The Inner Earth Peoples

Contrary to what the title above might make you think, this article is not about the Star Visitors. Rather, it is about other races we will be in contact with some day, races which some of our ancestors had contact with. The Zetas have indicated that the time had come that I should make Humans aware of these near-by races, because it is important for Humans to know what is really going on.
Dr. Boylan refers to these infra-terrestrials as the Inner Earth Peoples.
The following information is from a psychic colleague, with additional information (in an Addendum) provided by other psychic colleagues. This information has been confirmed to me by several Star Visitors.
The Inner Earth Peoples is a term which can be used to refer to advanced indigenous intelligent species here on Earth for a very long time, and dwelling by choice within the Earth or in domed cities at the bottom of the ocean. They are Species of Earth, originating on Earth long ago, or seeded on Earth from elsewhere, and were extant during the time of the Atlantean and Lemurian civilizations.
The Inner Earth Peoples got burned on Human folly at various points in past times, including those scientist-shamans (later called the Cabal) whose nuclear and energy-weapons debacles wiped out the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria and scorched parts of the Indian subcontinent more than 10,500 years ago. And so the Inner Earth Peoples decided to keep apart from 'those crazy Humans' and often spend a majority of their time underground or cloaked in invisibility in order to do so.
The Inner Earth Peoples have their own separate communications with Star Nations, and are considered by Star Nations as an intelligent species separate from Humans on Earth.
These Inner-Earth races do come to us in dreams, visions and shamanic journeys. And the Sasquatch, faeries, leprechauns and Minehune do occasionally make an appearance on Earth's surface. They at times make themselves visible and approachable for those whose hearts are gentle, open, and unafraid.
It should be noted that what our ancestors called fairies are what people today call Orbs, the gentle floating luminous-energy Orb Folk. In drawings of fairies the wings were our ancestors' attempt to depict floating hovering sentient beings to the simple people who could not otherwise understand how someone could be suspended in the air.
In addition to the Inner Earth species who live within the Earth, or invisibly on its surface, there are others, the Ceatallions who live in the ocean. The Ceatallions are an intelligent aquatic species who were seeded here 58 millennia ago by the Nommos, a more evolved intelligent aquatic species also living on a planet orbiting the star Sirius B in the Sirius binary system. The Nommos have humanoid upper torsos with arms and hands with webbed fingers and a fish-like lower torso with tail. The Ceatallions have gills and bluish skin. When the Ceatallions were at an earlier evolutionary development phase on Sirius B, they were land-based and had legs. Later as they spent most time underwater, their legs gradually fused into a dolphin-like tail somewhat like the manatee. They are not mutants but their own species. Their scaly body appearance is somewhat similar to that of the water being in that old movie, 'The Creature From the Black Lagoon'.
The Nommos later returned to check in on the Ceatallions, and also taught the ancestors of the Dogon people of present-day Mali in Africa advanced knowledge including metalsmithing and astronomy.
The Ceatallions developed an underwater civilization on Earth, where they live underwater in a handful of cities on the ocean floor. They travel to and from these underwater cities in very fast gravity-shielded vehicles which can move very rapidly through the water with very little resistance, and after surfacing can fly above the ocean. Navy sonar operators have spotted these USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) traveling much faster than any nuclear submarine can, but are told by their superior officers that 'it's classified' and to ignore those sonar readings. The USOs that people think are extraterrestrial starcraft going for a dunk in the ocean are, in some cases, the crafts of Ceatallions who live in ocean-floor communities.
The seabed-dwelling Ceatallions are extremely upset at 'Land Dwellers' (as they call Humans) for destroying the ecological balance of the ocean. The over-warming and polluting of the ocean, the changing marine ecology, and the decline of fisheries are having a direct adverse impact on the Ceatallions.
These Ceatallions were at one point trying to relocate to another planet which they had been allowed to visit, which is mostly water, but Star Nations said no. Star Nations has taken exception to the attitude of Ceatallions towards Humans, for at least one segment of the Ceatallions' governments is very opposed to any contact with us 'Land Dwellers'.
As for the Ceatallions' current refusal of Human contact, it remains to be seen if those Ceatallions will decide to lift their Embargo on Land-Dwellers Contact, and give Humans another chance at communication and contact.
At a recent briefing, Star Nations told the Ceatallions that they need to actually help Earth, and not just sit by and blame Humans for what is wrong.
The Inner Earth Peoples have over millennia slowly begun making underground communities. They only emerge occasionally to help humans they resonate with who need assistance. They are kind and compassionate. But again, they shy quickly away from violence and will have nothing to do with it.
The Inner Earth Peoples take the position that Humans should be honored to be called an Earth Human because, even though many Humans have lost clear vision and operate in an emotionally unbalanced way, it is a privilege to be Human. We should never shun our Human traits. The Inner Earth peoples have been taught that one day the Human Race will become a beautiful Race and honored among the Stars. That process is now just starting to begin.
Inner Earth Peoples feel they have to be very selective in any outreach to Humans. They can easily heal long-distance. They hold great compassion.
Those Humans that have learned their proper life-orientation (to Source/God) will continue onward in development, and will eventually merit contact from Inner-Earth Peoples.
The Inner Earth Peoples regard this Earth Being (living Gaia) very deeply with love, and want to salvage their home from those Humans who have not learned to care for it.
The Star Visitors are quite aware and informed about Inner Earth Peoples.
The Cabal is aware of these Inner Earth people, and has tried to reach out to a couple of Ceatallion citizens to manipulate them. Star Nations considered such a development a very serious matter, so has very recently placed a high restriction on any access to the Ceatallions.
So, while the Inner Earth Peoples are a more advanced set of Species, even they still have a ways to go in their full spiritual development.
But Star Nations felt it was time that Humans moved past ignorance, myths, and disinformation, and for us to get the straight-information picture on these other intelligent species on Earth. We are not alone here. We share this Earth with other advanced indigenous intelligent species.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor