Richard Boylan, Ph.D. (04/15/2024 rev.)

A number of Star Visitor races evolved to intelligent life forms on their respective planets across the universe. Some of these civilizations are millions of years old. Other intelligent races 'out there' developed not solely from evolution, but also due to visits from other races engaging in missionary sowing of intelligent life onto planets they encountered whose indigenous biota had evolved to the point where one or more animal species could provide a suitable anatomy and physique platform for engineering in high intelligence and spirituality.
Thus the Star Nations of the galaxy vary, some races naturally evolved, while others had their development accelerated through bioengineering by older, more advanced races. Regardless of origin, many of these star races operate sort-of like Peace Corps workers, going about the galaxy exploring and trying to do good wherever they can.
And so the Star Nations decided to accelerate evolution of intelligent life on Earth. They selected a promising Primate-order candidate species, the Bonobo, from which to take reproductive material samples. They then spliced some of their own DNA into the Bonobo genes samples' DNA, and then reinserted the resulting hybrid genes into the primate mother, so that any subsequent offspring would be more intelligent.
After a number of iterations of such effort, around 275,000 years ago, Star Visitors achieved a hybrid with a significant fraction of their own very high intelligence, a smattering of their highly-developed capacity for spiritual and psychic ability, and sufficient dexterity and coordination to be capable of fashioning tools and intricate designs. They had achieved Homo Sapiens, Early Man.
After observing Homo Sapiens in operation over a number of generations with its idiosyncratic blend of primate animal instinctual behavior operating alongside incipient intelligence and spiritual sensitivity, Star Visitors were dissatisfied with the intelligence level of their hybrid. They decided to proceed further with additional genetic engineering. The result from this was what Earth anthropologists label  Homo Sapiens Sapiens. Thus, Modern Human (us) was bioengineered into existence 130,000 years ago.
Human bio-engineering has its first mention in 4000 BC Sumerian cuneiform quasi-historical tablets, the first writing down of previous oral traditions. These Sumerian historical stories mention reptilian-humanoid Visitors from the sky being the ones who fashioned Human proto-ancestors. Other Asia Minor records indicate that this Reptoid Star Visitor race also intervened around 1750 BC at Derinkuyu (southeastern modern Turkey) and elsewhere, and provided basic knowledge which aided the development of a higher level of civilization.
Still other ancient cultures, e.g. indigenous Aborigines of earlier Australia and indigenous peoples of North, Central and South America, also had their oral traditions of Star Visitors being involved in the fashioning of their original ancestors.
Thus subsequent intervention by those Star Visitors advanced from physical bioengineering to cultural and spiritual instruction. This teaching was done by Master Teachers from the heavens in various places around Earth over the centuries.
These Star Person Master Teachers have become known and revered as our Great Spiritual and Philosophical Leaders. Some of their wisdom is found in the teachings that form the Great World Religions. Due to humans' misunderstanding, embellishing, or deliberate revising of what the Star Teachers actually said, as well as their listeners' wildly enthusiastic veneration of these Teachers, their teachings became morphed into various religions that contained a mix of truths, various distortions, and outright falsehood.
The Star Person Master Teachers known as Major World Spiritual Teachers.
The Great Master Teachers include :   Krishna  (Hinduism);  Enki  (taught the revering of God as reflected in nature);  Zoroaster  (Zoroastrianism);  Lao-Tse  (Taoism/proto-Confucianism);  Quan Yin  (compassionate Enlightened One of Chinese Buddhism); Siddartha Guatama, the Buddha  (Buddhism); Jesus~Yeshua ben Joseph~Isa  (Christianity/reform-Judaism); Joseph, Jesus's foster-father, and  Mary~Miriam, Jesus' mother both taught Jesus a basic Judaism foundation, which Jesus later built on with his own teachings; [Mary supported Jesus' teaching ministry. After Jesus' death and her Assumption, Mary later reappeared as: White Buffalo Calf Woman (North America) , the Lady of Guadalupe (Mexico) , Lady of Fatima (Portugal) , and Lady of Lourdes (France) ];  Councillor For the Watchers as 'Quetzalcoatl'  (Meso-American spirituality);  Councillor Xeleria , as Viracocha teaching Incas monotheism; later as Kon Tiki  (teaching Polynesians monotheistic spirituality);   Francis of Assisi  (teaching reform Christianity); Muhammad  [pure original teaching], his four reincarnations:  Abdal-Qadir al-Jilani  (modified rigid legalistic Sunni Islam with Sufi interior experiencing of Allah~God);   Baha'u'llah  (taught Bahai, shared truths of all major religions); Bahana, (prophet/teacher within Hopi/Zuni Pueblo culture) and lastly Richard Boylan, Ph.D.~Councillor of Earth (teaching the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos.)

A Detailed Chronology of Star Person Master Teachers' educational efforts on Earth. In addition to coaching Humans on the physical and cultural bases for civilization, various Star Visitors came down from time to time as Spiritual Teachers to show Humans a fuller and more accurate spiritual understanding of their relationship to Source/God and to a higher moral standard. A number of these Master Teachers have become known and revered as great spiritual and philosophical leaders. Some of them came to concentrate on doing spiritual and moral teaching. While others included in their work teaching and showing elements of basic civilization: science, astronomy, agriculture, mathematics, architecture, human origins, medicine and other healing arts, cosmology, the basis of laws, and a rudimentary understanding of the role of Star Visitors in human history, among other things.
At the start of enumerating the great religious, philosophical and moral Teachers whom Star Nations sent among humankind, history tells us that let us note that the foundations of civilized society were first laid in the Indus River Valley of northern India; and then in the Euphrates River Valley of Mesopotamia Modern Iraq), where Sumer became known as the 'Cradle of Civilization'.
 'Krishna', (an incarnation of Reptoid Star Teacher named Councillor for the Watchers, incarnated in India as a human about 2875 B.C. Back home he was a very high member of Star Nations' Council, and a Master Teacher. Krishna was accompanied by colleagues, He is depicted as having a bluish skin tone. According to indications from the Baghavad Gita, he lived about 128 years. Considerable mythology obscures the actual details of his life. He is depicted as a champion of justice. Weary of the war-like culture of his time, later in life he devoted himself to meditation. Krishna was seen as a prophet, teacher and intermediary between God and Humans, according to Bahai tradition. Hinduism mistakenly sees him as a deity. But in actuality he was a messenger, and a Master Teacher, who had lived previously as a member of a blue-skinned Reptoid star civilization.
Around 2600 B.C. Councillor for the Watchers returned to Earth as Enki, in Sumer (Mesopotamia, modern Iraq). 'Enki' means  (Lord of the Earth) in Sumerian. Star Person Enki taught the Sumerians basic elements of early civilization: reverence for God as Source and also as reflected in nature, basic astronomy, architecture, the building of canals, irrigation agriculture, decorative pottery-making, basic tool-making such as sickles made of hard-fired clay, and later of metal, early symbolic writing (cuneiform), numbers, rudimentary medicine, etc. After Enki departed, the Sumerian people turned him into their principal god, the teacher of civilization, wisdom, and culture.
This same Star Teacher, Councillor for the Watchers appeared in Mexico as Quetzalcoat, and Kulkulkan in the Olmec Period (400 B.C.). Quetzalcoatl visited and taught the peoples of Meso-America. His bodily appearance was a blend of reptilian and humanoid features. He was honored as a great Teacher who came down from the stars and taught the Olmec, Aztec, Mayan and Toltec peoples. They named him because of his stylized appearance: quetzal ('feathered', symbolizing his ability to fly [in his UFO]) and coatl (serpent), referring to his skin having scales like a reptile. Quetzalcoatl was credited with giving the knowledge about writing and books, an astronomy-based calendar, the cultivation of maize (corn), and the knowledge of the inner truths about death and reincarnation. He also spoke against the practice of human sacrifice.
In 1500 B.C., the Reptoid Star Person Master Teacher incarnated again, this time as Zoroaster (Zarathustra) in ancient Persia (modern Iran).  While the details of his life and original teachings are obscured by time and legend, Zoroaster felt that his connection with God pointed him to a mission to travel about and confront the polytheism, idolatry and moral lapses of his time. He taught monotheism, and that God is the Source of both light and of the absence of light (darkness) - a pregnant void which creates an opportunity for light and good to emerge through good-hearted effort. He strove to awaken the people to the importance of righteous behavior, and warned them against animal sacrifice, mistreating cattle, and told them not to drink homa , an intoxicating brew.
The Star Teacher 'Krishna-Zoroaster' then reincarnated as  Babaji , an avatar in Tamil India, in 203 A.D. He tried to point the people back to the fundamental principles taught in his earlier incarnation as Zoroaster. Babaji also taught Kriya, a high form of Yoga, and initiated many spiritual teachers of India into it.
Over a millennium later, Star Teacher 'Krishna' reincarnated again as  Paramahansa Yogananda,  (1893-1952). He taught a purified form of Kriya Yoga, (a devotional activity combining controlled breathing with meditation on God within.) This practice involved mentally focusing one's life-force energy around each of the spinal chakra centers in turn, while meditating on how one's own life-principle is a manifestation of the Cosmic Principle called Brahman (God/Source), the basis of all that exists.
Councillor Xeleria, a female Estican [Mantis-looking] Star Teacher appeared In the pre-Incan culture of South America around 1580 B.C. She was known as Viracocha among the pre-Incan Andean people of the Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) empire near Lake Titicaca (at the border of present-day Bolivia and Peru). She taught about the unity of the life force as alive and aware in its various manifestations in nature, including humans, and that all such manifestations were sacred and to be revered. Viracocha was remembered as the giver of civilization, and for among other things being the person who taught the Incas which of the trees, flowers, fruits and herbs were edible, which had medicinal properties, which had visionary properties, and which were poisonous.
Viracocha means 'sea foam'. Indeed, tradition recalls that when she finished teaching in South America, she disappeared west across the ocean to the South Pacific Islands to teach once more. There she was called Kon-Tiki . The South Pacific islanders deemed her a sun god. Crossing the islands of the South Pacific, Master Teacher Kon-Tiki spiritually taught the peoples of Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia. She traveled from Aotearoa (New Zealand) to the Hawaiian Islands to Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and many islands of Oceania.
Mary~Miriam, Jesus's mother, after she died reincarnated and traveled to the North American Southwest, appeared among the Zuni Indians and taught them spiritual truths, then also taught the Indians of the Hopi, Acoma, and Laguna Pueblos. She did this after Conquistadors and other Spanish soldiers traveled north from Mexico into what is present-day New Mexico looking for wealth to steal and enrich themselves with, and abusing the Pueblo Indians when they did not find rumored gold. But Mary was not the only Star Teacher to feel compassion for the helpless Pueblos, who lacked steel weapons and armor to defend themselves against the marauding Spaniards. Arcturians were watching.
Councillor Kuuct, the Arcturian leader, and a contingent from star Arcturus decided to befriend the Zuni Pueblo Indians. They decided to help them by taking on the appearance of 8-foot-tall imposing, garishly-garbed, freakish-looking figures with large beaks and bulging black eyes, and interpose themselves between the Pueblos and the Spanish conquistadors. The Zuni called them Shalakos. The eerie unsettling appearance and size of these Shalakos intimidated the superstitious Spanish soldiers. This psychological warfare by the Arcturians gave the Zunis the courage to resist subjugation by the soldiers, and eventually rout them. Every Winter Solstice since, the Zuni have an elaborate ceremony where they welcome ceremonial dancers, dressed in tribute as their beloved Shalako saviors, into Zuni Pueblo to be honored and celebrated. (An image of Shalakos can be seen at: )

Miriam/[Mary] is a female Star Person Master Teacher from Altimar-3, who incarnated as a human girl in Palestine (modern Israel) around 23 B.C. She was named Miriam (Mary). We know her as the mother of Jesus (Yeshua ben Yosef). Around 8 B.C., the 'angel' Gabriel [Star Person 'Jim' from the Procyon B star system] visited Miriam/Mary and told her that she would conceive a boy child whose name would be Yeshua/Jesus and would grow up to be great. Together with Joseph, Miriam raised Jesus. Later as he began his public spiritual teaching, Mary accompanied Jesus and supported his teaching work. She was an inspiration to his disciples. After Jesus's death, Miriam/Mary lent the Disciples her moral support.
Miriam/Mary passed away three decades after Yeshua/Jesus's death. She then reincarnated on Earth and came among the Native peoples of North America as a teacher. She was the one the Plains Indians call White Buffalo Calf Woman . She visited the North American tribes including the Lakota/Dakota/Nakota (Sioux) peoples. She was the Star Person who originally taught the various tribes their star-origins history, their spiritual teachings, sacred songs, their seven sacred ceremonies, and their healing practices. She admonished the Indians to always remain caretakers and guardians of Mother Earth (Gaia), and to regard Earth as their sacred mother. Lakota Elder Looks-For-Buffalo (Floyd Hand) said that among the Southwest Indians (such as the Hopi, Zuni and Rio Grande Pueblos) Mary is remembered as Corn Mother . She is also known among the Hopi and Zuni as the Blue Star Kachina. . Mary/Miriam gave the Hopi her prophecy that she would return at the time of the transition from Fourth World to Fifth World and dance as the Blue Star Kachina in a Hopi plaza.
Mary/Miriam kept her promise to the Hopi people. In the half-light before dawn March 23, 2015 at the end of Spring Equinox weekend, Mary returned in her persona as  Blue Star Kachina wearing Hopi Kachina ceremonial dance regalia and danced in the plaza at the Hotevilla Hopi village, AZ. She thus fulfilled the Hopi Prophecy which announced the dawning of the transition to long-prophesied Fifth World, and the stat of winding down corrupt Fourth World Age.
Miriam/Mary appeared in Mexico in 1531 A.D. during the Conquest Period as the Lady of Guadalupe. She appeared as a brown-skinned indigenous woman to Indian peasant Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin on a hill outside Mexico City and spoke to him in his indigenous Nahautl language. Her visitation gave a message of hope and solidarity to the indigenous peoples of Mexico suffering under Spanish colonizer oppression. She is revered across Mesoamerica as the Virgin of Guadalupe and is identified as Mary, the mother of Yeshua/Jesus.
[According to Dakota Sioux tradition, her son Yellow Hand (their name for Yeshua/Jesus) also came to North America after his resurrection, taught the Native American people and healed a number of them.]

In 1848 a Wave of Revolutions swept Europe, and were soon violently suppressed, with tens of thousands of deaths. In 1858 Miriam/Mary appeared multiple times to Bernadette Soubirous, 14, a peasant of Lourdes in the French Pyrenees. Appearing to Bernadette looking like another young teen, the glowing Lady of Lourdes  spoke to her in her Occitan regional dialect and told her to tell people to pray and do penance for sinners.
Miriam/Mary again in 1917 appeared during WWI to three shepherd children near Fatima, Portugal as a shining lady once more, and told them to warn the people to pray and make personal sacrifices against the danger of an even greater war to come. Called the Lady of Fatima , as she foretold, World War II indeed began 22 years later.
In 1910 the Altimar-3 Star Teacher who previously lived as Jesus's mother, incarnated again as   Mother Teresa in Skopje, North Macedonia.  She lived her life as a shining example to the very end in 1997. Once again this gentle and humble Star Person took a teaching-by-example role. As Mother Teresa, she led from the heart by example of humble service to the poor and achieved world-wide fame for her service to the most looked-down-upon and shunned.
Star Nations Councillor Miriam from the Altimar star system will very soon return once more to clarify her various teaching roles, and to point out that excessive veneration of her does not serve the truth of her humble mission of love, guidance and support. Instead, the best tribute to her example is to go and provide some assistance to the wretched of the Earth.
Lao Tse was a second incarnation of Quan Yin, as a male. This reincarnation took place about 580 B.C.. He was a revered teacher in ancient China. Tradition has him as the author of the immortal philosophical classic, Tao Te Ching. Lao Tse taught that underlying all reality is the Tao, the dynamic unfolding of things which indirectly manifests Source/God. Lao Tse described the Tao as ever-evolving, and as embracing change within the larger matrix of the constancy of truth. He taught that wrong behavior came from a person's being out of harmony with the Tao. Simplicity, not being pushed by desires, and humility are signs of such harmony with the Tao. He taught that in society, such a course of thinking and behavior would avoid wars and the need for harsh laws.
An Altairian Star Person Master Teacher incarnated in 563 B.C. as Siddartha Guatama, the Buddha [Awakened One, in Sanskrit], he was an ascetic and teacher, reaching out with high spiritual principles to princes and beggars alike. He taught the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path, as well as that reality is not dualistic. Although he warned against the infallibility of any scripture, after his death his teachings were codified and added to by followers to create a religion of 'Buddhism', complete with conflicting books about its proper interpretation. Buddha will soon return to correct the erroneous distortions of his teachings.
  Yeshua ben Yosef (Jesus) , was another Altairian Star Person Master Teacher. He incarnated in Palestine 7 B.C. and lived until 34 A.D. Jesus is a familiar spiritual teacher worldwide. While mythology exists about extraordinary events around Yeshua's birth, (such as Magi [Zoroastrian astrologer-priests] coming from Persia to pay homage), a sounder measure of Jesus's nature and origin comes from an analysis of his behavior and abilities. Yeshua/Jesus's message was starkly different than the prevailing religious interpretations of First Century Judaism. His was not the rigorous fetishistic ceremonial traditionalism of the Pharisees, nor the Biblical literalist fundamentalism of the Sadducees. Nor did he retreat into the metaphysical escapism of the Essenes. His spiritual message was simple: God is a loving Father to be honored rather than feared. And Biblical law is to be interpreted according to its core spirit rather than in a fundamentalist way. Jesus/Yeshua summed up that core spirit as: loving God with all your heart; and loving your neighbor as yourself. Of all the Star Person Avatars, his teaching is perhaps the only one to parse the 11 Universal Laws and 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos into those two Great Commandments. The Star-Nations Councillor For the Watchers observes that the person who is Yeshua originated directly of Source/God rather than derivatively from other persons who ultimately sprang from Source. So, yes, Jesus was a Star Man par excellence, as Lakota Elder Looks-For-Buffalo proclaimed.
The 'miracles' which Yeshua performed reflect advanced abilities. Whether healing, bringing a dead creature back to life, levitating slightly above water, or reading the mind of a doubter in the crowd, Jesus displayed advanced abilities which are common among Star People. (And a number of today's Star Kids and Star Seed adults.) Is this blasphemy? It is not blasphemy to state a truth, however unfamiliar.
Yeshua intended to reform the corrupted religion he found in Judaism under the Pharisees and Sadducees. In one of the repeating tragedies of human foibles, his simple teachings got morphed by fallible and overzealous disciples into Christianity, a rigorous cult of human rules and distortions. These 'disciples' thus added their own corruptions to the human-corrupted Judaism which Yeshua had come to reform. Oy veh.
Jesus will soon return to correct the erroneous distortions of his teachings. !
Muhammad , a Star Person Master Teacher of multiple star-races ancestry, reincarnated as a Human in 570 A.D. in Arabia. He is revered by Muslims, Druze, and Bahais as a teacher instructed by God. Well-educated Muslims do not believe that he was the creator of a new religion but rather the restorer of the original uncorrupted monotheistic faith of Adam, Abraham, and the other Prophets. After repeated information-sharings by a messenger from the skies identified traditionally as Jibril (Gabriel) , an 'angel' [actually a Procyon-B Star Visitor], Muhammad understood that his primary mission was to help lead the peoples of his region away from then-prevailing idolatry and polytheism to instead understand that there is only one God. But Muhammad's focus was not only on monotheism but also on promoting strong moral and spiritual living. That message's key themes include: the moral responsibility of man to his creator; the resurrection of the dead [soul's immortality and reincarnation], God's final judgment, and to view nature and the wonders of everyday life, particularly humankind, as manifesting and pointing to a greater power, Source~God~Allah`Spirit, who takes notice of people's greed and oppressing the poor. Religious duties required of the believers in Muhammad's time were few: belief in one true God, [not idols], asking forgiveness of sins, making frequent prayer, assisting others particularly those in need, rejecting cheating, not loving wealth, being chaste, and not killing new-born girls. Muhammad thus taught monotheism, reform, basic equality of the sexes, and seeking peace and justice. Those who came after him who exhort division into Sunni and Sufi sects, or who stir up violent jihad, supposedly 'in the name of Islam'  completely misrepresent Muhammad's teachings. Even the Qur'an (60.8) clearly states that non-Muslims of good will and peaceful nature cannot be the targets of war simply because of their different religious background.
In 1127 Muhammad reincarnated as Abdal-Qadir al-Jilani , a public preacher of reformed Islam. Al-Jilani eventually attracted disciples from the entire Islamic world. His great achievement as a thinker was to reconcile Sufi mystical Islam with the strict demands of the contemporary Sunni interpretation of Islamic law. Al-Jilani's concept of Sufism was that any jihad is to be waged against one's own will, in order to conquer egotism and worldliness, and to submit to God's will. Such effort to control oneself is the only 'holy war'. A bilateral descendant of Mohammed, al-Jilani taught the primacy of love in the moral order, and the importance of recognizing the presence of Source (tawhid-Divine Oneness) in oneself and all creation around oneself. As a Master Teacher, al-Jalani understood well the importance of what is contained in the 11 Universal Principles and 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos, including about the primacy of Love and (correct) Perception.
Baha'u'llah was born in 1817 A.D. in Persia (modern Iran) as a second reincarnation of Muhammad. Baha'u'llah presented himself as the last of the Avatars (Messengers) come to transcend the religions created by Humans through their distortion of the teachings of the previous Avatars [Star Person Master Teachers]. Baha'u'llah stated a message about the fundamental unity of truth. He sought to transcend the competitive boundaries of the religions he saw in the world and to move towards the core truths which those religions all fundamentally have in common. The principles he taught included: the elimination of prejudice; equal opportunity for both sexes; integrating spirituality into daily life; transcending divisive views about religions; working on social and economic justice to eliminate the extremes of poverty and wealth; advocating universal accessible education; endorsing of each person's empowerment to search for truth; recognition that there is no conflict between true religion and reason, the pursuit of scientific knowledge, and recognition of the basic unity of humankind, and thus the value of reorganizing society into a global commonwealth of nations. Baha'u'llah taught the ecumenical oneness of all of the Avatars' messages. But later on when reincarnated Muhammad~Baha'u'llah saw that after his death his teachings were packaged into a Bahai 'religion', and ignored by much of the world, Bah'u'llah tried once again to improve people's understanding.
The Bahana was a teacher and prophet who taught in the North American Southwest within the Hopi and Zuni Pueblo Indian culture. He taught the Pueblos the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Principles. He was a third Muhammad reincarnation. When he finished teaching and prepared to depart, the Pueblo Indians were saddened to lose their 'white elder brother'. Bahana eased their sadness by promising to return in the End Times. Now.
He reincarnated a fourth time in 1939 as a teacher and a counselor, eventually becoming  Councillor of Earth , and works to teach core spiritual truths, the 11:11 Universal & Spiritual Principles, as honored by all higher spiritually-developed peoples of the cosmos. He also teaches about earlier Master Spiritual Teachers previously sent to Earth. Star Nations appointed him Councillor of Earth, Earth Ambassador in 2005. He continues actively working to correct religious misunderstandings, and pointing humans toward basic pure spirituality based on nature and reason. As Star Nations' representative, he will be speaking with world leaders. His name is Dr. Richard J. Boylan, a retired professor, psychologist, anthropologist, social worker, and UFO expert, residing in California.

Francis of Assisi (1182-1226) was a Short Zeta Star Person Master Teacher who incarnated into human form in Medieval Italy. He turned his life away from his rich noble upbringing to a life of simplicity, poverty and humility. His example earned worldwide respect for what he taught, and by how he lived out what he taught. 710 years later, he refreshed his message by reincarnating once again on Earth as Jorge Mario Bergoglio /Pope Francis , who again teaches and displays by example simplicity, poverty and humility.
Because Western History has tended to marginalized sub-Sahara Africa and its very ancient history and pre-European civilizations, the identity of Star Visitors who taught early Africans the knowledge which helped accelerate their development are not familiar in the West. Nevertheless some few Star Visitors who were in contact with ancient sub-Saharan African peoples are known.
The Nommos, Star-Person Master Teachers from an ambiphious race from the Sirius star system, visited the Dogon people of present-day Mali and taught them a great deal of knowledge, including that the Nommos [Sirians] come from a planet in the Sirius trinary star system, and that a third star accompanies Sirius A and B.
The Chitauri (Reptoid Star Visitor Master Teachers) made contact with various native tribes in Africa, as reported by Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa. Such contacts form a large part of the oral tradition of African tribes. According to Mutwa, in every language in Africa the meaning of 'star' is Bringer of Knowledge or Enlightenment. Shaman Mutwa has travelled the continent of Africa, sculpting haunting images of visitors from the stars who were described to him by other African shamans. These beings have been coming and going to Africa for forty thousand years, he declares!
Procyon B star system Envoys 'Eve' and her partner 'Jim'  have been two of the scores of teachers from various star systems who have had (often unacknowledged) roles in human history, particularly in our spiritual history. A number of these Star-Person Teachers were historically thought of as 'angels'. [from (Angelos , which in Greek means sky messenger.]
Jim from Procyon B star system was the messenger known as the angel Gabriel' who around 6 B.C informed the Jewish teen Miriam (Mary) that she was to become the mother of Yeshua (Jesus), who would become an outstanding spiritual teacher. (Yeshua/Jesus was himself a Star Person Master Teacher incarnate here.)
Six centuries later, Eve's consort Jim returned to Earth as the sky messenger known to Muslims as 'the angel Jibril' (Arabic for Gabriel) . In 610 A.D. Jim/Jibril appeared to Muhammad as he was meditating in a cave north of Mecca and taught him basic spiritual truths, (these are also common to Jewish and Christian traditions.) Angel Jibril (Jim) also commissioned Muhammad to confront the errors of polytheism common among his fellow Arab tribesmen and teach them there is only one God. Muhammad then went on to teach these simple spiritual truths, (and to teach respect also for the spiritual truths which Judaism and Christianity also proclaim.) Thus, the violent intolerant hate-filled distortions which 'Islamic jihadists' recite have no real basis in what Muhammad [and Jibril/Jim] actually taught.
Procyon B Envoys Eve and Jim agree that it is past time for Christians, Muslims and Jews to come together in mutual respect and brotherhood/sisterhood. Surely it is time now to understand that helpers from the stars have for a very long time aided us humans in developing good and correct spiritual understanding.
The above is not an exhaustive list of every star teacher who came among a given Human population and taught them. There were other Star Teachers, many lost to the pages of history.
And some are among us now.
The 14th and last Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso is certainly not the only Star Nations Master Teacher-Human to reincarnate and live among us now. He is the current incarnation of Krishna, Babaji, and Paramahansa Yogananda .
Another Star Nations Master Teacher who lived among us until recently was Mother Teresa, the modern-times reincarnation of Mother Mary.
Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., better known as Pope Francis, is the present reincarnation of his namesake, Francis of Assisi, and again teaches simplicity and humbleness of life.
The Star Nations Master Teacher incarnated as Muhammad [whose teachings of peace and compassion have been so severely distorted and misunderstood] has again reincarnated, and his reincarnated self is living among us currently as a human and has been identified as Star Nations' Councillor of Earth.
Star Nations has been most generous in re-sending among us not one but a number of Master Teachers in this current pivotal generation in Humankind's path to its cosmic destiny. Are we heeding them?
The cultural and spiritual interventions done by these Avatars were an effort to lead Humankind away from our residual-primate excessive instinct-drivenness, which manifests in such behaviors as rigid territoriality, aggressiveness, and taking advantage of the weak.
Instead, these Star Teachers sought to lead humankind towards its highest and best potential as fully spiritual and metaphysical persons, living in awareness, kindness, and balance.
We certainly can appreciate the personal efforts of the various Star Person Master Teachers, and the residual beneficial effects of their teachings and example, as a persistent force over many centuries to uplift the Human species.
We can honor their efforts by right living.

Star Person Master Teachers on Earth: A Time-Line - (many dates approximate)
B.C. era
Krishna (2875 B.C.); Enki (2600 B.C.); Viracocha/Kon Tiki (1580 B.C.); Zoroaster (1500 B.C.); Quan Yin (700 B.C.); Lao Tse (580 B.C.); Buddha (563 B.C.); Qetzalcoatl and Kulkulkan (300 B.C.); Miriam/Mother Mary (23 BC); Yeshua-Jesus (07 BC).
A.D. era
Babaji (203 C.E.); Muhammad (570); Abdal Qadir al-Jilani (1077); Frances of Assisi (1182); Lady of Guadalupe (1531); Baha'a'llah (1817); Lady of Lourdes (1858); Yogananda (1893); Mother Teresa (1910); Lady of Fatima (1917); Dalai Lama (1935); Pope Francis (1936); and Councillor of Earth (1939).

List of Star Visitor Master Teachers (and their human manifestations) are:  the Reptoid Councillor for the Watchers (teaching as: Enki, Krishna, Quetzalcoatl, Kulkulcan, Kon-Tiki, Zoroaster, Babaji, Yogananda, and Dalai Lama); the Variant-Altimarian Councillor Mother Mary (teaching as White Buffalo Calf Woman, Lady of Guadalupe, Lady of Lourdes, Lady of Fatima, Mother Teresa, and Blue Star Kachina); an Altimarian Councillor (teaching as Lao Tse, and Quan Yin); an Altairian Councillor (teaching as Buddha); another Altairian Councillor (teaching as Jesus); the multi-star-races-heritage Councillor of Old (teaching as Muhammad, Abdal-Qadir an-Jilani, Baha'a'llah, Bahana, and Councillor of Earth), and the Short Zeta Councillor Kolta (teaching as Frances of Assisi, and Pope Francis).
Some Councillors who are not already present on Earth now are about to return to Earth very soon. At that time they will join the Councillors already here to conduct a series of global briefings to correct human distortions of their teachings.


Time For A New Upgrade of Humans:   Homo Sapiens Sapiens 2.0 (Star Kids and Star Seed Adults)

The personal efforts of the various Star Person Master Teachers, and the residual beneficial effects of their teachings and example, persisted for many centuries as an effort to uplift the Human species. Approximately 150 years ago, after witnessing the horrors of the wars of the Nineteen and Twentieth Centuries, the Star Visitors decided that humankind was far too capable of ignoring the teachings of the Star Person Master teachers, and that the human 'recipe' itself needed direct upgrading via further bioengineering. The Star Visitors also foresaw that humanity was getting closer to the time when it would venture out into space, and they wanted Humans to be fit for being fellow citizens of the cosmos. The keenly-observant Star Visitors thereupon embarked on a program to refine Homo Sapiens Sapiens into something more advanced.
They began to gene-splice a greater percentage of Star Visitor genetic material into the Human genome, in order to amplify intelligence, sensitivity, psychic abilities, higher metaphysical adeptness, and a greater attunement to the intrinsic spirituality that permeates reality. The Visitors began introducing the upgraded genome into the embryos in the mothers of the first Star Kids. The result of these bioengineering and incarnational-upgrading initiatives created a new Human variant: what the Chief Counsel for the Smithsonian Institute in 1995 labeled Homo Alterios Spatialis~Alternative Space Human. Today they're called 'Star Seeds and Star Kids'. Around this same time, many Star Persons volunteered to incarnate as one of these new humans for a lifetime or two.
At first, there were only a scattered few of the advanced-model humans. Nicolai Tesla (1856-1943) was one of the first new upgrades. Jane Addams (1860-1935), Nobel Prize-winning crusader for peace, democracy and women's rights, and Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948), revered peaceful crusader for justice for the oppressed, were two more. Albert Schweitzer (1875-1965), compassionate missionary physician, ethicist, and peace advocate was another. Albert Einstein (1879-1955) was yet another. Mother Teresa (1910-1997), Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968), and scores more followed in their footsteps decades later. Still more Star Kids were born in the 1930s and 1940s, who would come of age as a new Space Age dawned in 1957.
Then, around the end of the 1980s, there began a quantum leap in the number of Star Kids. This surge was to move humanity out of its 'awkward adolescent' phase as a species before it blew itself up or terminally poisoned its environment. The Star Visitors knew that there was no more time to waste in beginning to dramatically step up the number of close encounters with humans, including physical reproductive bio-engineering, combined with an 'adoption' of the Human race by reincarnating as a human to increase the numbers Star Kids and Star Seed Adults.
The Baby Boom of the Cosmic Generation has begun.
In poured tens of millions of these advanced children in a veritable Star Kids Tidal Wave. This in-pouring escalates and continues to this day. Dr. Boylan's research indicates that the majority of the children alive now are Star Kids. At present, two-thirds (66%) of the human race is made up of Humans with partial Star Person genetics: Star Kids and Star Seed Adults. May humans act according to our highest and best potential.

[Note #1: The Star Visitors annotated the above text, and others, by placing the Angstrom symbol [capital A with a circle above] next to the Star Master Teacher's name. Angstrom is a measure of light wavelength. The symbolism indicates that the person or thing so annotated is 'of the light'.]

Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

Psychologist, anthropologist of Star Person cultures, educator, researcher, close-encounters experiencer, the Bahana, and Councillor of Earth.

This report is adapted from the book  Star Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation , by Dr. Richard Boylan.
You may download this book for free, or read it on-line by going to:

[Note #2: Several of the Star Person Master Teachers are returning soon!)