Treaty of Peace and Friendship Between Star Nations and the United Nations

The United Nations and Star Nations, hereinafter referred to as the Parties,

Believing that challenges to global peaceful development, and that threats and attacks by the secretive global autocratic control cartel, the Cabal to Star Nations persons and vehicles require new approaches to interaction across the whole range of the Parties' strategic relations,

Working therefore to forge a more harmonious and growing relationship based on mutual trust, openness, predictability, transparency, integrity, and cooperation,

Taking into account the positive effects on the world situation of the elimination of ambiguity about the existence of Star Persons and the peaceful intentions of the Star Visitors and their crafts, and of the elimination of Cabal hostile acts directed against those starcrafts and their occupants,

Valuing the benefits of greater terrestrial and interstellar peace, friendship and understanding, and,

Agreeing that natural law, and the fundamental principles embodied in the 11 Universal Principles and 11 Spiritual Principles observed by Star Nations, are self-evident and suited to governing actions of both Parties; and that additionally, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly is acknowledged by both Parties as applicable to both,

Have agreed as follows:

Article I

1. The undeclared Treaty of April 14, 1964 between the United States, the Soviet Union, the People’s Republic of China, the Council of Europe, and Star Nations is hereby formally repealed and abrogated.

2. This Treaty of Peace and Friendship herein which Star Nations and United Nations now enter into shall be the foundational legal instrument by and between the Parties. Both Parties pledge to work diligently to bring to full realization the aspirations, goals and objectives of this Treaty.

Article II

This Treaty of Peace and Friendship between Star Nations and United Nations is an important foundation for cosmic comity. Earth's adherence to this treaty creates progressive conditions which will favor any future decision which may be made by Earth to petition for acceptance as a formal Member of Star Nations Organization.

Article III

1. Both Parties acknowledge that at present there are a number of Star Visitors visiting Earth, most temporarily, and some few in durational residence. United Nations acknowledges that all Star Visitors are persons, possessing intelligence, rationality, personality, conscience, and the dignity and rights of personhood. As such, each Star Visitor has the rights and freedom also accorded to all Humans consistent with the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All are equal before the law, and are entitled to equal protection of the law without any discrimination. Star Nations and United Nations acknowledge the applicability of the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights to all persons, Human or extraterrestrial, present on Earth.

2. Both Parties to this Treaty agree to promptly establish a Joint Committee to work out a framework for legal jurisdiction, and for adjudication of legal issues which may arise in the application of Human civil and criminal law to Star Visitors present on Earth, and to Star Nations facilities on Earth, as well as to Humans present on Star Nations ships. These issues include unlawful detention and due process.

Article IV

1. Within 72 hours of the signing of this Treaty by both Parties, the UN Member States agree to abide by an absolute Cease-Fire Order regarding any and all Star Nations crafts, and to interdict any hostile action against Star Nations crafts by Human persons within their respective boundaries.

2. Both Parties shall mutually engage in enforcing said Cease-Fire Order, with the United Nations designated to take the lead in the enforcement whenever possible, and with Star Nations providing back-up or supplemental Enforcement as circumstances dictate, or as requested by United Nations.

3. The United Nations agrees to promptly secure the cooperation of all national and transnational military forces in promptly observing a Cease Fire regarding starcraft.

4. Both Parties acknowledge that in some circumstances it may be difficult for UN Member States to distinguish Star Nations craft from Human-engineered anti-gravity or reduced-gravity craft because those Earth crafts have advanced performance characteristics back-engineered from Star Visitors technology. Star Nations pledges to offer prompt assistance to the United Nations and its Member states in the identifying and distinguishing of said Human anti-gravity craft from Star Nations spacecrafts. And Star Nations is prepared to, as requested, deactivate the advanced field propulsion of Human anti-gravity crafts engaged in unauthorized or illegal activities.

5. In no circumstances will any difficulty in distinguishing crafts provide any justification for the destruction of or disabling of any Star Nations-operated craft or its occupants. The United Nations and its Member States shall avoid accidental-fire incidents by observing a Total Cease Fire regarding all anti-gravity craft.

6. The United Nations hereby agrees that Star Nations shall have, and shall freely exercise, its right to use force, as necessary to stop, disable, ground, confiscate, or in exigent circumstances of extreme hostility to destroy stolen rogue anti-gravity craft. The United Nations and its Member States agree to cooperate with Star Nations in taking custody of confiscated stolen rogue anti-gravity crafts and ensuring their secure storage, disabling, or destruction. The personnel of such stolen rogue craft are to be remanded to United Nations legal authorities for arrest and prosecution for any activities violating this Treaty or the laws of the respective jurisdictions.

Article V

1. The United Nations shall secure the release from imprisonment of all still-alive Star Visitors, and the recovery of the remains of all deceased Star Visitors, for delivery to Star Nations for repatriation of the survivors, and of Star Person remains, to their respective home worlds as appropriate.

2. In the event that the United Nations is not able on its own to secure the release from Cabal imprisonment of Star Visitors, both Parties agree that Star Nations will provide personnel, technology, and other means to assist in effecting the safe release of such detained Star Visitors. Efforts to obtain such releases are to be accomplished by cooperative action between UN and Star Nations forces whenever possible.

3. Star Nations will provide to the UN and its Member States available information on the identity, location, and circumstances of any Star Visitors still imprisoned by the Cabal organization, in order to assist the United Nations in carrying out its Treaty obligations in this matter.

Article VI

1. As soon as safe and feasible after the signing of this Treaty, Star Nations will provide Star Visitor volunteer consultants who are expert in scientific, cultural, historical, educational, technical, spiritual, and other areas of knowledge to be available on an equitable basis in various Earth regions in order to promote greater understanding and exchange of ideas among the peoples of Earth and the several Star Nations civilizations.

2. Star Nations reaffirms its Demand that the United Nations commence an accelerated planet-wide program of remediation of the environmental degradation of the Planetary Being known as Earth (Gaia) on an emergency basis. Star Nations requests and expects the United Nations to exercise clear resolute leadership in seeing to such environmental remediation and protective activity.

3. As a part of implementing such environmental remediation, Star Nations requests that the United Nations provide support and assistance to the Star Nations' proposed Joint Altimarian-Human Environmental Remediation Demonstration Project in Liberia. Such support is to include security and logistical support for the Human and Altimarian scientific volunteers involved, and to assure there be no rogue interference.

4. The United Nations does hereby affirm its full commitment to work to assure that a program of environmentally-sound disposal of radioactive wastes deposited in the United States Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste Dump Site (FINWDS) situated offshore of San Francisco, California, be commenced promptly. While the United States bears primary responsibility for the Farallon Islands Nuclear Waste Dump Site, the United Nations, as overall steward of Earth's environment, acknowledges its shared responsibility that FINWDS and other radiation hazard dump sites be decontaminated promptly, and the ambient environment be as restored as is feasible. The goal for full decontamination is no later than December 31, 2022.

5. Pursuant to that commitment, the United Nations pledges to develop a global survey of all major hazardous-waste sites, develop a prioritization scheme, and engage with the respective Member State(s) in which such sites are located to initiate and complete a prompt and effective program of environmental remediation to the point where those environmental hazards no longer exist. Star Nations pledges to offer its assistance by offering information, technology, equipment and volunteer enviromental consultants when needed, to assist such environmental remediation projects, consistent with its abilities, and with the principle of subsidiarity.

6. The Parties to this Treaty pledge to cooperate in the prompt introduction to the public of previously-suppressed Star Visitors knowledge and technology, including advanced medical techniques and medicines, new advanced scientific information, advanced technology and technological devices, Zero-Point-Energy powering devices, correction of Human history to include Star Visitor interventions, and advanced spiritual, metaphysical and ethical information to be shared by Star Nations, etc. The United Nations agrees to openly acknowledge Star Nations as the source of such knowledge, past and present, and agrees to acknowledge the Star Civilizations origin of devices and knowledge which have already been diffused into Human society but which were not previously acknowledged to be of extraterrestrial origin, and not understood by the public as such.

7. Both Parties pledge to work on an accelerated removal from power of the autocratic plutocrat oligarchs acting as a global cartel, informally called The Cabal. Both Parties agree that Earth’s primary problem is this cartels' unjust, harmful, massive, malign, selfish and manipulative control of society and its resources. Both Parties agree that the expeditious elimination of cartel (Cabal) persons from all positions of transnational power and influence needs to be a priority UN action item. Both Parties realize that Humans of good will, many of them of Star Seed heritage, are numerous everywhere with many already embedded in positions of influence and power in society, and willing to help in this social reform.

Article VII
1. The Parties to this Treaty envision a near future for Earth in which Human society rapidly develops in a way that more fully taps Human potential. Pursuant to that, both Parties pledge to work cooperatively on a variety of means for such development. Examples can for example include: Joint Educational Centers staffed by Star Visitor and Human educators, Joint Medical Research and Development Centers similarly staffed, and Joint Social, Scientific and Cultural Development Centers to help Human society acquire and integrate appropriate understandings from star societies. Such Centers are to be resources for Humans and Star Visitors to engage in cultural exchanges and dialogue, with the aim of optimal Human development in this new cosmic age.

2. The Parties agree that in the near future, as mutually negotiated, Star Nations Cultural-Exchange Teams will obtain permission from the UN to travel from one or more star civilizations to be introduced to Earth's society and culture. And similarly Human Cultural Exchange Teams will, with Star Nations permission, go to visit select star civilizations to be immersed in their cultures, and to bring back to Earth knowledge and experiences from them.

3. Both Parties agree to address expedited United Nations formal acceptance of and formal welcome for the refugee race of approximately 3,000,000 residents of planet Altimar 4 who have sought and obtained sanctioned safe relocation onto Earth from their unstable sub-star Altimar [on Earth known as WISE 0855-0714], which is 7 light years distant. Both Parties note that in 2008 the inhabitants of Altimar-4 sent twelve volunteer environmental scientists to Earth to start work on remediation of various human-damaged environmental systems. Both Parties agree that Humankind owes these Altimarian scientists a large debt of gratitude for their vitally-important programs of environmental remediation. And that one way in which Earth can show gratitude is by the welcoming the at-risk Altimar-4 people. The United Nations pledges to work with its Member State, the United States of America, to provide formal official public recognition of and protection for the recently established Altimarian Refugee Settlement existing on U.S. Federal Bureau of Land Management lands in remote desert southern Utah; and in due course to designate this Altimarian Settlement as an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. The Parties agree that the United Nations will work with Member State United States of America to assure this Altimarian Settlement is kept safe and protected. And to make clear the transnational responsibility of this Settlement's security, it will be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Settlement Site will be certified to meet UNESCO World Heritage Site Cultural Criterion (ii) as providing an important interchange of human values, over a span of time, within a cultural area with another civilization, specifically one migrated from Altimar 4. This UNESCO World Heritage Site designation also provides basis for this site being legally protected pursuant to the Geneva Convention. The United Nations agrees to provide effective protection and security for this UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site as necessary.

Article VIII
The Parties acknowledge having now received forewarning from Star Nations that a global nuclear conflict is foreseen as liable to occur in the early 2020 decade as a result of political and religious dogmas in use by various countries' rulers to justify using nuclear weapons against their enemies; and that such foreseen nuclear weapons use will escalate into use by other countries. To prevent such global nuclear war, all 193 nations hereby pledge to sign and ratify forthwith the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Further, each State Party that owns, possesses, or controls nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices shall remove them from operational status at once, and destroy them as soon as possible but not later than a deadline of December 31, 2022. The International Atomic Energy Agency will monitor compliance with this Article and with the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, and report its findings to the United Nations on a regular basis.

Article IX

1. The time-urgent nature of this Treaty requires that its contents become effective upon signing by the duly-authorized representatives of both Parties. Thus Star Nations envisions that this Treaty shall be promptly adopted by the United Nations through the mechanism of simultaneous ratification by the UN Member States gathered in Plenary Session, and shall become fully in effect upon signing by the duly authorized representatives of both Parties. The duly-authorized representative of Star Nations is its Councillor of Earth, Dr. Richard Boylan, and is Star Nations' designated signatory party.

2. The Parties agree that the Signatories will maintain regular contact and communication to assist in the implementation of this Treaty in good faith, transparency and sincerity of purpose. Any proposed future additions, amendments, or deletions to any section of this Treaty may be sought at any time and shall be negotiated by the Parties upon the initiative of either Party, and upon agreement, shall become incorporated into this Treaty.

Done at the United Nations, this ___ day of __________, 2022.

For United Nations:


Antonio Guterres
Secretary General
United Nations


Csaba Korosi, President
United Nations General Assembly

For Star Nations:


Richard Boylan, Ph.D
Councillor of Earth, Star Nations Council