The International Symposium on Star Nations, held in the spacious auditorium of the charming Hotel Pineta Palace, Rome this past weekend of Nov. 15-16, 2008 was an astounding success.
The attendance was substantial for the specialized topic of "Star Nations": 450 people attended.
I gave three major presentations over the weekend.
My first talk was on the various civilizations of Star Nations in contact with Earth, and implications for humanity of becoming aware of Star Visitor contact.
The second presentation I gave was on Star Kids and Star Seed adults. This included demonstrations of the enlarged energy fields around Star Kids and Star Seeds, as demonstrated on several volunteers via dowsing rods. We also had the Star Kids who were present draw pictures of the starcraft or Star Visitors that they had seen and interacted with. Later the children came up and charmingly told the audience what was in their pictures.
The third talk dealt with Star Visitor spirituality, including the 11 Universal Laws and the 11 Spiritual Laws, which I provided interpretation of with examples. The subsequent question and answer period was lively indeed.
Also present in the audience were a special pair: a dark-haired man and a woman companion whom Co-Organizer Karla Suberati and I agreed exuded Star Visitor energy signatures. I believe that they were Tall Whites, disguised in conventional Human clothing. I engaged the man telepathically and told him lightly that he was "discovered", but that I would not tell the audience, so as to preserve his anonymity. He looked at me intently but kept an unemotional expression on his face.
Later another person at the Symposium shared with me a photograph he had taken of some people in the audience. One of those persons I recognized as 'Captain Harry', the leader of the Tall Whites [ET] Settlement in Indian Springs Valley, Nevada, whom Airman Charles Hall had written about in his Millennial Hospitality book series.
At the end of Saturday's symposium sessions it was time for the Joint Psychic Exercise, timed for 7:30 pm Rome time. It was powerful to see the entire large auditorium of people rise to the challenge of engaging whatever psychic ability they could summon to join in the JPE to divert the incoming asteroid from Earth. There was a period of silence, meditation and focus as hundreds of people exerted tremendous psychic energy to push the asteroid away from its collision course with Earth. My own exertion was so strong that my body shook. (Later I discovered that my energy had blown out my hotel room key's magnetic field and I had to ask the front desk for another.)
As you are aware, all of our combined efforts, together with those of Star Nations, were effective in diverting the asteroid. My thanks went out to the attendees, and to all lightworkers who helped prevent massive destruction and deaths which would have occurred if the asteroid had reached Earth's surface.
In addition to mine, several other Speakers made presentations.
Famed Italian UFO investigator and actor Enzo Braschi spoke about how the kachina figures of Hopi culture are actually stylized representations of Star Visitor teachers who had come among them in earlier times. He also spoke about the Hopi, Sioux and Navajo accounts of contacts with other worlds.
Former Romanian priest Ovidio Hurukan talked about what he learned from his time working in the Vatican Library with information on the Star Visitors which has been repressed from circulating among the Catholic faithful. He also talked about contacts from the Cygnus-X1 civilization seeking to establish a bridge of friendship.
Symposium organizer Massimo Frattini spoke about the Star Visitors and the Walk-In Lightworker phenomenon.
Symposium assistant organizer Karla Suberati, a Star Seed and mother of two dynamic Star Kids, made a presentation about the crop circles, their origin, and meaning.
Experiencer Pablo Ayo talked about his close encounters with Star Visitors.
My gifted interpreter, the gracious magazine editor Maurizio Biata, made another presentation on the Symposium themes, but since he was not available to interpret for me, I was not able to translate what he presented.
When the Symposium closed Sunday evening, people very warmly came up to thank all us presenters. they stayed around and were reluctant to leave the warm glow that everyone basked in over these two stupendous days.
I was interviewed afterwards by Romanian television, who had not previously been exposed to this kind of information. The TV staff wanted me to come to Romania to do presentations there on the Star Kids and Star Seeds. I indicated a willingness to do so.
Rome is also home to the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and I was informed that FAO staff were represented in the audience.
When it was all over, I sat down and exclaimed to myself, "Wow!" A major symposium devoted to Star Nations had just concluded in one of the major capital cities of the world. And furthermore, two Star Visitors were in attendance! (They were Tall Whites from their Settlement just east of in Indian Springs, Nevada, 60 miles north of Las Vegas on U.S. 50.)
And another step towards informing the world about Star Nations and Star Seeds had just been taken.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor