STAR NATIONS COUNCIl is the official government of the Milky Way Galaxy and its community of space-faring high civilizations. Each civilization's Council member is guided by the 11 Universal Principles and 11 Spiritual Principles of the cosmos. Star Nations Council can be thought of as like the 'UN General Assembly' of our galaxy.
Every advanced-civilization star system gets a representative on Star Nations Council, who is called a Councillor (Ambassador). Earth's Ambassador is Dr. Richard Boylan, a Star Visitors expert. He was selected by Star Nations as their official spokesperson, and heads Star Nations' Embassy for Earth.
Ambassador Boylan pledges to conduct dialogue with the Star Visitors in a way that is public and global. Star Nations wants an end to the UFO Cover-Up.
Other members of Star Nations Earth Embassy staff are Wendi Powers, Minister for Inter-Worlds Cultural Understanding, and Pleiades Councillor Sophia, Charge' d' Affaires of the Embassy. The Embassy will be located near United Nations Headquarters.
Earth's Embassy will conduct official public diplomatic relations and communication between the people of Earth and Star Nations.
Ambassador (Councillor) Dr. Richard Boylan looks forward to the official opening of open diplomatic relations between Earth and Star Nations. Millions of people are eager to learn more about the people visiting Earth. And many important matters await mutual and public discussion and decision.