This report is Dr. Richard Boylan's chronicle of some amazing events which occurred before and at the Star Kids & Star Seeds Workshop, Nashville, Tennessee, September 28, 2005.
It was a memorable experience to be taken by Wendi Powers, along with Marja Roberts, to Old Stone Fort State Park, TN, which actually is a very rich conjunction point for various ley energy lines.
I also learned that this place was an ancient Native American spiritual site, and that what the White Man called a "fort" was actually an earthworks, buttressed by stakes, to create a huge flat landing pad for star craft bringing down Star Visitors to interact with the Native people.
The wonderful pre-Workshop reception Wednesday evening at Frank and Jane Fileccia's expansive country property was also memorable.
As we had been informed earlier, on Frank's property was a portal, at the aperture of which a lower-evolved energy being was present. Said chaotic energy being had been summoned by the Cabal in order to disrupt my planned public Talk Wednesday evening, and even to do an energy attack on me.
In a signal example of the kind of work that lightworkers need to do to help bring in the Transition from Fourth World to Fifth World society, Wendi, Marja, Frank and I stationed ourselves at the Four Directions of the portal, did spiritual ceremony, then addressed the lower-development being with our words and our heart energy. We urged him to abandon previous predatory ways, and to feel the light and love we were sending in to him, and begin to seek to operate in such light and love himself.
Afterwards, Wendi received a message from the Zeta that they had taken this energy being, now seeking positive transformation, and "adopted" him as a metaphysical project to work with, and reported some early success.
My evening presentation on the Star Kids and Star Seeds phenomenon that is now coming to the fore was well received. We did some of the exercises and educational presentations common in a compact version of the Star Kids/Seeds Workshop.
It was surprising to me how many metaphysically advanced persons there were in Nashville, (which, after all, is in a Southern Bible Belt state.) Their presence suggests that higher awareness is growing everywhere. What good news!
Thursday was devoted to a a Formal Hearing with Star Nations on charges against the Cabal. This was done at a remote location within Fall Creek Falls State Park, at a special energy portal locally known as Buzzard's Roost. This is a large stone outcropping reaching out over a precipitous drop of many hundreds of feet to the verdant valley below.
("Buzzard" is, of course, like "turkey vulture", a rather unflattering term for a noble soaring bird, a bird that Native Americans refer to as the Thunderbird, the North American cousin of the magnificent Andean condor.)
The next morning, all the way on our 2-1/2 hour drive from Nashville to Buzzard's Roost, Wendi, Frank, Marja and I kept noticing thunderbird after thunderbird swooping low over our car, and then soaring in the direction of our travel, like lofty avain signposts.
When we arrived at Buzzard's Roost, the thunderbirds continued to soar and circle above us all throughout the Formal Hearing we were to accomplish that day. Because that Formal Hearing was of extraordinary, historic, and even cosmic significance, I shall devote a separate special report to relate it.
That Report may be read at: .

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor

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