2017: Star Nations Permanent Diplomatic Mission to Earth

Star Nations has determined that Earth has reached the stage of development and awareness where it is time to open formal public diplomatic relations. High on the agenda is establishing a Star Nations-United Nations Treaty of Peace and Friendship. We can look forward to open and regular communication between Earth and Star Nations.
To help achieve this, a Star Nations Diplomatic Mission has been established. This Mission is headed by Star Nations' Ambassador to Earth, Councillor Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Notice the motto of Star Nations Diplomatic Mission: 'Friendship, Integrity, Transparency'
Star Nations' business will be conducted honorably, openly and publicly. And Star Nations expects no less of the nations of Earth and their United Nations.
Star Nations Diplomatic Mission will conduct diplomatic relations with Earth's United Nations through the Office of the UN President in consultation with the General Assembly. Star Nations Mission looks forward to working with the people of Earth, as we advance together towards a brighter and exciting future.
Star Nations hopes that the United Nations will quickly transform its underperforming Office for Outer Space Affairs into a new UN Secretariat for Outer Space Affairs, This Secretariat will assist with communication and dialog between Star Nations and Earth's citizens. .

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor [Ambassador] of/for Earth
Star Nations Diplomatic Mission to Earth