GRAVITY 101 - How Gravity Works: the Three Ways

We will examine the advanced technology behind the 14 U.S. advanced antigravity aerospace crafts which operate with either Partial Gravity Shielding or with a Total Antigravity Field (Complete Gravity Repulsion).
There are three principal means of creating an energy field which reduces the attractive force of gravity, or which eliminates it altogether.

These three involve creating: an Electrogravitic force field, a Magnetogravitic force field, and a Nucleo-gravitic force field.

Let's look at the ways a partial or complete antigravity field can be made.
The  first, most primitive antigravity technology is  electrogravitic. This involves using voltages in the millions of volts to disrupt the hold of Earth's gravitational field. One such electrogravitic technology results in an 89% reduction in gravity's hold on airframes in such vehicles as the B-2 Stealth Bomber.
Dr. Boylan has been told that the secret Nautilus spacefaring craft uses magnetic pulsing and a form of ultra strong electromagnetic-field technology.
Given the intensely-bright ambient ionization field which he observed around the X-22A antigravity flying disc in a canyon adjacent to the Tonopah Test Range, Nevada, it is reasonable to assume that an extreme-voltage electromagnetic field was generated from within this craft.
The  second  level up in sophistication is  magneto-gravitic. This involves generating high-energy toroidal fields spun at incredibly-high RPMs (e.g. 20,000 rpms) which also disrupts Earth's ambient gravitational field to the extent that a gravitational field counterforce secondary to Earth's gravitational field is generated. The early British black-programs aeronautical engineers called this 'dynamic counterbary'. A U.S. defense contractor, Edgar R. Fouche, who worked in 'black projects' revealed that the TR3-B Astra triangular craft achieves its silent floating ability and antigravity field propulsion using this technology.
The  third  level of sophistication is  nucleo-gravitic, that which is used in the most modern U.S. antigravity craft. This involves the  direct harnessing of the inside-the-atomic-nucleus gravitons (gravitatonal force-carrier bosons)  to create a second gravitational field surrounding an antigravity craft in order to neutralize Earth's natural gravitational-field pull on that craft, and to generate its own custom opposite-polarity gravitational field to navigate with.
Two elements, Bismuth (Element 83) and Muscovium (Element 115), both have unique gravitational characteristics because of their particular unique atomic nucleus configuration (the 'Magic Number' of 184 neutrons in each atom). In them the Strong Force Field naturally extends slightly beyond their nucleus. It does so much more powerfully in the case of Element 115 than with Bismuth.
These two elements Bismuth (Element 83) and Muscovium (Element 115) have stable  isotopes  which  generate their own gravitational fields, secondarily and independent of Earth's gravitational field. By amplifying that secondary gravitational field created by the element's graviton-bosons forming its strong force field, a craft suffused with that  secondary  gravitational force field becomes what GE scientist Henry W. Wallace called a "kinemassic-field body", [kine (force) + mass (amount of matter in an object)] This field endows the craft body's mass with an integrated secondary-gravity force field, eliminating Earth's weight and inertia effects. A pilot aboard the craft using power from a portable antimatter reactor on board can direct that secondary gravitational force field to lift the craft from the ground, and then switch to powering the craft forward (or backward) by manipulating the kinemassic-field body's (the craft's) polarity to activate either its inherent attraction to, or repellency from, Earth's gravitational field.
Once in space beyond Earth's gravity field, the pilot can then switch the secondary-gravity kinemassic field to target the destination in space (e.g., the Moon) and activate the attraction-force option. Since the craft is now weightless and there is no air resistance, it zips rapidly towards its target.
Important information about this third atomic Strong Force Field technology* is available in Bob Lazar's courageous expose video, 'Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers". It is available to rent ($3.99) on

*Lest anyone think this is a flight of imagination,  the U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent for that technology, Generating a Secondary Artificial Gravitational Force Field  (U.S. Patent 3,626,605). Patent "Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field" was issued to GE scientist Henry William Wallace in 1971. The Patent is worth reading because it explains the process of generating an artificial gravity field, how to effect gravity shielding, and how to neutralize the hold of Earth's gravity to create weightlessness. The Patent does not say so, but Dr. Boylan has indication that this technology was discovered by earlier GE scientists who back-engineered the power plant of the UFO which was shot down, crashed, and was retrieved by Army Air Forces teams north of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.Army Colonel Phillip Corso was then given the assignment of quietly distributing various parts of crashed UFOs to select technology companies like General Electric who promised not to reveal the extraterrestrial origin of the technology.

The  Time-Line of Antigravity Technology Development is worth reflecting on.
1947  Two UFOs crash near Roswell, New Mexico and are retrieved by Army Air Forces teams. 

1961  Army Colonel Phillip Corso was given the assignment of distributing various parts from the Roswell flying disc to top U.S. technology industries and military research labs to advance American technological sophistication and understanding. 

Late 1980s  Nuclear physicist Bob Lazar joins other scientists such as physicist Dr. Michael Wolf working at the S-4 Annex (Papoose Lake National Laboratory) of Area 51 - Groom Lake National Laboratory, where they analyze the Roswell and other UFOs' levitation and propulsion systems. 

1992  Bob Lazar (and other UFO enthusiasts including Dr. Boylan) stake out positions next to Nevada Highway 375 and watch successful test flights of U.S. antigravity craft above the mountain ridges of Groom Lake, Area 51, Nevada. (These were Antigravity Discs, manufactured by Northrop Aerospace Corporation's black projects division.) 

2019  A total of 14 reduced-gravity aircraft and fully-antigravity spacecraft are now known to exist.

These 14 Partial Gravity-Shielded and Fully Antigravity Crafts are listed at:
It took the U.S. 45 years to figure out (with extraterrestrial consultants' help) how a UFO flies but the U.S. finally got it up!
All of these technologies are nonetheless primitive in comparison with the Star Visitors' own spacecrafts which utilize not only artificial internal gravitational fields which eliminate weight and inertia, but can also harness quantum effects to short-cut through space.


Some After-thoughts by Dr. Boylan

America has used its enormous wealth to become the global super-power. The world awaits the day when America finds its soul, and pays more attention to matters of spirit, mind, and metaphysical and moral development, and withdraws from its over-addiction to highly advanced technology.
It has been said that if the American people knew what the military had in their arsenal today, they wouldn't believe it, and would think that someone was fantasizing about a George Lucas Star Wars movie episode. But it's not science-fiction. The future is already here!
The implications of these advanced antigravity craft, back-engineered by Humans from ET examples, are several.
An international military consortium led by the U.S. operates a variety of reduced-gravity and fully antigravity craft.
But a significant amount of that antigravity technology is also in the possession of countries, such as Communist China and Russia ruled by an 'ex'-Soviet KGB officer. These are controlled by a global-control cartel known colloquially as 'the Cabal'. The Cabal are a global cartel of dominance and control oligarchs and their minions. The Cabal are the ones primarily conducting and enforcing the UFO Cover-Up.
Since the Cabal effectively control a significant part of the development and special uses of these craft, there remains a very high danger that the Cabal will use its growing antigravity fleet to try to repel the Star Visitors and even conduct a False-Flag Alien Space War above the heads of humans. 'White Hats' within the U.S.[& Allies] Space Command are making preparations for such a Space War offensive conducted by Cabal antigravity craft.
What can we do about this as lightworkers, Star Seed adults, Star Kids, or other humans of good will? First is to keep ourselves informed about dangerous and evil uses to which antigravity (and quantum) technology can be applied. Second is to contact our political representatives to oppose policies and weapons systems development that are oriented towards offensive space warfare. Third is to encourage the release of this technology into the civilian sector, where it can revolutionize transportation, energy generation, large construction projects, and other peaceful uses.
Fourth, the existence of this advanced human technology is a two-edged sword for the Cabal. Not only is the existence of antigravity technology starting to get out to the public, but also so is the very existence of a massive worldwide organization conducting the UFO Cover-Up and conducting unauthorized confiscation of Star Visitor technology. As the public becomes aware that the Cabal have unfairly obtained and hoarded this technology for over 75 years, the public will become angry at the Cabal for their greed and selfishness. This then becomes the opportunity to expose and discredit the Cabal, the Number One obstacle to human safety and progress.

How the Star Visitors Accomplish Spaceflight and Celestial Navigation
This  Second Addendum is provided by Wendi Powers, Dr. Boylan's close associate who is passing on information from the Zeta Star Visitors. [Wendi's address:]
Wendi says: 1) Zeta craft skin is very unique. Zeta crafts are self healing - as long as they are not too messed up,, small things repair automatically. The skin of Zeta craft is amazing. It is actually nano-technology, and the small cells (*not actually cells, but they are alive and thoughtful individual quark units which make up the material in a uniform state) - these cells communicate internally and share the common service of keeping the whole craft healthy. They watch out over each other and if one unit is hurt, they will heal the injured one. In [a Science Channel show, Future Cars*], it showed how a car can get a scratch and the paint is a type of intelligent polymer that will self-heal the scratch. *
Wendi says, 'I have actually held a piece of Zeta craft from the Roswell crash and talked with the square piece. It responded directly to my touch and requests.'
2) Cars of the future will be linked with the driver. For a Zeta craft, this is the same thing on an advanced level. The Zeta craft listens to the heart energy of the one in communication with it. It will not respond to energy of ego. This is also why the [monstrously-egotistic] Cabal who have captured Zeta craft can not figure out how to drive them. One time I was called in [by her Cabal captors when she was a kidnapped young person] to try to make a Zeta craft fly - along with some other people. It was very easy for me to have the craft respond and get off the ground because of how the craft responds to the pilot. Of course after I figured out the [Cabal] person was trying to find out how I was able to make the Zeta craft get off the ground in the hanger, I immediately knew to shut it down. I told them I had no idea how I did it. Just like the cars in our own future, if the car/craft senses that the one driving is not supposed to be doing so - they just won't work.
3) Cars of the future will be interconnected through what the [movie] is calling 'the Matrix'. They will be on a grid form of travel. They hope this will keep cars from crashing. (My father actually designed a car system back in 1940's that did exactly this based on magnetic engineering - but anyway...) Zeta craft naturally do this. In fact, all the Star Nations craft I ever heard about among the many Species do this already. The Space Beacon System ["Monoliths"] is the brain behind what goes on in the [space] energy grids. The Space Beacon keeps all the information of where craft are and such so they don't smash into each other all the time. Of course that system is based on not just our simple energy level but on many millions of energy systems that all interlap and overlap. It is actually a very amazing thing to see in person because the technology the Star Folks use to do this is so cool. In 1978 when I was 8 and got to go to the City of Light [deep in space], the two Star Folks who took me had an on-board system that was holographic. And they were asking the computer or Star-Ship system, along with talking to each other (one male and one female), about the best path to take back to their home where they wanted to take me. They were pointing out something that they were trying to avoid and talking about how to go around that. (I say talking but it was telepathic speech not human words, but I could understand the energy of what they were saying). But after they settled on the path they wanted to take, their Star Ship took over. And I knew it was automatic and would not hit anything. And from the Zeta craft I have seen the same type of thing - but a little different.
4) Cars of the future here on Earth are being shown [on the Science Channel program] to be autonomous. But we need to consider this a little more in our development choices. The Zeta craft actually feed back to the Zeta pilot whatever the pilot wants at the time. If it is on auto-mode going somewhere specific, and the Zeta decide they want to swing by Earth to make a visit over [e.g., Washington, DC], well, it is a simple single thought to do so. And the Zeta craft can go from automatic functioning to completely in the hands of the pilot. I find this very amazing actually because of the life that the Zeta craft has. When the one was shot down in Roswell, it was fully under control of Zeta pilot rather than self-mode. Self-mode would have protected the craft totally, and it would have left. But the Zetas aboard made a choice. In that situation, the Zeta pilot made a choice based on the heart energy of their group. I still do not understand that entire situation, but I do know, based on asking Zeta, that a Human [on the ground] would have been killed had they not make the choice they made. And Zeta work very hard to cause no harm. It was a split-second decision when either answer was not ideal. But the point is that the choice of action is finally in the hands of the [Zeta] pilot.
[End of Wendi report about Zeta observations.]

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