Roswell was more than UFOs. The Military-Industrial Complex wanted the advanced technology UFOs had and they didn't want to share it with any competitors. So they insisted on absolute secrecy under penalty of death. And so UFO-truth martyrs began.

Now, as UFOs come 'out of the closet' and are certified real by the U.S. Government, fuller details can emerge about the 'Roswell UFO Crash', and more.
There were not one but two New Mexico UFO crashes that occurred that day, July 3, 1947. Those 'crashes' happened because both UFOs were _shot down_ as they flew over White Sands Proving Ground [now, Missile Range], New Mexico, (where the first atomic bombs were tested.)
The U.S. Government was beginning to try out earliest high-energy weapons (electromagnetic-pulse 'cannons'), based on the same nuclear physics as the atomic bomb but directed as a beam weapon. The people inside those UFOs were unaware of that, and so were unprepared. Those two UFOs were shot down !
Congressman John F. Kennedy was briefed on UFOs because his dad, Joseph Kennedy Sr. was powerful in Democratic circles and was providing assistance to Vice-President Truman as Truman was transitioning from V-P to President, after President Roosevelt suddenly died. Truman took over supervising the Roswell UFO Event and created the MJ-12 Committee to create a UFO Cover-Up.
Then, when John Kennedy became the President, he became a 'problem' for the MJ-12 Committee because Jack was the darling of the country and thought he could get away with revealing the truth behind Roswell and tell all about UFO reality.
Who was the ultimate political muscle behind 'Eliminating The JFK Problem'? It was the extremely powerful MJ-12 Committee, tasked with maintaining the UFO Cover-up, and having unrestricted authority to maintain that cover-up. What they said goes. And they had plenty of people in government who hated Kennedy. . And so, he was liquidated, professionally, in Dallas Nov. 22, 1963. It was the MJ-12 Committee who ordered President John Kennedy killed.
President Kennedy was the highest-profile martyr of the UFO Cover-Up. But not the first.
Before him in 1949, Secretary of Defense James Forrestal, a member of the MJ-12 Committee who objected to the MJ-12 imposed secrecy about UFOs, died in a 'fall' from a 16th-floor window in what a number of researchers say was a push out the window by one or more intelligence operatives to assure his silence.
Researchers into UFOs and close encounters with extraterrestrials, too many to count, have been viciously attacked, had their reputations destroyed, and sometimes their careers ended because of the decades-long campaign of official lies, debunking and smears by operatives trying to maintain the UFO Cover-Up.
The MJ-12 Committee has blood on its hands. Shame!
It's time for the UFO Cover-Up to end! The people can handle the truth.
It's also time to terminate the MJ-12 Committee, with prejudice.
And It's most certainly time for us the public to accept that we are not alone.