Star Nations

Who and what are Star Nations?
Star Nations is the name of the alliance of intelligent advanced civilizations in our galaxy, the Milky Way.
Star Nations is also the name by which these civilizations have been known collectively by traditional indigenous people in North America and elsewhere.
There are myriad star civilizations, well over a million, which belong to Star Nations.
There are 1438 star races who have been in contact with Earth, not to mention the many, many more civilizations who are also members of Star Nations. For a description of the Star Nations member races in most frequent contact with Earth, see:
What are the entrance requirements to become a member of Star Nations? A candidate civilization must be made up of intelligent individuals who have developed to a level of spiritual and cultural advancement where their civilization collectively is in either explicit or implicit conformity with the 11 Universal Principles and the 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos. For a description of those Principles, see
The purpose of Star Nations is to serve as an Alliance of highly intelligent, spiritually developed civilizations which collectively: 1) provide wise general supervision over the star systems which support intelligent life; 2) foster the development of intelligent life where appropriate within star systems, as approved by Source [God]; 3) assist in the development of such civilizations by sharing information and guidance to encourage these civilizations to develop to their full intellectual and spiritual potential; thus in this role Star Nations serves in a way sort of like a galactic 'Peace Corps'; and 4) provide protection to civilizations which are still in earlier stages of development, so that these will not be preyed upon by visitors from morally-deficient societies which are not members of Star Nations and are not spiritually developed, and who might take advantage of the weak and vulnerable. Thus, in this role Star Nations serves keeping the peace in the galaxy. Star Nations could thus somewhat imprecisely be compared to Earth's United Nations, and to UN's Blue Helmets peace-keepers.
Earth has long been under protection by Star Nations., who have created a protective cordon around Earth so that Humans here are not preyed upon by visitors from morally deficient planets.
The Star Nations Alliance is very ancient, having been formed many many millions of years ago.
What is Earth's future as regards Star Nations? If Humans continue to reform and transform their current corrupt, materialistic, ecocidal, power-focused cultures into a peaceful, just, sharing, mutually-supportive, spiritually-developed, earth-friendly, and family-like global society, governed by consensus with the 11 Universal Principles and 11 Spiritual Principles, then Humans will hasten the day when they may be invited to become the latest member world in the Star Nations Alliance.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., Councillor