USAF facility) is 176 miles south. Unless, of course, there is a secret USAF presence at the north end of the Nevada Test Range requiring aerospace defense. Which there is. Also spotted was the "Shuttle to Sandia". Very interesting, since Sandia National Labs is two states away in Albuquerque, NM. Unless, of course, there is a secret Sandia presence nearby. Which there is.
From Tonopah I drove east 15 miles on U.S. 6 to the turnoff to the Tonopah Test Range, (also known as Area 52, and like its more famous twin, Area 51, also a highly-classified restricted military installation.) The entrance sign misleadingly gives the impression that they test small rockets there. But after driving 12 miles south on the entrance road I came to a huge sprawling base operated not by the Department of Defense but rather by Sandia National Laboratories for the Department of Energy (DOE). "Sandia National Laboratories (SNL) is AT&T", according to SNL public information officer Joanne Pigg. (Personal communication, 04/20/92.) Yes, AT&T is the corporation behind the application of physics research to Star Wars weapons. When AT&T reaches out to touch someone, it may be with one of their electromagnetic pulse weapons. (Ouch!)
By the front gate are 30 huge two-story buildings where Test Range workers are headquartered. Through binoculars (7X35 power) I could see downrange five miles where an equally large additional buildings complex was located. To the south and east extend hundreds of square miles for operational testing of DOE weapons, such as electromagnetic pulse, particle beam, tactical fusion (Leonard Stringfield, in The UFO Report, T. Good, ed.) and laser weapons. Strategic nuclear weapons are tested 100 miles farther south at another DOE facility, the Nevada Test Site, while U.S.-made saucers are test-flown 119 miles southeast, over the Groom Lake and Papoose Lake bases.
The guards at the Tonopah Test Range were not dressed in military or police uniform, but rather wore desert camouflage jumpsuits with a cryptic shoulder patch reading "ASI-SWAT". A military convoy was let through the gate and headed downrange. When I approached the main gate on foot, the two guards were surly and aggressively poised. They carried strange weapons which I have never seen before, although I am familiar with the appearance of U.S. and international military, police and elite-unit weapons, as found in, for example, Soldier of Fortune magazine. Their weapons looked like a fat, black, cylindrical over-sized rifle stock (about 5" diameter), about a yard long, but no barrel or muzzle at the end. Not wanting to experience having this weapon pointed any closer to me, I accepted their refusal to let me pass through, and retreated.
About 80 miles east of Tonopah Test Range on State HWY 375 is the hamlet of Rachel, NV. Mostly a mobile home complex housing workers employed at Area 51, Rachel's central spot is the Little A'Le'Inn bar and restaurant. Proprietors Joe and Pat Travis are quite informative about Area 51 and host the Air Force Range personnel who come there to drink after work. The walls of the Little A'Le'Inn are a veritable museum of USAF unit insignia, UFO photographs, drawings and souvenirs, as well as autographed photos of UFO researchers and investigative journalists, such as George Knapp of Las Vegas radio-television. Joe Travis told me of a UFO having come down once at night after closing hours and illuminated the entire interior of their restaurant.
From Rachel, NV I then proceeded 25 miles southeast to the Groom Lake dirt road turnoff leading to Area 51, marked by the infamous black mailbox. Using USGS topographic maps (Pahranagat Range) I carefully drove west on the dirt roads towards the Groom Lake base. While still five miles away from the military reservation boundary, I encountered two men in camouflage jumpsuits armed with rifles, sitting in an unmarked Ford Bronco with a light bar on the roof, parked off the roadbed facing me. Just as I drove past them, my left rear tire collapsed and I rolled to a stop. The tire had experienced a sidewall penetration, although the tread was good. Nothing on the clear smooth dirt road could have caused a sidewall blowout. I concluded that the tire had been shot out by one of these men or an associate. After a minute the camouflaged duo did a U-turn, drove up next to my vehicle as I was changing the tire, and sarcastically asked, "Anything wrong?". I was next questioned as to whether I had a badge, and whether I was "headed up ahead". When I said I had no badge, they said "It's no use going up ahead". I learned that there is a closed guarded gate at the military reservation boundary. A USAF Lt. Colonel James W. Hutchinson is Installation Commander in charge of Area 51. (USAF warning document, Area 51 issue, 1992.)
Since it was late afternoon I retreated until dark, then returned and parked prudently about a quarter-mile east of the Bronco and I got out my binoculars to observe the ridge line of the Groom Range above Areas 51 and S-4 from 9:00-10:30 p.m., April 9, 1992. After a half-hour I spotted an intense burning-bright orange-gold round light rise up vertically from behind the Groom Mountains. It hovered several minutes, drifted slowly south about 1000 feet, then slowly descended vertically behind the mountains. This object had the same color and shape, and was viewed from the same direction, as the object photographed by researcher Gary Schulz, who enlarged and computer-enhanced his photo to reveal a flying disc with a cupola on top, surrounded by an ionization haze of light. Schulz's photographs of what he identifies as a HPAC (Human Powered Alien Craft) hang on the wall of the Little A'Le'Inn, and appear in Cosmic Top Secret.
Soon a second brilliantly shining round object rose vertically and hovered about 500 feet above the ridge line. This object was strobing and emitting an intense blue-white light apparently from the skin of the craft. It then began a series of incredible, impossibly blindingly-fast pendulum, zig-zag and back-and-forth maneuvers at fraction-of-a-second intervals, covering perhaps 900 feet at a "jump". The object executed 180-degree turns and appeared almost to be in two places at once. After this dazzling aerobatics performance, it settled down to hovering awhile, then resumed the gyrations again. Both episodes of gyrations lasted over a minute each. Finally the object hovered motionless, then began flying downrange south at a constant altitude and direction at about 80 mph. I tracked it through my binoculars for about 30 miles before it became indistinguishable from the star field above.
About a half-hour after it disappeared, a third brilliant round object, glowing with the same burning-bright orange-gold color, rose above the Groom Range, hovered, drifted slowly, then began strobing. Then it began gliding downrange at a constant altitude about 150 feet above the ridge line, at a speed of 80 mph, but with somewhat irregularly spaced erratic jumps forward. Also odd was the fact that the appearance of the craft alternated between strobes; on one phase it was a bright sharply-defined orb of orange-gold light, on the alternate phase it was a smudgy golden smear of light. It repeated this phase-shifting all the way down-range.
These craft were navigated in a conservative and slow fashion, and did not display the confident maneuvering and extremely rapid departure style so often reported for extraterrestrial UFO's. Thus I concluded that these are U.S.-manufactured discs at a primitive stage of technology and/or pilot mastery. On the other hand, the extreme hyper-fast aerobatics-in-place of the one craft indicates that inertial forces, and therefore gravity, have been overcome by these craft.
My next destination was Archuletta Mesa just north of Dulce, NM. Reported in Blum's Out There and Good's The UFO Report as an underground Defense Department base, Archuletta Mesa straddles the New Mexico-Colorado border. I drove around the mesa and discovered a mysterious "ranch" on the north side near the base of the mesa. The "Redding R Ranch" is supposedly a beefalo-raising outfit. However, in the front yard of the ranch between the road and the two ranch buildings were four odd, 25-foot-high guard towers on stilts, defining the four corners of the inner property. No movement or personnel were detected. The ranch extends for two miles along the road, with four fancy expensive wrought-iron gates and arches with "Redding R Ranch" spelled in wrought iron, spaced at intervals along the fence line. However, three of these gates lead to nowhere, either bordering a cliff over a creek or bordering a dense forest with no road behind the gate. A self-confessed Intelligence operative I interviewed in 1992, Dr. John Alexander, working as a member of the Board of Directors of PSI TECH, (a commercial intelligence company using psychics with remote viewing powers), expressed great interest in seeing my photographs of the "Ranch" and "had heard of it" in his intelligence work. I shared with him that a remote viewer in Sacramento, CA I consult with, Nancy Matz, had spotted several levels of excavated chambers in the mesa, but that there had been a great disturbance inside the mountain which caused some of the chambers to cave in on others. Dr. John Alexander replied to this that "we set off a nuclear explosion inside the mountain" (personal communication, 6/16/92), but then added the disinformation tidbit that "it was to search for oil". (Oil is found deep under the ground in shale, not up in the air on a 2000-foot high sandstone mesa. Thus, I did not completely penetrate the mystery of Archuletta Mesa (Dulce), but there appears to be more there than meets the eye. I did note that there was a very large landslide on the east side of Archuletta Mesa. Such rock slippage would be consistent with the detonation of a tactic nuke inside the Mesa. This may be associated with rumors of an exchange of weapons fire within the Mesa between trigger-happy security guards and ETs working in there.
Next, I headed back across the CO state line into New Mexico to reconnoiter Los Alamos National Laboratories (LANL), where theoretical research having weapons applications is conducted for the Department of Energy (DOE) by the University of California. (The University also operates Lawrence Livermore Laboratories in California for the same purposes, specializing in laser and nuclear fusion research.)
A huge sprawling complex covering much of Los Alamos County, Los Alamos National Laboratories stretches for 5 miles by 13 miles. According to Army Col. John Alexander, LANL has extensive underground facilities in addition to the surface installations, (Personal communication, 06/16/92.) LANL retains a heavy, but not exclusive, emphasis on nuclear research. It helps to explain why this country is not making more progress in safely disposing of nuclear waste that there is one small building at LANL dedicated to Nuclear Waste Management Research, while there are hundreds dedicated to making more waste. DOE "No Trespassing" signs, with dire penalties, are everywhere at LANL, as are radiation warning signs.
Certain curious anomalies were noted at LANL. Building T10 houses the Center for Human Genome Studies, and(!) the HIV (AIDS) Database : a pair of rather strange enterprises for a military weapons-oriented research complex to be involved in, rather than the National Institutes of Health. One cannot help being reminded of the rumors that AIDS is a biological weapon gone amok. Even more curious is another building which houses LANL's Theoretical Biology and Biophysics studies. Perhaps less curious if the rumor is true that the extraterrestrial corpses from the crashed UFO near Corona, NM were brought to Los Alamos Lab for study. Los Alamos' Theoretical Biology department may be linked to NASA Ames Research Center's exobiology studies, which include having constructed lifelike figures of alternative evolutionary models of what intelligent life may look like on other planets (Blum, H., Out There).
Besides nukes and exotic biology LANL also researches military applications of intense magnetic fields at its National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, (a prerequisite to gravity/antigravity research). And the military connection at LANL is not subtle. The Air Force has its ATAC Technical Support Facility there, staffed and guarded 7 days a week.
Another anomaly at Los Alamos Laboratory is its central nuclear reactor. This is the only "reactor" I have ever seen with (extremely secure) personnel quarters located right next to the reactor, in violation of the principle of keeping optimal separation between persons and radiation.
The theoretical weapons physics of Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore Laboratories is translated into actual working models of high tech weapons at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque. So I headed for Albuquerque, arguably a center of the Black Budget's SDI effort.
Located on the southeast edge of the city is Kirtland Air Force Base. Kirtland provides cover and security and houses: the Southwest Regional Office of the Department of Energy (DOE), Sandia National Laboratories (SNL), the Defense Nuclear Agency, the Interservice Nuclear Weapons School, and DOE's National Atomic Museum.
To say that DOE and SNL keep a low profile is an understatement. They do not even list themselves in the Albuquerque phone book, although other federal agencies have long listings of even minor departments.
I entered the Kirtland Air Force Base complex through its main gate after getting a free pass offered any civilian who wants to visit the National Atomic Museum or SNL's Solar Research Power Tower inside. If one happens not to be able to help passing various DOE, USAF, SNL or DNA facilities and weapons test sites on the way in or out, oh, well, opportunity knocks.
Over the roof of the Department of Energy Regional Headquarters fly three flags, the U.S., the DOE, and the AT&T! Yes, the AT&T horizontal-stripes globe logo flies alongside, because AT&T is Sandia National Laboratories, which is where a large part of Energy Department effort in the Southwest takes place. Although the government likes to tout its nuclear safety record, the DOE is not even capable of keeping its own regional administrative headquarters building free of contamination, as photographic evidence shows. Contaminated or not, the DOE is secured like a fortress, with checkpoint guard posts and a personnel entry cubicle one must enter, lock the door, punch in a code, then exit another door, all before walking to the front door of the headquarters building. [Don't try paying your AT&T bill there.]
I travelled a quarter-mile farther to the National Atomic Museum (NAM). The nuclear physicists and military at Los Alamos and Sandia Labs are so proud of their history of nuclear "achievements" that they proudly display information I had presumed was classified (and may still be, elsewhere). For example, The U.S. now has hydrogen bombs downsized as small as an RV's propane tank, and which could easily fit in an Army duffel bag. Or, as Abu Nidal knows, in a bus terminal storage locker. Even more amazing, in view of Lawrence Livermore Laboratories' continuing disinformation campaign that "we're still working on containing nuclear fusion", was the National Atomic Museum's revelation that the U.S. since 1987 been producing controlled nuclear fusion, and that it is self-sustaining(!) and contained by a hyperstrong magnetic field. For the nuclear fusion reactor, lasers are used to implode fissile material and create nuclear fusion. This is an inexhaustible and rather compact energy source, and may be the power plant for the gravity-defying craft I saw at Area 51. Oops! Isn't working nuclear fusion highly classified and secret?
Another National Atomic Museum revelation, with Star Wars weapons implications (and applications), is that SNL has achieved advanced particle-acceleration energy capabilities that can deliver a 100,000,000,000,000 (100 trillion)-volt burst of ions using a lithium diode one inch thick. [It looks like this is the energy system in the Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon I saw on display at Sandia National Laboratory's field testing area? [Oooops! NSC consultant Dr. Michael Wolf wondered where I had learned of 'trillion-volt weapons' and inch-thick lithium diodes. Well, Los Alamos/Sandia Labs is where.]
Across the street (appropriately) from the National Atomic Museum is the Inter-Service Nuclear Weapons School, where all branches of the armed services can learn how to use nuclear weapons. (Nuclear weapons must no longer be understood to mean only hydrogen bombs, but also Star Wars weaponry which uses nuclear fusion as its power source.)
Which leads us next to the immense sprawling complex of Sandia National Laboratories. SNL and its Test Ranges extend south and east of DOE headquarters for over a hundred square miles, and take up most of what is labelled "Kirtland Air Force Base". SNL has project buildings every half-mile in every direction out to the horizon. Activities identified by sign include mostly weapons-application research in nuclear, nuclear transport, magnetic, solar [yes, solar weapons!], electromagnetic-pulse, laser, and particle beam energy. At the Solar Power Tower laboratory, SNL boasts of a heliostat (solar collector-concentrator device) which can burn through 1"-thick hard steel plating in 26 seconds!
But the piece-de-resistance of Star Wars weapons research applications that I found was "Project ARIES, the Advanced Research Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Simulator Site", where a two-blocks long device was built for the Defense Nuclear Agency by defense contractor Edgerton. Germhausen & Greer (EG&G).
EG&G is a shadowy corporation involved (along with Wackenhut Corporation) in conducting security for Area 51 and S-4 Lab, (personal communication with security officers at EG&G and at Wackenhut 03/14/92). EG&G is also engaged in Black Budget weapons operations like Project ARIES, and in maintaining various nuclear facilities for the U.S. government (Wildfire, 6:1, Spring, 1992). The EMP weapon consists of a 1-1/2-block long cylindrical barrel horizontally supported on a wooden (non-conductive) 25-feet-high trestle connected to a two-story tower building, in turn connected to an immense electrical apparatus with huge arms and massive connecting cables looking like a gigantic Van de Graaf generator. The long-rumored mighty Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon is spotted at last! Using fusion power and engineered to 100 trillion volt pulsed bursts, it could arguably overpower even the exotic technology of an extraterrestrial UFO. (Its intended target.) Such overwhelming power is ridiculous overkill to take out a mere incoming Russian ballistic missile. The U.S. has nuclear-tipped sprint intercept missiles which suffice for that job. It is UFOs that this giant EMP Cannon is hunting.
While driving around trying to find my way back from the solar weapons lab and range, I encountered the famous Manzano Mountain Weapons Storage facility, an entire mountain tunneled into for storage of various high security items, such as nuclear weapons and, according to Timothy Good, retrieved UFO's! (Above Top Secret). Manzano is surrounded by three separate high razor-wire-tipped fences with bare-earth zones between, presumably with motion sensors embedded. Armed personnel in jeeps constantly patrol the area. The security at Manzano is extremely high contrast to the rather porous-to-nonexistent security elsewhere at Sandia National Lab. At the northern end of Manzano is the notorious Coyote Canyon Test Site, where extremely classified Air Force, DNA, DOE and SNL research takes place. At the entrance was a sign designating the Defender Challenge project. This is the area where a UFO was spotted by USAF personnel hovering low in 1979 (Above Top Secret, T. Good). Peering partway into Coyote Canyon by binoculars, I could see a strange metallic ball 20 feet high resting on the ground sheltered by a flat tin roof above, supported by four poles surrounding the huge sphere. Its purpose is unknown. Whatever the research at Coyote Canyon is, it has made the water in the area unfit to drink or even wash your hands in. Because of the off-limits signs I did not enter Coyote Canyon or other high-security canyons around, so I cannot fully report on all that is going on at those Sandia sites.
Leaving Sandia, I headed south towards Alamogordo, then turned uphill to the National Solar Observatory (NSO) at Sunspot, NM. Located at top of Sacramento Peak 9200' above Alamogordo , NSO is another low-profile facility. Its staffing include Air Force science officers, who monitor the effects of the Sun's electromagnetic radiation fields on geophysical and geomagnetic disturbances, on the operation of spacecraft and of satellite orbit stability, as well as on spaceflight operations (NSO pamphlet, 1992). Under the entrance sign of the Observatory is placed an additional small sign which reads "Umbra", the National Security Agency's highest security classification (The Puzzle Palace, J. Bamford). Hmmmm! A thousand feet east of the NSO is the Army Sacramento Peak Frequency Surveillance Station, the entrance to which has several signs forbidding entrance, with severe penalties. This station monitors electromagnetic (EM) communications and telemetry on and over White Sands Missile Range, Holloman Air Force Base, and NASA's secret Johnson Space City complex. My remote-viewing consultant detected underground facilities at the Surveillance Station and EM force field generation, which may explain why there was no cricket or forest sounds near this ELMINT (electromagnetic intelligence) facility, probably actually operated by the National Security Agency.
Holloman Air Force Base, White Sands Missile Range and NASA's Johnson Space City were highly secure and off-limits, and so I was not able to reconnoiter them. My next destination lay in western New Mexico.
There I explored the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NROA), whose Very Large Array consists of 27 huge "receiving" dishes 82 feet wide, on support towers which move around on railroad tracks . Each is as tall as a twelve-story building. Capable of different configurations, the dishes were arrayed in an inverted-T configuration, each arm of which stretched for one mile, with the longest arm pointed due north. The stated purpose of this facility is to collect "weak radio waves from celestial sources". This is presented to the outsider as meaning exclusively mapping the heavens by locating stars and energized gas fields in space which emit EM radiation in the radio frequency spectrum. However, as with other sites on this Grand Tour, NROA is not your average boring observatory. Parked adjacent to the headquarters was an Army truck with NROA insignia on the door, and two! ambulances with NROA insignia also. (The handful of astronomers working here must have a terrible occupational accident record!) Further insight into what is going on here is provided by NASA Ames Research Center spokesperson Dr. Jill Tarter, who revealed (during a presentation at the University of California, Davis on November 26, 1991) that the United States would announce on October 12, 1992 that it is turning on its radio-telescopes to listen for intelligent transmissions from space. This effort was timed for Columbus' 500th Anniversary of discovering the New World. Cute, huh? Except that this is disinformation. Actually, the U.S. government has been funding and conducting the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) for years (Out There, H. Blum). One could speculate that the purpose of this upcoming high-profile government announcement is to create the fig leaf for "uncovering" Star Visitor communications, and finally the open admission by the government of extraterrestrial-government contact.
What is not speculation is the evidence, including physical evidence, I obtained that the government's NROA dishes are also being used to transmit super-powerful signals into space, specifically towards the direction just above the low north horizon. One clue came when I was having dinner at the Datil restaurant next to four astronomers from NROA. One was complaining about trying to get time on a radio dish to do his research. But while I was at NROA, all 27 dishes were pointed away from the main part of the sky, and directed toward a target above the low north horizon. A photo of NROA displayed at their headquarters again shows all 27 dishes pointed at that same low north horizon angle. Why this persistent focus on one area of sky when there is such competition for time on the dishes? Another clue is the location of NROA on the desolate Plains of San Agustin, a silent region deliberately chosen for its remoteness from cities with their radio stations and other EM radiation.
The physical evidence was obtained as I left the NROA. As I was about two miles from the Very Large Array, with both my FM and CB radios on, the most intense screeching howling sounds I have ever heard come out of either radio blanketed both FM and CB simultaneously and excruciatingly. My CB meter went way farther into the red than I have ever seen it go before. This howling screech continued for several minutes. I could not believe my ears. How could NROA allow such powerful EM signals which would interfere with their listening to delicate radio waves coming millions of miles from space? Finally I turned off the radios until I reached Pietown, 21 miles northwest. Then I turned both radios on again and again heard the deafening screech, which lasted an additional two minutes. Then mercifully it stopped. After it ended, both radios were functioning perfectly, sent and received well, and I have never heard that noise again. It then occurred to me: NROA is not just only receiving signals from space, but sending them! Given the rule that EM field strength diminishes algebraically with distance, the sending power from the NROA dishes is extraordinary (to swamp both the CB and FM frequencies at 21 miles), as befits a signal intended to penetrate into space. Whom is the government signaling? And why is the government lying about SETI?
At Pietown, NM, an eye-blink hamlet of four houses and one boarded-up store, the government is supposed to be building a much huger radio-telescope complex, the Very Large Baseline Array, which will connect and harness the reach of radio-telescopes from Hawaii to West Virginia, and from Puerto Rico to New Mexico (NROA Exhibit data, 1992). This will create a super-"antenna" with a "dish size" equivalent to almost one-eighth of the globe. The Very Large Baseline Array was due to be completed this year, but I saw no radio-telescopes. The only construction I could find involved huge pipes (10-foot diameter) being prepared for placement underground in some oversize tunnel works. The purpose is unknown, the project having no explanatory sign. What's really going on at Pietown I cannot say.
So I headed west to my final destination, in California's aerospace Black Budget Palmdale-Lancaster region. Sixty miles north of Los Angeles, in the Tehachapi Mountains east of Edwards Air Force Base, lies the Tejon Ranch, sprawling for approximately 600 square miles. There the Northrop-Grumman Aircraft Corporation has its secret saucer manufacturing works , according to researcher William Hamilton III in his book, Cosmic Top Secret. Bill was right! I saw the same intensely burning-bright orange-gold craft test-flown there as I had seen above Areas 51 and S-4. Following Bill's directions I proceeded seven miles west from Lancaster on HWY 138 to Road 190, then three miles north to the Kern County line. Staked out with binoculars between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. on April 15, I observed four ultra-bright orange-gold orbs rise and traverse a brief 1-1/2 mile test loop. At intervals of about a half-hour, each orb took off and plied its course. The first three took off from what appeared to be the southwest hanger area of the Northrop complex, excavated into the side of Tehachapi Mountain. The fourth one took off from the northeast staging area. On the ground each craft was not glowing at first, but appeared in the full moonlight like a parked airliner frame with back-lit "porthole windows". Estimated width of craft is 50 feet. Then as each began to rise, it began glowing intensely all over its frame, as though the frame itself (or an ionizing field around the frame) were emitting light. Its intensity increased proportionately to the power demand of rising from the ground vertically to approximately 200 feet above the plant. At this altitude and at maximum brightness the craft hovered, then slowly began to glide at about 15 mph in a southwest direction for 1 1/2 miles, stopped, then swung around revealing its round bottom side briefly which emitted way more intense light. Then each craft traversed back at steady altitude to the staging area, hovered, then descended vertically slowly to the ground. Upon landing each then stopped emitting bright light except for the dim back-lit "portholes" . The fourth craft took its loop in a northeasterly direction. These loops appeared to be very brief and cautious test runs, done to be sure the crafts actually flew, before shipping them off to Area S-4 for full field-test proving of fitness to fly. After that, the discs would be deployed to join a growing fleet of U.S. homemade UFO fighters.
Now I had completed my six-state tour and seen the Star Wars and U.S. flying saucer manufacturing and testing facilities, as well as the anti-UFO weapons labs and test range, where weapons are perfected to shoot down extraterrestrial UFOs. What does it all mean?
I believe that UFO's, Star Wars weapons and U.S. saucers are interrelated, like a three-legged stool. As investigator Leonard Stringfield states in Timothy Good's The UFO Report(1989): "Star Wars, ostensibly conceived as a defensive system against Russian missile attacks, may have had from its beginning a 'defensive' UFO connection." Clearly, given the dramatic increase in Strategic Defense Initiative Office funding, (a 33% increase in each of the last three years (Missing the Target:SDI in the 1990's, Union of Concerned Scientists)), while there has been a dramatic drop in the Soviet missile threat since 1989 as the USSR fell apart, the Union of Concerned Scientists concluded that "there is no rationale for an SDI system as large as that proposed either by Congress...or the Bush administration". This anomaly further points to a different agenda for SDI than stopping CIS missiles or Third World terrorists. That agenda, I believe, is developing weapons 'countermeasures' capability against Star Visitors and their UFOs. SDI "countermeasures" include nuclear, laser, electromagnetic-pulse and particle beam directed-energy weapons.
Documentary evidence of such agenda appears to have been inadvertently provided by NASA when the astronauts of the Shuttle Discovery transmitted to Earth video camera footage of (ET) UFO's traversing just above Earth atmosphere. One UFO suddenly makes a 90-degree turn to the right and accelerates off into deeper space just a second before a burst of shaped-pulse high energy beam streaks up from Earth towards the spot where the UFO would have been if it had not radically changed course. Other UFO's are shown being shot at by visibly energized EM weapon bursts. This videotape was shown on NBC's Hard Copy program of June 5, 1992, and narrated by UFO Magazine Contributing Editor Don Ecker. A Star Wars weapon shooting at a UFO above Earth's atmosphere? It looked that way to Don Ecker.
And from my research, it looks that way to me too.
The assembling of a fleet of U.S. saucers in Nevada appears to be a related effort to develop U.S. capacity to do mortal combat with Star-Visitor UFOs on technologically parallel terms.
Also, compelling evidence exists that the assembling of high-tech weapons, such as the impossibly-powerful 100-trillion-volts Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon developed at Sandia National Laboratory under the appropriately-named Star Wars program, is precisely to make war on the Star Visitors.

What is the motive for the Shadow Government's war on extraterrestrials? Richard Hoagland, former editor of Star & Sky magazine and consultant to NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center, explains. "There is a great deal of naivete about the forces in our society that do not want this knowledge, even in the form of a very useful technology, to get out." He notes that there are "interlocking institutions whose job it is to keep themselves in business. And they do not take lightly to this ET technology. After all, how do people stay in power? Because they define the universe as limited, rare, and scarce, and then [they] put a price tag on it. Then some people are put in charge of doling out the scarce precious thing; other people buy it at whatever the market will bear. And you have a really neat system for controlling people." (Wildfire, 6:1, Spring, 1992).
Is the Shadow Government's aggressive and paranoid SDI war-fighting response the one we want made in our name to visits by intelligent life from other planets? Is that a good use for $80 billion of our tax dollars? (SDI Budget, 1993-2005, Union of Concerned Scientists, op. cit.. As Edmund Burke once stated, "All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for enough good men [and women] to do nothing."
Something we can do to expose and oppose this evil is demanding of our elected representatives that the Black Budget be opened to full Congressional and public scrutiny and debate. This also should include the Intelligence budgets, particularly NSA, NRO, CIA and DIA, and their top-classified Unacknowledged Special Access Programs.
Finally, we need to demand that Congress pass legislation outlawing and invalidating the pernicious practice of Secret Executive Orders by the President, with no accountability to the American people, (such as Truman's classified Executive Order of 09/24/47 setting up the MJ-12 Committee to enforce UFO secrecy, and hiding extraterrestrial contact from the American people (T. Good, Above Top Secret).
The ball is in our court.

It is now latter-2022, 30 years after the Grand Tour. And for the past couple of years the U.S. Navy has finally been admitting on national television that its fighter pilots have been chasing UFOs and admitting "that they are not ours". So, the U.S. Government is finally (cagily) acknowledging that UFOs are real. This is ALMOST Disclosure. But it is not.
The Government (and its Navy) have not said a word about the people flying those UFOs.
The biggest part of the UFO Cover-Up is the refusal of the Government to say anything about ETs, the Star People visiting Earth. This is the most shameful part of the Suppression of information about the Star People.
How long will this unforgivable silence go on? Will 2022 be the Year that the Government finally admits that Earth is being visited by people from elsewhere?
That is not a small matter, President Biden and UN Secretary General Gutteres. Truth, now!
The People demand it.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a psychologist, anthropologist, clinical hypnotherapist, and emeritus university instructor. He has been investigating Star Visitor interactions with humans for over 45 years. [And participating in some of those interactions.]

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of Earth
E-mail: drboylan@outlook.com