Ph.D. (Psychology, Minor in Anthropology), University of California, Davis, 1984
M.S.W. (Social Work), University of California, Berkeley, 1971
M.S.Ed. (Educational Administration), Fordham University, New York City, 1966
B.A. (Philosophy), Saint John's College, Camarillo, CA 1961


Counseling and Administration

2019-2023 Board Director, Diamond Springs-El Dorado Fire Protection District, Diamond Springs, CA.
2005- ____ Star Nations Councillor of Earth appointment to serve as Star Nations spokesperson and representative for Earth at Star Nations Council.
2003-2014 President, Star Kids Project
2001-2003 Administrative Supervising Social Worker, Kair In-Home Social Services FFA
2000-2001 Clinical Social Worker, DCI Clinics, Sacramento and Colusa, CA
1999-2000 Medical Social Worker at TRC South Sacramento Dialysis Center
1993-2015 Board Director, Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, Inc.
1989-2018 Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist providing consulting, education, research in cross-cultural psychological conditions, and clinical hypnotherapy.
1973-1995 Independent Practice as Psychologist, Clinical Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist
1994 Consulting Psychologist to the Federal TOHP research project at UC Davis Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine
1988-1989 Regional Director, U.S. Behavioral Health, Inc., an employee assistance program and managed behavioral health care service
1986-1987 Senior Mental Health Counselor, Sacramento County Mental Health Center, Intensive Care Unit and Outpatient Department
1977-1985 Director, Calaveras County Mental Health Department, and Administrator, Calaveras County Alcohol and Drug Programs
1972-1977 Psychiatric Social Worker, Outpatient Department (1971-1976); Chief, Criminal Justice Psychiatric Unit (1976-1977), Marin County Mental Health Department
1971-1972 Social Worker, Marin County Department of Social Services
1970-1971 Counselor and Assistant Pastoral Director, South Campus Community Ministry, Berkeley Free Church
1968-1969 Child Protective Services Social Worker II, Napa County Department of Public Welfare
1965-1968 Associate Pastor, Catholic Diocese of Monterey-Fresno, California


2000 Lecturer in Psychology, Heald College, Sacramento
1998-1999 Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento, School of Education
1996-1998 Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology Program, Chapman University, Sacramento
1985-1990 Adjunct Lecturer, California State University, Sacramento, Counseling Department and Social Work Division, graduate and undergraduate courses
1987-1988 Psychology Preceptor, School of Medicine, Family Practice Department, UC Davis Medical Center
1986-1987 Adjunct Lecturer, Psychology Department, Sierra Community College, Rocklin, CA
1985-1986 Professor, Chairman of the Department of Psychology and Human Behavior, National University, Sacramento
1984-1985 Field Practicum Supervisor of Graduate Students, California State University, Sacramento
1983 Adjunct Lecturer, University of California, Davis
1966-1967 Principal, Saint Ann's Elementary School, Ridgecrest, CA


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Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist #020596
Community College Counselor Life Credential #85132
Community College Instructor Life Credentials #87707, #2990670; in subject areas of Psychology, Public Services, Professional Education, Administration, Philosophy and Religion
Community College Supervisor Life Credential #85131
Marriage, Family & Child Counselor License (CA), issued 1972; [now retired].
Clinical Social Worker License (CA), issued 1973; [now retired].
Psychologist License (CA), issued 1987; [now retired].


Listed in Who's Who In the World, 20th - 22nd eds., 2003-2005
Listed in Who's Who In America, 58th-75th eds., 2004-2021
Listed in Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 3rd ed., 1996-1997
Listed in Who's Who in American Education, 4th-6th eds, 1993-2004
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Listed in Who's Who in the West, 21st-28th eds., 1987-2002
Listed in Who's Who in California, 1989-2017
National Institute of Health Grant #1K07AG00230 (Geriatric Medicine Academic Award, shared)
California State Graduate Fellowship
California State Undergraduate Scholarship


National Board of Hypnotherapy and Medical Anaesthesiology
Past-President, Sacramento Valley Psychological Association
Past-President, Sacramento Society of Professional Psychologists
Past-President, Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists


Councillor of Earth, Member [Chair Emeritus] Star Nations High Council, Star Nations Alliance; representing Earth to the Council, and representing Star Nations to Earth, 2005-present.
Consultant to California Psychological Association on reorganization of public mental health programs, 1978-1984
Member and Chairman, Calaveras County Board of Education, 1982-1985
Board Director, Marin Municipal Water District, 1974-1977
Member, Board of Directors, California Conference of Local (County) Mental Health Directors, 1978-1984
Consultant to State Legislative Group drafting laws governing alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs for California, AB 272 (alcohol), Statutes of 1079, and SB 184 (Drugs), Statutes of 1980. 1979-1980
Board Director, Diamond Springs-El Dorado Fire Protection District Board, 2018-2022.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Native of California, United States of America [this incarnation].