<b><center>Report on Vatican Encounter, and <br> 5th International UFO Conference at Sardinia, 12/15/2003</b></center>
Report on Vatican Encounter, and 5th International UFO Conference at Sardinia, 12/15/2003
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

My flight from U.S. to Italy landed in Rome. Upon entering the enormous Saint Peter’s Basilica, I headed to a side chapel that my friend Paola Harris had informed me about. There a quiet miracle was on display, drawing scores of the faithful who had heard the rumors. Lying in state in an open glass display coffin was reformist progressive Pope John XXIII, his body looking perfectly intact despite having been buried almost 40 years, with not the slightest appearance of decomposition. Most unusual! This saintly Pope’s incorrupt body matched his simple, humble, honest life. The Church had declared him “Blessed” in September, 2000. Exhumed six months later, his newfound preservation may serve as all the final proof needed for the Church to declare him a full saint - much to the chagrin of the reactionary Cardinals still in power at the Vatican.

That evening Paola and her mother accompanied me to a prearranged visit with another humble light-worker priest, Vatican consultant Monsignor Corrado Balducci.
Balducci is the official Exorcist for Rome, former diplomat in the Papal Nunciature in Washington, DC, past theologian member of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, and an insider who has the attention of the Pope. He is also the Vatican’s (tacit) point-man for ufology.
Msgr. Balducci has gone on Italian national television five times in the past several years to proclaim that Star Visitor contact is a real phenomenon! The Monsignor further noted that: Star Visitor encounters: "1) are NOT demonic, 2) they are NOT due to psychological impairment, 3) they are NOT a case of entity attachment, but 4) these encounters deserve to be studied carefully." Since Monsignor Balducci is a demonology expert and consultant to the Vatican , and since the Catholic Church has historically demonized many new phenomena that were poorly understood, his stating that the Church does not censure these encounters is all the more remarkable.

I was struck with the historic significance of this 12/13/2002 meeting. I came to this meeting as an internationally-noted researcher into Star Visitor contacts, retired theologian-priest, and bearer of messages from Star Nations, the galactic federation, for the Pope. The Monsignor came to this dialogue as a theologian-priest and ufologist presenting ufological views with which the Catholic Church does not disagree. Indeed, the Monsignor noted that when he goes on national television to speak about the Star Visitors, the Pope rushes to his television set to see what Balducci is saying. Balducci noted that if anything he said displeased the Pope, he would have long since been silenced.

The Monsignor had just finished a theological paper entitled “Ufology And Theological Precision”, and presented his findings to us. It is probably the first ecclesiastical paper to mention the secret Nevada desert base Area 51 ! In his paper Balducci made excellent arguments from widespread human testimony, from noted philosophers, from the Bible, and from teachings of earlier Church Elders that there are people on other planets, they have come here to make contact, and they also are children of God.

I applauded the Monsignor on his courageous research and public positions. I then passed on messages from the Star Visitors that the Pope should consider the widespread ecological damage Earth is sustaining, and the endless carnage of major human wars and conflicts, and the Pope should take _leadership_ in addressing these issues. It is also time for the Church to publicly proclaim, not just in Italy but worldwide, that the Star Visitors are here as higher-evolved helpers.

I went on to point out that earlier generations considered their Star Visitor contacts to be from “angels”. Balducci sees the Star Visitors as occupying an upper developmental niche between humans and angels. I also shared that a leading Lakota spiritual teacher, Looks-For-Buffalo stated that Jesus was a Star Man. Balducci smiled in recognition of this issue, but was not prepared to drop the traditional formulation that Jesus was the Son of God. Our meeting ended cordially with warm smiles and the traditional Italian abrazzo (embrace).

The Fifth International UFO Conference at Cagliari, Sardinia was convened by ufologist Stefano Salvatici. Stefano is a warm and dedicated Italian who, along with his wife Elizabetta, provided gracious hospitality. Other notables there included Antonello Lupino, Italian Special Forces Marshall and head of CUI (the International UFO Center), Rovigo, Italy; Professor Michaela Mercenaro, Docent in Bioethics at Cambridge University; a professor from the Polytechnic University at Turin; a Mr. Malanga (Italy’s premier debunker); myself; and a few other ufologists. I was grateful for the expert translator assistance of Antonio Giacchetti, who assisted me through much of the Conference.

The professor from Turin argued that the physical sciences have no evidence of Star Visitor contact. He was apparently ignorant of the Sturrock Committee Report from Stanford University and the COMETA Report from French retired military-intelligence officers, whose existence I advised him of during public comment time.

Antonello Lupino presented the many solid sighting cases gathered by his CUI organization. There are numerous sightings of vehicles in Italian “hot spots”. Lupino also told me of a hush-hush retrieval of a UFO from the Adriatic Sea.

Professor Mercenaro, a declared transsexual and former priest, presented arguments that the Church needed to get with modern times, including UFO reality. Her presentation was warmly received.

Stefano Salvatici talked eloquently about his experiences with Star Visitor contact and UFO sightings.

Mr. Malanga tried to debunk Visitor reports, claiming that they lacked any scientific basis. I rebutted him, pointing out the many cases where multiple persons were taken simultaneously, where neighbors saw a UFO over a house the same night the person in the house was taken aboard a craft, and where various physical signs of contact exist, including implants and altered biological and psychic functioning following an encounter.

My own presentation recounted my investigatory history of the phenomenon, my findings about the Star Visitors’ messages and mission, and the large emerging phenomenon of the Star Kids and Star Seeds. Also I discussed the Star Kids Project© and upcoming Workshop. I argued that the point of Star Visitor contact is human transformation individually and as a world culture.

It was with pleasant memories of a wonderful and warm people that I left Sardinia for my air flight back to the United States.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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