Psychic Shielding 101
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Step One. A shielding strategy I can suggest is to start by invoking and surrounding yourself with the white light of Spiritís blessing and uplifting. This is accomplished by your focused intention and by making a humble open-hearted request of Source [God] to surround you with that White Light.

Step Two: Second-layer protection is created by intention: willing the formation of a (psychic) shielding all around you, shaped like a geodesic-dome but spherical shield, (elongated on the vertical axis. Think of a fat double-terminated clear quartz crystal in its vertical position.) This titanium-plates shield is composed of many triangular plates which fit together to form an icosahedron-like structure, (like the many-faceted plates that fit together to make a disco ball or Bucky Ball). This geodesic-plates shield is made of titanium plates, an ultra-strong yet ultra-light metal. In addition, you also create by your intention that these plates have the property of selective reflectivity for the shielding, so that anyone sending harm has that harmful energy bounced back as Return-Mail/Refused-By-Sender. In extreme cases, you can form an intention to increase the energy sent back, for example by 1500 times, sufficient to dissuade the original sender. This "reflectivity" feature on your shielding is quite justified when the sender (usually the Cabal) engages in their malicious and powerful psychic attacking. For ordinary threats the titanium-plates shield itself is enough, i.e., the attack "bounces" off. But for stronger attacks, high reflectivity may be used. For heavy attacks, protect yourself by setting the shielding reflect-back feature at a strength of 150,000 times what was directed at you. That should do it.

Step Three: You can also add an additional layer of shielding outside the titanium shield. This third shielding shell will be of electromagnetic pulsing (EMP) energy. [EMP is generated by several sources, including nuclear weapon explosions.] A shell of outward-directed EMP energy has the ability to dissipate and dissolve any electromagnetic [EM] directed-energy being emitted from a Cabal directed-energy weapons they use, such as a psychotronic 'rifle'. A Star Seed can use his/her psychic ability to "borrow" some EMP energy from an old 1950s atomic bomb test in Nevada and teleport it across space and time to surround you, with the EMP energy aimed outward away from you. Besides thus repelling Cabal EM weapon energy, you can also send your EMP energy back at the Cabal energy weapon itself, thereby frying it and rendering it inoperative.

Step Four: A fourth shielding shell can be fashioned by your intention: a shell of many outward-facing plasma-torch flame jets. These flame jets are set by your intention to flare up and reach out and singe/sear any Cabal warlocks or witches who would practice witchcraft against you. If you detect witchcraft being used against you, fire up! It has been my experience that those warlocks and witches hate being seared by intense heat and knock off their witchcraft right away.

Okay, there you have your psychic shield of four shells of light/energy. A Star Kid or Star Seed adult so shielded is stronger than any dark-hearted Cabal attacker. Source [God] wills that it is so. Your four-shells psychic shield: don't leave home without it.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor of/for Earth


Further observations on shield reflectivity: Reflectivity does not presume anger or hatred or evil intent on your part. It is, at its simplest, a mere refusal to be the recipient of the Sender's malicious energies. This provides the attacking Sender with a choice. Having the prospect of his malicious energies returning and sitting in front of him in his lap, does he really want to try again, (to no purpose), or should he abandon the project, (the sensible conclusion). There is no implication in reflectivity that the defender wants to destroy the sender. It is merely returning unwelcome incoming "mail" unopened. If the attacking Sender decides to try again, and amps up the evil energies he sends, oh well, reflectivity provides him with instant feedback on whether he really wants that additional amount of energy returned to pool in front of him for him to have to do something with. In my experience they soon give up their attack on you, having little patience for defeat.

When I shield, it is done with love, and trust in Source. When I perceive an attack incoming, I unemotionally shield-up and install titanium-shield reflectivity, so that the Sender has an opportunity to reflect on what he wants to do when his attack "package" is returned to him for proper disposal. I am quite aware that the Spiritual Law of Karma is in play, and I for one would not want the karma that the evil Sender accrues by sending his malicious energy hits. To defend oneself is just a case of conforming to the Spiritual Law of the Protection of Man. We have a right to self-defense. And no one has the "right" to attack us. There is no moral fault in our self-defense.

Shielding in the current corrupt Fourth World environment of Earth society should be as much a part of your day as brushing your teeth. Make it your daily practice.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC; Councillor
President, Star Kids Project, Ltd, Diamond Springs, CA 95619-1009, USA