June 7, 2011: Smoking-Gun proof: Mars Station exposed on MSNBC and FOX News; now _you_ can do something about it!
While looking over the images from Google Mars, researcher David Martines spotted an outpost on Mars. David posted a video of his finding on YouTube but now it is gone.
So, the U.S. has a Mars Station and it has the global coordinates of 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W.
The Mars Station is comprised of a very large long metallic cylindrical-shaped building attached by passageways to three separate spherical buildings at one end of the cylindrical facility.
That outpost on Mars is estimated by David Martines to be about 700 feet (213m) long and 150 feet (46m) wide; thus about 105,000 square feet (9755m), (making it about the size of the combined floor space of 45 average houses of 2330 sq. feet (216m) size each.)
This is the "modest-size outpost on Mars" which my friend Dr. Michael Wolf, scientist-leader of the National Security Council's Special Studies Group's AlphaCom Team, told me about in 1997. He was not allowed to say any details about it.
So, when President George W. Bush in 2004 grandly spoke about his plans for us "to go to Mars", it was not a case of Bush hiding the fact that humans had already been to Mars and built an outpost there; rather it was the case that he was not informed about that fact. But Vice-President Cheney knew about Mars Station. Dick Cheney is an old Cabal hand involved in super-secret briefings about UFO/Star Visitor matters for many decades.
The Mars Station has two main purposes.
One purpose is to serve as an additional space surveillance facility, as part of surveil and report operations about any near-space Star Visitors craft. Thus one or more of those spherical buildings at one end of the outpost are radar facilities, housed within protective "golf ball"-shaped housing, as are many military radar posts on Earth. The Mars Station radar findings are telemetry-linked to the network of surveillance satellites orbiting Earth, and all of those feeds coordinated at the U.S. Air Force Space Command at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, Colorado. Right next door to Peterson is its twin, Schriever Air Force Base. Above Schriever AFB's headquarters entranceway reads the grand motto: "Masters of Space". The Air Force will have to get in line behind the Navy to make that claim. The Space Field Activity unit of Navy's warfare command has operated a 'Solar Warden' Space Fleet since the late 1980s.
The other purpose is to observe and report any attempts by the Cabal to colonize Mars for their own selfish survival in case things go to hell on Earth due to escalating environmental pollution from the corrupt oligarchs' multi-national corporations' enterprises wreaking havoc, or due to global nuclear or biological warfare, which the oligarchs keep provoking and escalating to such a point that Earth could well become uninhabitable.
So, what does the existence of the Mars Station tell us?
For one thing, the reach of human space presence stretches part-way across our solar system.
For another thing, the Cabal's plan for their big-wigs to just flee to Mars and laugh while Earth becomes a sterile ball is not going to work.
Information is power. Use this information to do your bit to help make people aware of how far human space travel has gone already.


This is an update to my June 7 report, providing information on that strange facility showing up on Google Mars satellite photo maps on Mars's surface.
I now have proof in the form of three independent experts , one a retired military intelligence officer, the second a retired consultant scientist to the National Security Council, and the third a retired Ground Astronaut at Kennedy Space Center, confirming that Mars Station is real.
It most definitely is not a "photo artifact".
Retired SCO/Ground Astronaut at Cape Canaveral Clark McClelland states: "Yes, that object is on the surface of Mars." McClelland further states, "The top secret astronaut corps has, and still is, flying to Mars, and the Moon from Earth, and scientists have created huge spaceships to travel to other planets, etc."
Retired National Security Council consultant scientist Dr. Michael Wolf gave me indication that Mars Station has been in existence for at least 15+ years! (since 1962).
Retired Army Intelligence officer Roi-den "Sweeps" Fox confirms that the installation is real. "Sweeps" also observes that there are "many hands in the pie".
What he is alluding to is that the Mars Station as an international enterprise, in the sense that not only the U.S. but also UK, Russia, China and Canada contributed to the construction of this Mars Station, and contributed to the secret astronaut corps which staff this station, and who ferry personnel and supplies to and from this Mars Station.
What this also means is that the staffing of Mars Station is technicians and space surveillance personnel who are there for legitimate Station-maintenance and space-defense purposes.

The video David Martines made, presenting that installation he found on Google Mars satellite photos, has gone viral on the Internet, and been featured as a serious news story on MSNBC and FOX News, among others.
This is the smoking gun evidence which ought to be enough to end the UFO Cover-Up! Here's why.
Proof now exists, both photographic and testimony by two experts, that humans have built a structure on Mars.
This raises the issue of how those humans got to Mars, and with massive supplies!
NASA has not announced any flights to Mars from Kennedy Space Center. Nor has any other country.
Neither the United States nor any other country is supposed to currently have spacecraft capable of interplanetary travel. Such craft have been discussed as "only in the planning stages" and "many years off into the future" before they can be built.
Somebody's lying.
Furthermore, since the existence of Mars Station proves that in fact the U.S., and possibly also Russia and China, do have secret interplanetary spacecraft, why has this fact been kept from the public?
Where did such out-of-this-world technology come from? And how did they get it?
Where did the enormous sums of money come from to develop and finance interplanetary spacecraft and travel, and to build an installation on Mars?
Who authorized the Mars Station Project? Was it the U.S. President? And if not, is he in the dark about this feat of interplanetary travel? And if so, who is keeping him in the dark? And why?
There is only one group on Earth who could run such massive secret, parallel, multinational, unofficial space programs across U.S., Russian, Chinese and Canadian government jurisdictions, coordinate them, and finance them independently "off the books".
That group is the MJ-12 Committee, a trans-national group which manages UFO information matters and runs the UFO Cover-Up.
The uncovering of Mars Station is our chance to force the end of the UFO Cover-Up.
It is our chance to demand answers about who owns Mars Station, and why weren't we told about it.
It is our best chance to demand answers from our official governments about what they know about the shadowy organization behind this Project.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.