<b>Star Visitors "Crash" Star Kids/Seeds Workshop Nov. 13, 2004 at Apache Junction, AZ </b>

Star Visitors "Crash" the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop Nov. 13, 2004 at Apache Junction, AZ.

On Nov. 13, 2004, a Special One-Day Star Kids/Star Seeds Intensive Workshop was held at a private home in Apache Junction (Phoenix suburb), Arizona, US.
Dr. Boylan and Marian MacNeil, CHT gave an Intensive Brief Workshop for Star Kids and adult Star Seeds on Saturday, Nov. 13. Over 40 Star Seed adults and Star Kids, including teenagers Kendra and Matt, participated.
The setting was dramatic, with the National Park-like "back yard" setting being the entire Superstition Mountains with their Saguaro cactus forests.
Dr. Boylan, assisted by Marian MacNeil, provided an intensely-concentrated briefing on the origin, nature, and escalating emergence of Star Kids (and Star Seeds) especially in the last three decades. The various attributes of Star Kids/Seeds were explored, particularly psychic gifts, along with exercises and opportunities to practice these advanced abilities.
The enthusiastic crowd went long into the evening, with some not finishing until after 11 p.m.
Saturday evening, Dr. Boylan and Marian led a Sky Watch Plus Group Telepathic Outreach Event that turned out the most exciting ever in our experience of many years.
A triangular formation of starcraft appeared overhead above the Superstition Mountains. The constituent craft took turns moving out of formation, and then back in, varying their craft lighting intensity, including a dramatic dimming of lights when a human jet plane drew too near, and moving about the sky a bit.
But this was not all. Dr. Boylan psychically scanned the ambient environment around the circle of Star Kids and Star Seeds and located two Star Visitors, cloaked in invisibility, one about eight feet from him and another, apparently more timid, at about fifteen feet away. Dr. Boylan drew their presence to the attention of the group, and Marian scanned and confirmed their presence.
Another Star Seed, Stan, noted some others hiding behind a desert brush clump and went to encounter them. He later came back and related that there had been five about 4+-foot-tall individuals beige Zetas there, cloaked but "visibl;e" to his psychic seeing.
Another woman Star Seed noted the presence of several additional Star Visitors, and walked over to be closer to them, but of course did not accost them.
Because of the respectful context that Dr. Boylan requested for this Group Outreach Exercise, there was no overly-forward behavior. No crude attempts to reach out and touch the Visitors occurred, and because we played it cool, the Visitors remained over half an hour, and stayed in place after we finally respectfully withdrew back to the house.
But the Visitors were not done. After most participants went home, and a couple Star Seeds stayed overnight with the host couple, as did Dr. Boylan, and Marian MacNeil, one participant got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. As she passed the front door, it was closed. When she returned from the bathroom to the living room, the front door was open, signifying that someone had exited. The identity of the "someone" became obvious as an image of a Zeta Reticulan face flashed in the mind of the awake Star Seed as she stared at the newly-open door. She surmised that the Zeta had been inside, but when she got up, she spooked the Zeta, and the Zeta exited while she was in the bathroom.
Sunday morning, a few die-hards who could not get enough returned, and we held an additional "Round Table" sharing of information until 3:00 p.m.
The Star Kids Project wishes to thank our hosts Cynthia Crawford Holt and Monty Holt for hosting what turned out to be a spectacular Star Kids/Star Seeds Workshop.

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